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Armenia Study Visa – Application, Requirements and Funding

Are you on the verge of applying for an Armenia Study Visa? If so, this article will walk you through the whole process. The Republic of Armenia is one of the world’s most famous study abroad destinations, as reported by UNESCO. Its universities and colleges give out thousands of acceptance letters to international students worldwide. Undoubtedly, studying in Armenia will be advantageous to your lifestyle and career.

Besides, about 59 higher educational institutions currently provide quality academic programs to both Armenians and international students. Each international student must hold a valid passport and Armenia Study Visa to leave their home country for enrollment in an Armenian educational institution.

This article will disclose various aspects of getting an Armenian Study Visa, including its requirements, application procedures, processing time, cost, validity period, and more.

Reasons to Study in Armenia

Below are some reasons to consider enrolling in an Armenian higher educational institution.

  • Almost all Armenian educational institutions use English as their language of instruction. Hence, you don’t have to learn a foreign language to study, work and live in the country.
  • There is high certainty that Armenia’s education sector will keep growing for many years. The reason is that the country is striving to become one of the countries with top-ranking educational institutions.

Moreover, Armenia intends to attract up to 500,000 international students by 2030.

  • The cost of studying and living in the Republic of Armenia is inexpensive.
  • Armenia is home to various higher educational institutions, including 33 private and 26 state universities. All these sum up to 59.
  • The people in Armenia are accommodating and friendly to foreign nationals, including international students.
  • There are many opportunities in Armenia, enabling you to advance your career.
  • The Republic of Armenia contains people of many different cultures. In addition, you’ll be assured of finding people of similar interests to relate with.

Who Needs to Apply for an Armenian Study Visa?

An Armenian Study Visa is a type of visa that brings about study abroad experiences for international students.

With a valid Armenia Study Visa, you can leave your country to commence studies in an Armenia-based educational institution.

Top Universities in Armenia

The Republic of Armenia is renowned for its numerous higher educational institutions, some of the best globally.

Here are some of the top universities in the Republic of Armenia.

  • Armenian State Pedagogical University
  • American University of Armenia
  • National Polytechnic University of Armenia
  • European University of Armenia
  • Russian-Armenian University
  • Mkhitar Heratsi Yerevan State Medical University
  • Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction
  • Goris State University
  • Armenian National Agrarian University
  • Yerevan State University
  • Shirak State University
  • Vanadzor State University
  • Gavar State University
  • Yerevan Haybusak University
  • French University
  • Armenian State University of Economics
  • Gevorkian Theological Seminary
  • A.Alikhanian Yerevan Institute of Physics
  • Eurasia International University
  • Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts
  • Brusov State University

Armenia Study Visa Fee

The cost of getting an Armenian study visa with a validity period of one year is AMD 40,000. This is equivalent to $98.

Besides, the fee is payable at the Armenian embassy or consulate in charge of your visa application. Remember that the fee is non-refundable, even if you received a notification of refusal.

Processing Time of Armenia Study Visa

From the day you complete your study visa application at an Armenian embassy or consulate, you must wait three working days for its processing.

The Armenian diplomatic mission would have received, checked, and decided on your visa application for study within this period.

Armenia Study Visa Requirements

Before starting the application process for a study visa to Armenia, ensure that you hold all the documents listed below.

  • A valid passport
  • Two passport-sized photos, which must be of recent
  • Your birth certificate (must be in English)
  • Your previous certificates of study and mark sheets
  • Proof of English language proficiency, such as IELTS or TOFEL test result
  • Medical examination certificate
  • A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  • An acceptance letter sent by an Armenian educational institution

How to Get Armenia Study Visa

You must take the steps below to travel to the Republic of Armenia for educational purposes.

  1. Apply to an Armenian higher educational institution
  2. Assemble all the required documents
  3. Contact an Armenian embassy or consulate for prior notice
  4. Complete the application form for the Armenian Student Visa
  5. Visit the diplomatic mission for documents submission and visa fee payment
  6. Expect a notification from the Armenian diplomatic mission

Step 1: Apply to an Armenian higher educational institution

The first step in getting an Armenian study visa is to apply for a program offered by an Armenia-based educational institution. You will receive a letter of acceptance from the institution, which is mandatory in applying for a student visa to Armenia.

With the letter, you can start making moves to obtain your visa.

Step 2: Assemble all the required documents

In getting an Armenian Study Visa, you must also put together all documents required by the diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate).

Scroll up to see a list of these documents.

Step 3: Contact an Armenian embassy or consulate for prior notice

Next, you are required to obtain a prior notice from the nearest Armenian embassy or consulate. This will help you know whether you need to book an appointment.

Step 4: Complete the application form for the Armenian Student Visa

The fourth step in getting Armenia Study Visa involves filling out an application form carefully and accurately. Make sure you only use black ink if you prefer to complete the form electronically or using a pen.

Step 5: Visit the diplomatic mission for documents submission and visa fee payment

Afterward, you must visit the diplomatic mission to submit the required documents. Another important thing to do at the embassy or consulate is to pay your visa application fee.

Step 6: Expect a notification from the Armenian diplomatic mission

At this particular moment, you need to wait for the embassy or consulate to consider your study visa application for a decision.

Once the diplomatic mission approves, you can pack your bags and take a flight to the Republic of Armenia to start your studies.

How Long can you Stay on an Armenia Study Visa?

International students with a valid study visa and temporary residence permit of the Republic of Armenia can stay for up to one year. After that, however, this means you have to renew your residence permit every year until you graduate from the institution.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it easy to get Armenia Study Visa?

Yes, getting a study visa for the Republic of Armenia is quite easy. Students also need to apply for a temporary residence permit, which allows them to remain in the country for up to one year.

How long does it take to get Armenia Student Visa?

It usually takes a maximum period of three working days to process an Armenian Student Visa application.

Can international students work in Armenia?

Yes, working in the Republic of Armenia as an international student is allowable. This does not require you to apply for a work permit. However, it is essential to possess a valid Armenian residence permit.

How can I get an Armenian Student Visa?

To get an Armenian Student Visa, you need to apply through an embassy or consulate in the country where you are presently residing. If the Republic of Armenia has no diplomatic mission in your home country, you can travel to a nearby country to get the consular service.

Is Armenia safe for students?

Yes, the Republic of Armenia is safe for all students, including overseas students. It is doubtful that significant crimes to occur in the country. Besides, the people are friendly and will not hesitate to call the cops in case of any security issue.

What jobs are in demand in Armenia?

There is a growing demand for several jobs in the Republic of Armenia. Some of the workers in demand in the country include doctors, cashiers, managers, drivers, and bodyguards.

How much does it cost to study in Armenia?

The average tuition fee for Bachelor’s degrees in Armenia ranges from 350,000 AMD to 4 million AMD. Post-graduate degrees in Armenia costs between 400,000 AMD to 3.5 million AMD.

Is Armenia an excellent place to study?

Yes, the Republic of Armenia is a magnificent country to study, especially if you wish to enroll in medicine, business or law. Moreover, the tuition fees of most Armenian universities are relatively affordable.


The Republic of Armenia has some of the world’s best higher educational institutions where you can further your education. Obtaining an Armenia Study Visa is not difficult to understand but requires absolute compliance with the steps.

You can reach out to our team online by taking a minute to fill out a form.

Thanks for reading!

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