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Guide on how to apply for an Armenia Temporary Residence Permit

You can become a temporary resident of Armenia if you wish to reside in the country for study, work, or retirement. Becoming a temporary resident of Armenia is just as easy as getting a visa. All you need to do is to follow the appropriate guide on how to apply for an Armenian Temporary Residence Permit.

Armenia has become a massive attraction for foreign nationals who have discovered that it is easy to enter the country to settle there. Added to this advantage is that Armenia has caught the attention of Eastern Europe as a viable economy and a market worth exploring.

If you have an Armenian family link, you can establish residence in the country, but if you don’t, there are other ways to become a legal resident. This article will not only guide you on how to apply for an Armenian Temporary Resident Permit. Still, it will outline your requirements and the different pathways to temporary residence in Armenia.

About Armenia Temporary Residence Permit

A temporary residence permit in Armenia gives its holder the right to reside in the country. Foreign nationals visit Armenia for study, work, a family reunion, or to retire. They must obtain a residence permit if they stay in the country for more than 180 days.

Although Armenia is a small country in population and geographical area, it is nevertheless one of the fastest-growing economies in the European Union. As a result, the country is the first option for foreign nationals who want to benefit from this growth. With a temporary permit, an applicant can live in Armenia for up to one year.

How to qualify for an Armenian Temporary Residence Permit

You can qualify for a temporary residence permit if you fulfill the following conditions:

  • If you want to enter Armenia for work
  • If you are coming to Armenia to study
  • If you are married to a citizen of Armenia or a foreigner who is a legal resident of Armenia
  • If you are a close relative – parent, spouse, child, sibling, grandparent, grandchild – of an Armenian citizen or a permanent resident in the country
  • If you are carrying out business activities in Armenia

Things to note

  • A temporary Residence Permit is valid for up to one year with a possibility of extension
  • An application for extension must be submitted at least 30 days before your initial residence status expires
  • Foreign nationals who enter Armenia for study may be permitted to submit their application for extension a few weeks before the expiry
  • In the case of a divorce with an Armenian, a temporary resident may apply for an extension on the condition that they have resided in the country for at least one year.
  • A business owner can obtain a temporary residence permit on the condition that he must establish his business before applying for residency. He can do this while visiting the country on a regular visa.
  • Foreign nationals who are temporary residents of Armenia must register with the public administration department of the Armenia police.

Can an Application for an Armenian Temporary Residence Permit be denied?

Here’s why your application for an Armenia Temporary Residence Permit may be denied:

1. If you were denied temporary residence status in Armenia less than three years before your current application.

2. If you have been convicted in Armenia for committing a crime.

3. If there is evidence that you are engaged in activities that will harm the country’s security.

4. If you suffer from a disease that will harm public health.

5. If you submitted false information in the event of applying for a temporary residence permit

Requirements for an Armenia Temporary Residence Permit

1. An Application Form

2. Three color photos of 35x45mm specification

3. A copy of your passport

4. Health Certificate

5. Proof of business ownership, if any

6. Receipt of payment for temporary residency (AMD 105,000)

How to Apply for Armenia Temporary Residence Permit

You cannot apply for an Armenian Temporary Residence Permit outside Armenia. However, you can employ a lawyer or anybody with power of attorney to apply on your behalf. On the other hand, you can email your original documents to the visa office after filling out the form online and attaching copies of the documents. You must submit the form at the visa office in Armenia.

To apply for the Armenia Temporary Residence Permit, you must take the following steps:

Step 1. Submit your documents for translation, certification, and notarization

Your passports and other documents must be certified and notarized. You can do this at any notary office in Armenia. Notary and translation costs differ from one office to the other, but you should budget between 2000 AMD to 8000 AMD.

Step 2. Obtain a health certificate

Usually, health certificates are issued within 24 hours, but this depends on the medical examinations required and the medical institution you are using. There is no fixed price for this as it depends on your medical center or hospital. A health certificate must confirm that you do not have a transferrable disease.

Step 3. Pay for a one-year temporary residence permit

a. Bank Payment. About 17 commercial banks are operating in Armenia, and you must pay at any of these. To pay in a bank, collect the account number of the Passport and Visa Department of the Armenian Police. The fee is AMD 105,000, but commission fees may apply, depending on the bank.

b. Online Payment. The State Electronic Payment System accepts payment with Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and others. The Visa office will instruct you on what bank and account number to pay to.

c. Payment Terminals. ATMs are located in the same building housing the Passport and Visa Department. There are also payment terminals in the city.

Step 4. Submit your application for a temporary residence permit.

You must do this at the Visas and Foreign Citizens Registration Division of the Passport and Visa Department. You will submit your application form, your translated, certified, and notarized passport, health certificate, payment receipt, and three photographs. Other documents may be required.

Step 5. Receive a response

You will likely get a response within 30 days, although it could be less. The response may come by email, or you may have to contact the visa office. Your residence card will be ready within two weeks if you receive a positive response. If the response is negative, you can appeal the decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to process a temporary residence application?

The decision on the application is made within 30 days after it has been lodged with the Passport and Visa Department. Within that period, the Passport and Visa Department reviews the documents and decides whether or not to issue the permit.

Do I need a work permit to work in Armenia if I have a temporary residence permit?

Yes. A temporary residence permit allows you to live in Armenia, but a work permit will enable you to gain employment. However, if you are a spouse or relative of an Armenian citizen, you can work in the country without an additional permit. For a foreign national who is neither a spouse nor a relative of a citizen, you must obtain a work permit before you can apply for temporary residence in Armenia.

How can I live and work in Armenia with a tourist visa?

If you enter Armenia with a tourist visa and decide to live and work there, you must first obtain a residency visa from the magistrate’s office in Armenia. After that, you will get a work permit by applying to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MLSA). Subsequently, you can apply for a temporary residence permit.

How many times can I renew my temporary residence permit after it expires?

You can renew your temporary residence permit as often as possible after it expires. Just remember to apply at least 30 days before the permit expires.

What are the differences between temporary and permanent residence permits?

​While an Armenian Temporary Residence Permit is valid for only one year, the permanent permit is valid for five years. However, there is a possibility of extension for both types of permits.

Also, the fee for issuing a temporary residence permit is AMD 105,000, while the fee for a permanent residency is AMD 140,000.


It was on 23-November-2007 that the Armenian Law of the Republic of Armenia On Foreigners specified the condition for granting temporary residence permits to foreign nationals. A look at the requirements will show that the conditions are as simple as one can hope. If you don’t have an Armenian relationship, you can still establish residence in the country easily. If you want to tow the path of investing in the country, the rules are simple too. Armenia is a warm and welcoming country with its readiness to absorb temporary residents. You only have to stay for a short while to qualify for permanent residence.

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