Australian skilled immigration requirements for Foriegn Applicants

Australian Skilled Immigration Requirements For Australia PR. Australia is undoubtedly a top immigration destination for immigrants to settle permanently. The potential candidates does everything possible to apply for Australia PR but are often confused about the various stages involved in the process.

Thus, every year tens of thousands of immigrants opt to move to Australia because of the ever growing employment opportunities and the friendly nature and lifestyle Australia offers.

A good amount of effort has been given to the detailed process on how to apply for Australia PR but only few give comprehensive description about the sub-stages involved in Australian PR.

But among them, the most essential is skill assessment under skill migration visa programs that permit highly talented skilled and qualified workers or professionals to come and work as skilled worker in Australia permanently to contribute to the growth of Australia’s economy.

Skill Assessment is one of the key stages under General Skill Migration Program without which immigrant aspirants will not be able to apply for Australian PR. This you may understand that under point based migration system, you pick occupation that is listed on the Occupational Demand List of Australia.

This list highlights those occupations which are in low-supply in the labour market. Every occupation highlighted on the list has its own skill assessing authority. It is very important to have a good skill assessment report in order to move towards the next stage.

Applicants have to meet the required criteria set up by the assessing authority that will assess their occupation. The applicant should have a relevant qualification and experience in order to obtain positive skill assessment.

Your occupation and work experience must be correlated with each other because if your qualification and work experience does not correlates, there may be chances of skill assessing authority reducing the years more than expected.

Furthermore, ensure you submit the documents that are genuine and complete to skill assessment authority as minute discrepancy in your documents can lead to outright rejection or negative report.

Try to submit every additional information in order to get more clarity from the skill assessing authority. Thus, your documents must be able to support your qualifications and experience.

List of factors that are considered by assessing authority

There are several factors on which skill assessing authorities’ place much emphasis and these includes:

  • The occupation which you nominated for yourself
  • Your educational qualifications
  • Your work or job experience
  • The relevance of your occupation and work
  • The visa category in which you are applying for

Thus, you have to submit every important document that will enhance your immigration chances and get you positive skill assessment. You should submit your certificates, academic transcripts and experience letters etc. Most crucially, you need to get your language assessment test sheet ready as some skill assessment authorities do request for your report in the skill assessment stage.

In conclusion, the Skill Assessment is an important factor and the above information may help you in obtaining a positive skill assessment report.