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Austria Business Visa – Eligibility, Application, Processing Time

The GDP of Austria is one of the highest in the world. In fact, it is rated one of the 14 richest countries in the globe, hence going on a business trip or conducting a business in Austria is a very good and valid idea. However, you might need to apply for an Austria business visa to be able to transit to Austria.

Therefore, in this article, we will examine if you’d need an Austria business visa, the eligibility criteria for the visa, how to apply, the requirements as well as the processing time for the Austria business visa. Keep reading!

What is an Austrian business visa?

The Austria business visa is a business-related visa that permits individuals from different countries to visit Austria for the purpose of business. You may come on behalf of your company, to attend meetings, establish contracts, or to make sales.

However, if you are a resident of the Schengen countries or you are from EEA/EU, you may not need to apply for the visa. Also if your country has a visa-free agreement with Austria you won’t need a business visa for Austria as much as you do not stay for more than 90 days. Some of the countries that have reached a visa-free agreement with Austria include New Zealand, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc.

Where do I Apply for an Austria Business Visa?

Without a doubt, the ideal place to apply for an Austrian business visa is a consulate, embassy, or visa application center from the Austrian government in your country. The ideal time to apply for an Austrian business person is not less than three weeks before you planned on traveling to Austria. On the other hand, you can only apply not more than 3 months before your departure date.

Mind you, the business visa is valid for just 90 days after which you will have to go back to your home country. And if you may extend your visa, you will have to visit the appropriate authorities in Austria to do so. Note that overstaying in Austria for a single day may attract a legal punishment.

Eligibility criteria for Austria visa

No doubt, Austria is one of the Schengen member states. Therefore, if your country is part of the Schengen zone you may not need the Austria visa for the short business trip. To be eligible for the Austrian business visa you must meet the following requirements

  • You must be a citizen of the country where you will be applying for the visa.
  • Peradventure you are a foreign citizen in the country you are applying, you must be on a temporary residence permit.
  • Note that you can not apply for an Austrian business visa if you are applying for the country where you stay on a visa.
  • Also, you must apply for this Visa if Austria is your only destination.
  • Your crucial purpose of visit has to be for business.
  • You must be able to prove that you will be out of Austria before your visa will expire.

Austria visa processing time

Basically, it will take about 15 working days to process your Austrian business visa- on normal grounds. However, if the embassy or consulate you visit has several applications to attend to, the period of getting your visa may be extended for about 30 days.

Moreso, if you’re having a unique case or an exceptional application, your visa processing time can take up to two months or more. That is why it is advisable to start applying for the visa as soon as you can to prevent unforeseen circumstances that may pose a delay. However, you cannot apply three months earlier before your trip.

Application fee for Austria business visa

The application fee for the Austrian business visa depends on factors such as the Express processing time, biometric charges, Express type, as well as some other charges that your visa may incur. However, the standard charge is about 80€.

Requirements for Austria business visa

Without a doubt, if your country is not in agreement with Austria for visa-free access or is not a member of the Schengen states, you need to acquire an Austrian business visa to be able to conduct business in Austria. Here are the very important documents for your application process

  • Visa application form. You can print out the application form online and fill it in with all your details. After inputting your details you can attach the form to the rest of your documents.
  • Travel documents. Undoubtedly, your passport is an important travel document you cannot do without. Also, it must be valid throughout your stay, having an additional two empty pages for the attachment of your visa.
  • At least two identity pictures that comply with the Schengen photo rule. And yes!, the picture must be taken within the last 6 months on a white background with your eyebrows and ears very visible.
  • Also, you need to provide proof of your professional status. If you are employed, you must submit your employment contract. However, if you’re a student, you must enter your school record, but if you are retired, you can submit your proof of pension fund.
  • If you will be doing a business with a business company in Austria, you must provide a letter of invitation.
  • Proof of fund. This can be your statement of a bank account.
  • Health insurance plan. It is noteworthy that you will not be able to get their Austrian business visa if you do not have a travel health insurance plan that amounts up to €30,000 to cover medical emergencies on your trip.
  • Proof of accommodation. This could be a private housing, hotel bookings, or any other housing agreement of where you’ll be staying throughout your business trip.

How to apply for an Austria business visa

You are halfway prepared once you get all the needed documents ready for your Austria business visa. After which you can follow these steps to apply for the visa.

Step one: Print out the visa application form

First and foremost, you need to fill in the visa application form. You can get the application form online, you will be asked to fill in your information and data, so ensure that you input your correct and updated information.

Step two: Prepare all your documents

Collate all the official documents and every necessary documents we have mentioned above for your visa application. You can also contact the consulate or embassy in your home country to know if there are some other documents you will need to add to the ones listed above.

Step three: Schedule an appointment

You will have to make contact with the consulate or embassy in your home country to make an appointment to submit your application. It is important to call in for an appointment before walking into the embassy.

Step four: Prepare for your interview

The next step to obtaining your Austria business visa is to prepare for your interview. There is no need to fidget, you will only have to answer questions about yourself and the nature of your journey. However, ensure that you dress well and you compose yourself.

Step five: expect your results

Upon completion of the whole application and interview process, you can keep looking out for your results. Note that you can check the status of your visa in a few ways, you may either receive a notification via email from the embassy regarding the status of your visa, or you write to them regarding the outcome of your visa or input your application reference number and name on the Visa Centre portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a red white and red card in Austria?

In Austria, you can get a red white, and red card by applying for it at the local police station. The card is issued to people who are not citizens of Austria and who need to carry identification while in the country.

Is the Austria business visa open?

Yes, Austria is a visa-open country. Nationals of most countries do not require a visa for stays of up to 90 days.

Does Austria give permanent residency?

Yes, Austria does offer permanent residency to qualifying applicants. To be eligible, you must have a valid Austrian visa, meet certain financial requirements, and pass a background check.

How do I get residency in Austria?

There are a few ways to get residency in Austria. One way is to be sponsored by an Austrian company. Another way is to marry an Austrian citizen. If you are not married to an Austrian citizen, you can also apply for residency through the country’s Points-Based Immigration System.

How can I invest in Austria by PR?

There are a few ways to invest in Austria by PR. One way is to set up a business in Austria. You can do this by establishing a branch office or a subsidiary. Another way is to invest in an Austrian company. There are also a few investment funds that focus on Austrian companies. Finally, there are also real estate investment opportunities in Austria.


No doubt, Austria is the ideal place to get business ideas and even establish a business. Therefore, taking a business trip down to Austria will push your business forward and help it grow in positive dimensions. So, if you will be needing the Austria business visa, now is the time to act, don’t miss it!

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