Asylum Application To Canada – The Fast Way For Immigration

Planning to immigrate to Canada through any of the provincial nominee programs or Express Entry is not as easy as it seem. Unfortunately, there are so many applicants waiting for their turn and many just ended up giving up.  Others have searched for other options and one of those options being the Asylum Application To Canada.

Please beware that at the Canadian Immigration Counseling Center, we can assist you to submit an application for asylum. It is important to seek professional advice before initiating any proceeding in this matter, because this process requires extensive planning and knowledge.

Applying for a permanent residence visa through an asylum application could be a very interesting option. However, before taking into consideration this particular option, it is pertinent to note that the applicant must first apply for a tourist visa to visit Canada. After the applicant has been approved to visit Canada, he or she will now be able to start processing an asylum application.

Those who hold a US tourist visa can also initiate the asylum applications in Canada, through the US/Canada border. If you are interested in initiating a refugee claim in Canada and you hold a US tourist visa, we will be more than glad to render our assistance.

This service consists of applying for a Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) also known as Skilled Worker Visa using the Quebec Nominee Program. Those who hold a PRV are able to live permanently in Canada and are legally authorized to work. They can even establish a business if interested.

This proceeding is available for single individuals, families, couples (married or common law), business people and entrepreneurs. French language is not a criteria to take part in this immigration proceeding.

Using this particular method, 18 months will be the processing time for the issuance of the PRV, during which the applicant must remain in his country. This process cannot be initiated from within Canada. People who obtain the PRV can settle in any city in Canada.

The Express Entry immigration program is a new point based immigration selection program offering permanent residence to qualified skilled workers to Canada.

During the initial part of the process, potential candidates are required to complete an online form in order to provide useful information about their skills such as work experience, language ability and academic background.  Each skill or factor will grant the applicant a certain amount of points.

This particular program is not always considered as very attractive to the general public, reason being that the applicant must pass an English test called IELTS.  Also, the applicant must have reasonable amount of money in the bank.

You can also see the various steps taken to apply for US visitor’s visa.

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