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Australian Student Visa Application- Step by Step Guide

Australian Student Visa Application- Step by Step Guide

To begin your Australian student visa Application process, you must have secured an invitation or a place at one of the Canadian educational institutions and must have duly accepted that place and deposited the required tuition fee for the course of study.

Moreover, prior to your Australian Student Visa application, you have to also check the Student Visa Program Assessment Levels to confirm your assessment level. The assessment level is determined on the basis of your passport country and the course of study nominated by you.

For online Australian Student Visa application 

Step 1: Create an online application account

To apply for Australia Student Visa you must create an online account at ImmiAccount, maintained under the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website

Step 2: Login to the online application account

Second step will require you to log into your online application account to begin with your application process at LoginImmiAccount You can also access the Application Form for Student Visa.

Step 3: Fill in the details

You should fill in all the necessary details. You will be able to attach the required documents via this online account.

Step 4: Submit your application

After filling up all the details carefully, you must submit your application online along with the required visa application fee.

Step 5: Keep your TRN safely

After you submit your application, you will receive a Transaction Reference Number (TRN) for tracking your application. In addition, you must keep a record of this in order to follow the progress of your application.

Step 6: Track your application

At this point, you can track and manage your application through the Transaction Reference Number (TRN). You will also be able to identify your application and liaise with the concerned officials with the TRN.

For offline Australian Student Visa Application 

If you cannot apply online, you can lodge a paper application offline.

Step 1: Get your application form

For offline, you can download the relevant application form for Applications or visit the nearest Australia Visa Application Centre.

Step 2: Lodge your application in person

You can submit your application at the closest immigration office outside Australia and pay the required visa application fee.

Step 3: Wait for a decision

At this Step you submit your application, wait for the decision on that.

Required Fees for Australian Student Visa

Australian Student Visa Fees is AUD 535

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