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Austria Visa Requirements – Eligibility and Supporting Documents

Citizens of third-world countries need visas to enter Austria, thus, they must meet the Austrian Visa Requirements. Before applying for any Austrian visa, you must inquire about the requirements. Moreover, each type of Austrian visa has specific requirements. So, you must actually meet the specific requirements for the type of visa you are applying for. For instance, the requirements for a study visa are different from a tourist visa. However, there are general requirements for all types of Austrian visas.

Hence, in this article, you will learn about the general requirements as well as the specific requirements for all Austrian visas.

Types of Austrian visas

All citizens of non-EU and non-Schengen nations must have a visa before entering Austria. The type of visa, you need depends on the purpose of your travelling. Secondly, it also depends on the duration of your in Austria. Let’s first of all look at the different types of Austrian visas.

1. Schengen visa

This is a general visa for all citizens of non-Schengen countries who want to enter a Schengen area. This visa allows you to stay in Austria or other Schengen nations for up to 90 days within 180 days.

2. Austrian Airport Visa

With an Austrian Airport visa, you can stop at any of the Austrian airports. Then, from there, you can get to your destination outside the Schengen area.

3. Austrian Tourist Visa

If you wish to visit Austria for tourism. then, you will apply for a tourist visa in Austria.

4. Austrian Visitor Visa

Austria visitor visa is for foreigners who want to visit their friends and family members living in Austria.

5. Austrian Business Visa

If your purpose for going to Austria is for business, your best visa to Austria is this type of visa. With this, you can pay a business visit to Austria.

6. Austrian Visa for Official Visit

This is for government officials visiting Austria for official government functions.

7. Austrian Medical Visa

If you’re planning to go to Austria to receive medical treatment. The best visa type is the Austria Medical visa. However, you will have to meet the required Austria visa requirements for a medical visa.

8. Austrian Study Visa

International students can study in Austria, especially if they have the right visa to study in the country. This means they have to apply for an Austria study visa.

9. Austrian Visa for Cultural, Sports, and Film Crews

This type of visa is for people travelling to Austria for the purpose of promoting cultural, sports and filming activities.

Austria visa requirements and eligibility

All citizens of non-Schengen nations are eligible for Austria visas. This will allow them to visit Austria for both long-term and short-term stays. however, they will have to meet all the requirements for the type of visa they want. These requirements will be grouped into two:

  1. General Austria Visa requirements and
  2. Specific Austria visa requirements

General Austria Visa Requirements

The following are the general Austria visa requirements for citizens of non-Schengen nations looking for an Austria visa. Therefore, you must have them irrespective of the type of Austria visa you’re applying for. They include:

  1. Passport
  2. Austria Visa Application Form
  3. Pictures
  4. Visa Fee
  5. Travel insurance
  6. A cover letter
  7. An itinerary
  8. Proof of accommodation
  9. Proof of financial means
  10. Civil Status Documents
  11. Copies of previous Schengen Visa
  12. Proof of employment
  13. Letter of invitation


You will need a passport whenever you are applying for an Austria visa. This Austria visa requirement is important, so, without it, you can not get a visa. Also, the visa must be valid. In other words, it must have been issued for at least 10 years. Moreover, it must be valid for at least 6 months from the day of applying.

Austria Visa Application Form

In addition to the passport, you must also fill out an application form. In your application, you will provide your personal details and the purpose of your travel. Additionally, you must indicate the duration of your stay in Austria.


You must also provide two photos of the equal size and colour. This must be in accordance with the Schengen visa rule.

Visa Fee

Another important Austria visa requirement is the visa fee. Generally, Austria visa costs 80 euros. However, the fee can increase or decrease in certain situations.

Travel insurance

You must also provide proof of travel insurance in Schengen countries. The minimum insurance is 30,000€.

A cover letter

You will need to write a cover letter explaining the purpose of your travel, the duration of your travel, your employment status and all the Schengen countries you wish to visit.

An itinerary

Your travel itinerary will provide details of your travel plan while in Austria. This may not be an actual flight ticket, rather, it can just be a flight booking.

Proof of accommodation

Another Austrian visa requirement is proof of accommodation. You must show that you have a place to stay in Austria. It can be a hotel reservation, a friend’s house or a relative’s house.

Proof of financial means

You must show proof of financial means for the period you will be in Austria. Acceptable proof of financial means includes bank statements, sponsorship statements or a blocked account.

Civil Status Documents

A civil status document will indicate whether you are married, single, separated or divorced.

Copies of previous Schengen Visa

If you have previously visited a Schengen area before, you will provide your visas. You will need to provide all your Schengen visas no matter the number.

Proof of employment

Your proof of employment can be any of the following documents. they include:

  • letter of employment
  • bank statement
  • income tax return
  • leave permission from an employer

Letter of invitation

This is usually needed when you are invited by a friend, family member or a business associate.

Austria visa requirements for minors

Minor travelling to Austria will need the following documents alongside their passport. They include;

  • Visa application duly signed by both parents
  • Birth certificate

Meanwhile, if the child is travelling alone, the child will need:

  • A signed letter of consent from both parents
  • A copy of his or her birth certificate
  • Copy of his or her parent’s passport
  • A copy of parents’/legal guardians’ marriage certificate

On the contrary, if the child is travelling with a parent, he will need a family court order authorizing the travel.

Specific Austria visa requirements

In addition to the general visa Austria visa requirements, you could still need specific requirements depending on the type of visa you need. Also, this requirement can be because of the purpose of your travel. Another reason may be because of the duration of your stay in Austria.

Austria student visa requirements

International students will need the following requirements for a student visa in Austria. They include:

  • Admission letter from an Austrian university
  • Records from the previous university

Austria work visa requirements

In addition o the general Austria visa requirements, you will need the following documents f you are applying for a work visa in Austria. They include:

  • Letter of employment from an Austrian employer
  • Proof of financial means
  • Academic certificates

Austria medical visa requirements

If your intention is to receive medical treatment from Austria, then, you need the following documents. They include:

  • A letter from your local doctor explaining your health status
  • A letter of appointment from your doctor in Austria
  • Proof of financial means covering your medical expenses

Austria reunification visa requirements

You will need your marriage certificate if you are looking for a reunification visa. In addition, you will get the following documents from the Austrian resident. They include:

  • A passport copy
  • proof of citizenship
  • Statement of account for the last three months
  • Copy of registration form
  • Lease contract form

Austria business visa requirements

In addition to the general Austria visa requirements, you will still need the following documents for a business visa in Austria. They include:

  • bank statement for your business
  • a cover letter from your employer explaining the purpose of your travel
  • letter of invitation from an Austrian company. It must have full details of the dates of your visit and the company’s detailed address
  • affidavit from the Austrian company

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Austria visa fee?

Austria visa fees depend on many factors. One of the factors is the type of visa. Another factor is the duration of your stay in Austria. However, for adults, the general fee is 80 euros. Though this can change. For children, the visa fee can cost around 35 euros.

Can I travel from Nigeria to Austria now?

Yes, you can travel from Nigeria to Austria. However, Nigeria is not a member of the Schengen nations. Therefore, you will need a visa to travel to Austria from Nigeria.

Does Austria have an embassy in Nigeria?

Yes, Austria has an embassy in Abuja. In addition to that, there is a consulate in Kaduna.

How long does Austria visa take?

It depends on the type of visa. However, most times it takes about 15 days to process an Austrian visa from anywhere in the world. meanwhile, to avoid waste of time, you must meet all the Austria visa requirements before applying.


Finally, getting an Austria visa is not easy. However, with an expert guide, it can become a lot easier. Moreover, knowing the requirements will help you as you plan to get an Austria visa.

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