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The Asper School of Business located in University of Manitoba is one of top MBA institutions in Canada for local and international students seeking to enrol in full time or part time MBA courses. This article will furnish prospective applicants with information about the school’s business program, their specializations, admission requirements and process, tuition fee, world ranking, profile of their alumni and salary scales, plus much more!

Where is Asper School of Business located?

The Asper School of Business was started by the University of Manitoba, Fort Garry Campus in the south of Winnipeg. This school was started in the year 1037 as faculty of Management. This school was later renamed into the school of business in the year 2000 as a sign of honoring Izzy Asper who has made many contributions to the University of Manitoba and the city of Winnipeg for many years.
The school of business currently has 1,750 who are registered in this school.

Asper School of Business Courses

The Asper school of business under the degree of bachelor of commerce offers the following courses:

  • Accounting
  • MarketingOperation management
  • Management of information system
  • Supply chain management
  • Organization and leadership
  • International business
  • Human resource management
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Actual mathematics

Asper School of Business Full Time MBA Admission Requirements

Langauge requirements: You must be fluent in English. Intakes are done from January and December every year. Duration for the MBA is 12 months. When you are enrolled in MBA you can specialize in the following areas:

  • Sustainability
  • Supply chain management
  • Marketing,
  • Management of public enterprises
  • Leadership and organization
  • Health administration
  • Financial analyst
  • Finance
  • The application deadlines are May 1, July 1 and October 1 every year.

Requirements for part-time MBA at Asper School of Business

  • Proof of English – Evidenced by an IELTS band score for international students
  • Intake takes place during January and September every year.
  • Duration for the program is 36 months
  • The tuition based on the rate for the case of resident students.
  • The students can take up to 6 years before they complete the program.

Areas of specialization at Asper School of Business

  • Sustainability
  • Supply chain management
  • Marketing,
  • Management of public enterprises
  • Leadership and organization
  • Health administration
  • Financial analyst
  • Finance

What is Asper School of Business Tuition fees?

All the fees are an approximation and they can change depending economy changes. The cost of the textbooks do vary from one program to another and are not included in the fees that the students pay.

Application fees: All applicants must pay $100 which must be accompanied by the application requirements that are stated by the university.

Annual program fees: Any students that are admitted to pursue a P.H.D in a management program must pay the following fees ( $4,124.90 tuition which is $2,062.45 per term.

Endowment fees- $ 565 per year
Student organization fees are $ 350 per year.
Health insurance- $ 256.75 per year
International student annual fees
In addition to the above tuition fees, the international students must pay the following.
International student health insurance for every student($400)
International student service fee of $50

The tuition fees for any business course are set annually by the management of the University of Manitoba. Compare this school fee with top 5 business schools in Canada.

Scholarships for MBA Students at Asper School of Business

The University of Manitoba has set a financial aid and awards office which give information to the students about student loans, prizes, and scholarships.

Requirements to get scholarships at Asper MBA School

Many of the scholarships that are given by the Asper school of business do not require the students to apply. All the bursaries, prizes and scholarships that require the students to apply are posted on the university website.

The top students who apply to the Asper school of business are given entrance scholarships. The departments of the business award the best student with the highest GPA a $2000 scholarship. Second highest student ($1500). Third highest student ( $1000). Direct entry high school students are also awarded entrance scholarships by the Financial Aid and Awards office.


Any student who wishes to apply for a bursary must complete an online form of the University of Manitoba General Bursary, which they must apply before October 1 every year. These bursaries are awarded to the students considering their financial need and academic excellence.

Where can you get any information?

The program advisors of Asper school of business are available daily from 8:30 up to 10:00 in the morning. regarding the first come- first served basis. The students can also book an appointment if they wish to know any information about the field of commerce. These program advisors located at the office of an undergraduate business program, Room 268 at the Drake Centre.

Study areas for the students at U Manitoba

The students from the Asper school of business can study and research from the Albert D. Cohen Management Library. Some other areas that you can learn from are:

  1. The sony study center: This is a quiet study space that is located on the third floor of the Drake Centre that is above the Albert D. Cohen Management Library. Space is conducive for learning since it has so many windows which allow fresh air to penetrate, power outlets and the study carrels.
  2. Open study area: This space is located on the third floor in large space that has so many tables and chairs, power outlets. It is very conducive for the students who wish to do individual work or group projects.

Asper School of Business Contact information

BOX 268 Drake Centre, Undergraduate Program Office, Asper School of Business
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3T 5V4
The offices are closed during holidays.
The phone contact number is 2044746388
The fax number is 2044747529

You can also email through Permanent Resident/Canadian Citizen B_Comm@UManitoba.ca
For the international students who may wish to inquire about the school of business can reach us through B_Comm_International@UManitoba.ca

Staff members of the Undergraduate program

Ms. Amber Pohl is the Coordinator of International Cooperation and Student Exchanges and also the Student Advisor
Ms. Jennifer Jones who is a Senior Program Advisor
Ms. Laura Bean who is Undergraduate Program Manager
Ms. Jennifer Wang who is a Program Advisor
Ms. Wensi Heran is the Program Advisor
Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Program is Dr. David Stangeland

Alumni of the Asper school of business

The students who have graduated from the University of Manitoba in the Department of Business have really made an impact all over the world. The alumni organization has more than 140, 000 former students that are registered. These students live in various countries around the world. The alumni have developed a website which can assist you to connect to your former students, learn about the services and benefits that you can get and stay updated about the current news and events in the Asper school of business.

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