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Argentina Visa – Application, Types, Requirements and Fees

An Argentina Visa is one of the most sought-after in the world. Otherwise, it wouldn’t welcome more than 7 million foreign nationals yearly. Application for an Argentina visa is the same, notwithstanding the type you need. However, you should know that the requirements differ according to the type of visa you need. Another thing that varies according to visa type is the visa fee.

Argentina visas can be used for study, tourism, work, or reuniting with families in the country. But knowing the right visa type to use will save you a lot of trouble and ensure that you stay on the right side of the law.

Therefore, to obtain a visa to Argentina, you must find the right type, learn about the application process, and know the suitable fees to pay. So, take a few minutes to learn about Argentina Visa application, types, requirements, and fees.

The Argentina Visa

The visa allows a foreign national to visit the beautiful country for work, study, family reunions, etc. The visa is further categorized according to a visitor’s length of stay. For this reason, there are single, double, and multiple entries. First, let’s look at popular types of visas.

Types of Argentina Visa

Argentina visas are classified according to the purpose and length of stay. They are divided into short-stay and long-stay visas for the length of stay. A third one is the Transit Visa.

#1 Argentina Transit Visa

If you enter the country to pass through to another country, you must obtain a transit visa if you will be in Argentina for more than 12 hours. Luckily, it gives you a validity of ten days, during which you can stay in the country and wait for a connecting flight to a third country. Sometimes, you may need to extend your transit visa. For this purpose, you can apply to the Ministry of Interior.

#2 Argentina Short-Stay Visa

The Argentina Short-Stay Visa is further broken down into the following:

2a. Argentina Tourist Visa.

The Tourist Visa is obtained by foreign nationals who want to visit Argentina for tourism or other recreational purposes.

2b. Argentina Business Visa.

This type of visa is issued to foreign nationals who want to enter the country for business.

2c. Argentina Medical Treatment Visa.

With this, foreign nationals can enter Argentina for medical reasons. That is, if they require medical attention in an Argentine hospital or medical center.

2d. Argentina Media or Journalist Visa.

This is issued to a country’s media members traveling to Argentina for a media outreach or assignment.

2e. Argentina Religious Visa.

Foreign nationals who are members of a religious organization recognized by Argentina and traveling for religious reasons must obtain an Argentina Religious Visa.

#3 Argentina Long-Stay Visa

The visa is also known as an Argentina Residency Visa. The reason is that a holder can further request residency in the country. The popular types of Argentina Long-Stay Visa are:

3a. Argentina Work Visa.

The Work Visa is issued to foreign nationals who have been lucky to get employment in Argentina. Once they have found a job, they will be entitled to a work permit which their employer will obtain on their behalf. Then with the work permit, they will apply for a work visa.

3b. Argentina Student Visa.

International students who want to study in Argentina must obtain admission into an Argentine educational institution. This is the first step toward obtaining a student visa for Argentina. With the admission, they can apply for an Argentina Student Visa after that.

3c. Argentina Family Visa.

The Family Visa to Argentina is issued to foreign nationals with close family members residing in Argentina and who want to join. These family members can be permanent residents or citizens.

3d. Argentina Investment Visa.

The visa is issued to foreign nationals who invest substantial money in Argentina’s business. It can also be a trade or service. The applicant is expected to invest at least 1.5 million Pesos. That is about 11,558.54 in US dollars.

3e. Argentina Retirement Visa.

A person can decide to retire in Argentina and will not seek employment in the country. However, they must have a monthly income from pensions or any investment outside Argentina. In addition, the monthly income must be at least 30,000 Pesos. That is 231.20 in US dollars.

3f. Argentina Digital Nomad Visa.

The visa is for people who work while they travel to new places. For example, suppose you are working for an international company whose office is in Argentina or for an Argentine company. In that case, you need a Digital Nomad Visa. However, suppose you intend to stay in Argentina for over three months. In that case, you must register and get a residence permit or a National Identity Card.

General Requirements for an Argentina Visa

A foreign national who wants to apply for a visa must supply the following documents, no matter the purpose and length of their stay:

#1 Argentina Visa Application Form.

You must complete and sign this form. You can fill it out online and download, or download it and fill it out by hand. It’s best to find out what the embassy or consulate in your country of residence prefers.

#2 Your Passport.

This must be valid for at least six months after the date you leave the country and must have at least two blank pages for visa stamps.

Photocopies of old passports, if any. These copies should show the applicant’s details and any previous visas.

#3 Passport-size photos.

Argentina specifies dimensions of 4x4cm. The photo must be a recent one, colored and taken against a white background, with a facial expression that is neither smiling nor frowning.

#4 Proof of Finance.

You must show that you have sufficient money to cover the duration of your stay in Argentina. Proof of finance can be a bank statement.

#5 Proof of Accommodation.

You must prove that you have somewhere to stay during your visit. For this purpose, proof of accommodation can be in the form of hotel accommodation or a rented space.

#6 Return flight tickets or travel itinerary.

This shows that you plan to return to your country of residence after your visit.

Other Required Documents for an Argentina Visa

For Minors

  • Permission from the parents or legal guardians. This should be a travel authorization with an Apostille stamp or legally certified.


  • A letter of invitation if you have a host. The letter must be certified and accompanied by the identification of the host.
  • If you are employed, your employer must confirm your employment and your position in the company. They must also approve your absence and the duration of your stay.
  • Similarly, if you are a student, you must obtain a letter from your school confirming that you are a student and that you have permission to be absent.
  • You must submit proof of your tax returns and business official registration as self-employed.


  • A letter of invitation from the Argentine company you’re doing business with. The letter must be original with a copy.
  • Also, you need a letter from your employer indicating that it is an official trip and details of your work in the company.


  • An employment letter from the Argentine company that has given you employment.
  • A police clearance.


  • Firstly, a letter of admission from an educational institution in Argentina.
  • Secondly, police clearance issued by the police authorities in your country of residence shows that you do not have any criminal records.
  • Thirdly, proof of sufficient funds to take care of yourself during your time in Argentina.

Family Visit

  • The police authorities issue a police clearance in your country of residence.
  • Proof of relationship with the Argentina resident. It can be a marriage or birth certificate, etc.
  • An identity document of the resident whom you want to visit.

How to Apply for an Argentina Visa

Please take the following steps to apply:

Step 1. Book an Appointment. You must contact the embassy, diplomatic mission, or representative in your country of residence to book an appointment.

Step 2. Complete your Application. This comes second because when you contact the embassy, you will know how they prefer you to submit your application – whether online or in person. Their response will decide the next step.

Step 3. Attend the Visa Interview and pay the processing fee. The fee is about 200 US dollars or 26,555 Pesos. For a Transit visa, the fee is approximately 40.93 US dollars or 5,310 Pesos. Please find out if your local visa office will prefer you to pay in your country’s currency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to process an Argentina Visa?

Depending on the time of year, it can take as short as two weeks and as long as thirty days. Of course, the country you are applying from also determines that.

Can I apply online for an Argentina Visa?

Some countries are on the list of those who can apply online for a visa. Find out if your country is one of them. Read further: Argentina Tourist Visa – Eligibility, Application, and Duration.

Where can I apply for an Argentina Visa?

To apply for the visa, visit the Embassy or consulate in your country of residence. Here’s a list of them. However, if there is none in your country, find out if you can apply online.

Is it hard to get an Argentina Visa?

The Visa is easy to get if you submit the relevant documents and fill out the application truthfully. Subsequently, the consular officer will decide if you should get a visa or not.

What is the reason for a possible rejection?

If you do not show sufficient proof of funds or intend to return to your country after visiting Argentina, your application can be rejected. Also, it could be that the applicant did not answer the questions correctly or truthfully.


Argentina is an excellent place to visit. If you apply early enough, you should be able to travel to Argentina as early as two weeks after application. Good luck!

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