Armenia Diplomatic Visa – Requirements, Validity and Fees

You may not have paid so much attention to the Armenia diplomatic visa. And this probably might be because you have never imagined in your dreams that you can be a diplomat or go on an official assignment for your country. However, a basic knowledge of the Armenia diplomatic visa won’t be bad.

What if…, what if not… Whatever the case, the rich cultural heritage of Armenia, together with the ancient sights and delicious food of this Transcaucasian country, is something worth experiencing. So if you are a mountain lover and hope to explore stunning mountain landscapes one day, you should read this article to the end.

This article will teach you the requirements for securing an Armenian diplomatic visa. Not just that, you will learn about its validity, who needs the visa, and why you may need the country’s diplomatic visa.

Armenia diplomatic visa

The Armenia diplomatic visa is issued to foreign nationals in Armenia for government-related assignments or activities. Only specific individuals are eligible to hold this visa. By default, only diplomats and consul workers assigned abroad or non-Armenian citizens working as representatives for their government within the jurisdiction of Armenia can hold a diplomatic visa.

The Armenia diplomatic visa, however, is not limited to the individuals but their family members. In conjunction with the passport, the Armenia diplomatic visa grants a certain kind of immunity to the holder. And that is a significant privilege that the holder stands to gain. However, the immunity stands as long as the passport/visa is valid.

The holders of Armenia diplomatic visas are, in principle, exempt from immigration and customs inspection on entry into the country; they must undergo compulsory security checks at Armenian airports.

Who is eligible for the Armenia diplomatic?

Remember that not every diplomat can be issued a diplomatic visa. Notwithstanding, the Armenia diplomatic visa must be issued to engage in the governmental assignment.

Below is a list of foreign nationals who can be issued a diplomatic visa from Armenia.

  • Foreign national heads of state travel to Armenia for government-related functions and family members.
  • Members of organizations who are charged with head-of-state related duties together with their accompanying family members.
  • Foreign heads of government in conjunction with their family members.
  • Individuals who are cabinet ministers of the government of foreign nationals.
  • Foreign diplomatic agents are traveling temporarily to Armenia.
  • Career consular officers of foreign nations travel to Armenia temporarily or permanently for a mission.
  • Non-Armenian nationals are recognized as family members (spouse, father, mother, children) of the diplomatic agent to Armenia.
  • Non-Armenian nationals who are recognized as officers or family members (spouse, father, mother, children) of officers of the General Department of Civil Aviation of the Republic of Armenia.
  • Non-Armenian diplomatic couriers

Requirements for applying for Armenia diplomatic visa.

If you are up for a governmental duty in Armenia, you need to Armenia diplomatic visa. You also need to provide documents in support of your application.

Below are the required documents for this visa application;

#1. A copy of an international passport

As required of every Armenia visa application, the diplomat filing for a diplomatic visa must provide a copy of a valid international passport. The validity of the passport must be at least six months beyond their period of stay in Armenia. If your family member accompanies you, each person must register and submit a separate application.

#2. Armenia diplomatic visa application form

This visa form can be found on the Armenia website or gotten from the local Armenian consulate of your country. In the case of an online application, the applicant should fill in their application, upload the necessary documents, print out the hardcopy of the application, sign, and submit it to the Armenian embassy in their country.

#3. A copy of a civil passport photo

The applicant should submit a copy of a recently taken passport photograph. The passport must follow the guidelines stipulated in 5he Photograph requirements.

#4. A diplomatic note

The applicant should receive a written note from the government of their country. They are to submit this note alongside their application. The diplomatic note is a confirmation of their status and purpose of travel (official assignment).

This diplomatic note should include the following information;

  • Name of the government official
  • Position and title
  • Description of their duty(should be brief)
  • Travel date
  • The duration of the tour of duty (length of stay)
  • Names, relationship, and date of birth of any accompanying dependent

#5. Travel itinerary

This is a document providing information about your travel arrangements. But that is only if you have made any. However, waiting until you receive your visa is advisable before making travel arrangements.

You might be required to provide information about your travel history for the past five years.

#6. A written request

The acceptable request must be;

  1. A request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country to which the applicant has been posted or the country for which the consulate post has jurisdiction.
  2. A written request from a diplomatic mission or a consular post in the applicant’s country of citizenship.
  3. A written request from an international organization listed in Temporary Foreign Worker Guidelines concerning its officials’ traveling to Armenia for an official mission.

#7. Curriculum Vitae (Resume)

The applicant may need to provide information about their current and previous education and work history.

#8. Proof of accommodation

Like every other Armenia visa, the applicant should provide a document confirming their accommodation during their stay in Armenia.

#9. Health travel insurance.

This is required as it offers protection against travel and health risks. However, it must include a minimum coverage of €30,000.

How to apply for an Armenia diplomatic visa

To get an Armenian diplomatic visa stress-free and as quick as possible, there are specific steps you can follow.

The order of how you complete these steps may differ from embassy to embassy.

#1. Complete the online visa application

The first thing you should do when deciding to get an Armenian diplomatic visa is to complete the online visa application. After you register your information and fulfill all other necessities, print the confirmation page of the application form and keep it with you.

You will be submitting the confirmation page as part of your application.

#2. Gather the other necessary documents

Once you register your information online, gather the documents for a physical submission at your country’s embassy.

#3. Pay your application fee.

You will get a paper application at the embassy. You should pay your visa application fee at the embassy. Sometimes you will have to pay the fee after submitting your documents. But whichever step comes first, make sure you submit your visa application fee payment receipt to avoid delay or disqualification of your application.

#4. Submit the required documents

The applicant should submit all required documents at the embassy. You should submit both the original and photocopy of the documents. The original will not get back to you for some documents like the application fee payment.

#5. Schedule an Interview with the embassy

The interview is one of the most important parts of the visa application process. You must schedule an interview appointment either in your home country, the country where you are residing currently, or the country where you are physically present.

#6. Prepare for and attend your interview.

You must not miss your interview and give concise and accurate answers to your interview questions. This is because the interview determines whether you are qualified to receive the diplomatic visa or not.

#7. Wait for a response from the embassy.

Know that your application may require further administrative processing. More often than not, you may need to provide additional information. These are the things that may be going on as you await a response on your application.

The embassy will contact you for the visa delivery or collection on the successful identification and approval of your visa application documents.

Note that unless you revoke or cancel your visa, the visa is still valid even when attached to an expired passport.

How much is an Armenia diplomatic visa?

Foreign citizens eligible for a diplomatic visa are exempted from visa fees. They may be exempted from visa fee payment notwithstanding the visa classification.

Why you may need an Armenian diplomatic visa

Generally, there are a lot of benefits holding a country’s diplomatic visa affords the holder. The benefits are the same irrespective of the country of the visa, and they are endless too.

Below are the reasons why going for a diplomatic visa is not bad.

  • First and foremost, the diplomatic passport grants the diplomatic holder immunity.
  • They always experience red carpet treatment in many airports.
  • Exemption from tax liability on several income sources.
  • No counting the days for immigration purposes
  • They are not subject to easier visa restrictions.
  • They can make use of Consul license plates on cars
  • They have automatic access to government lounges.
  • Possessing a diplomatic visa boosts their international prestige. This is due to the assumption that no country gives such a position to mediocre people.
  • They have the privilege of meeting top-ranking government officials in any country.
  • Automatic free visas to any country and also visa-free travel in many cases
  • Exemption from payment of airport departure tax.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do foreign nationals who have Armenian diplomatic passports need an Armenian diplomatic visa too?

Yes, every foreign national who has an Armenia diplomatic passport still needs an Armenia diplomatic visa. Without a visa, you cannot enter the country.

What this means is that as you prepare to travel for your official function in Armenia, you should also prepare to apply for your visa.

Should I request an Armenia diplomatic visa if I go to a meeting or conference sponsored by an international organization?

No, you shouldn’t request an Armenian diplomatic visa because you do not need it. However, if you will be executing an official function such as bilateral meetings during your stay in the country, then you should apply for the Armenia diplomatic visa.

How long does it take to process an Armenian diplomatic visa?

The visa processing duration is always concise, say about 15 days maximum. In some cases, the visa processing occurs on the same day.

What is the validity of the Armenia diplomatic visa?

The Armenia embassy can decide to give you a period of validity only for the duration of your intended travel or for an indefinite time. However, you cannot return to your country of residence immediately when you resign. The Armenia immigration takes some time to update their record. Once they recognize the resignation, you can then return.

Can you extend the Armenian diplomatic visa?

You should submit your application for an Armenia visa extension if you seek to extend the period of your stay in Armenia. First, however, you must know the requirement. In particular, you must also present a letter from your government stating the reasons for your visa extension intention.


In applying for an Armenia diplomatic visa, you should make sure to present every document in addition to the legal document certifying your affiliation with the government. Notwithstanding, the holder of the Armenia visa has a lot of privileges they enjoy that the other Armenia visa holders do not.

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