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Azerbaijan eVisa – Types, Application and Requirements

If you are planning to travel to Azerbaijan, you should apply for an e-Visa. This article provides information on the different visas available for travel to Azerbaijan, the application process, and the requirements for each type of visa. The new eVisa system makes it easier to apply for a visa to travel to Azerbaijan.

About Azerbaijan eVisa

Most foreign visitors to Azerbaijan require a visa to enter the Republic of Azerbaijan unless they are citizens of one of the few visa-exempt nations. Visitors can choose between Azerbaijan e-Visa and Sticker Visa based on their duration of stay, the reason for visiting, and the number of entries. Obtaining an electronic visa or eVisa is much simpler and faster than obtaining a sticker visa.

If they meet all of the Azerbaijan e-Visa requirements, travelers can apply for an eVisa from the comfort of their own homes using an entirely online application process. Holders of valid passports who desire to apply for an Azerbaijan eVisa must satisfy all requirements for submitting a successful eVisa application.

Azerbaijan eVisa Passport Requirements

To acquire a visa for Azerbaijan without difficulty, applicants must confirm that their passports match certain specifications.

  • The passport bearer must be a citizen of a qualifying nation.
  • Passports must be valid for a minimum of six months beyond the scheduled entry into the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • If the passport expires within six months, the applicant must obtain a new one before beginning the visa application procedure.

Azerbaijan facilitates an entirely online eVisa application process, eliminating applicants needing to visit consulates or embassies. All important documents will be submitted as copies, obviating the need to submit originals at the embassy. Instead, the applicant can upload a photograph of the passport’s biographical page. All information on the image must be legible and easily discernible.

Travel Requirements for Azerbaijan

Foreign Visitors must be able to meet the requirements of their chosen visa category. Choose the Azerbaijan visa that corresponds to your desired length of stay and purpose of travel. Once the visa has been obtained, the foreign national must adhere to its travel regulations.

Azerbaijan e Visa Choices for Travel

Azerbaijan offers a variety of reasons for foreign visitors to enter the country. Depending on the purpose of their visit, passport holders from eligible nations may choose any of the following visa types:

  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Science
  • Education
  • Culture
  • Sports
  • Labour
  • Humanitarian
  • Medical treatments
  • Personal trip
  • Official trip

How long can a person with an e Visa stay in Azerbaijan?

The Azerbaijan eVisa also called an A.S.A.N. visa, is suitable for 90 days after it is issued. People with visas can go to Azerbaijan anytime during the next 90 days. After this date, the travel document is no longer valid.

Foreigners can only come into the Republic of Azerbaijan once with an eVisa. After that, if the visitor wants to return to the country, he needs to get a new visa. Foreigners can stay in the state for up to 30 days without any problems if they have an eVisa.

Azerbaijan e Visa Application Form

Filling out the Azerbaijan visa application form is the first step for travelers who want to get an eVisa for Azerbaijan. To fill out the application form, travelers must give some information.

  • Personal information, such as full name, birth date, country and place of birth, gender, and job
  • Contact information includes a phone number, a mobile phone number, a permanent home address, and a current email address.
  • Information about passports, such as the number, date of issue, and date of expiration
  • Information about travel, such as when you plan to arrive and where you plan to stay (The traveler will also provide the Address of the place, the traveler will be staying in Azerbaijan)

Applicants should look over all the information they are given and compare it to what is on their passports. Any mistake or difference can cause the visa to be delayed or even turned down. Azerbaijan e Visa Application Form

When should I get an e-Visa for Azerbaijan?

People with passports from countries that are eligible should apply for an eVisa at least three days before they plan to travel. The normal time it takes to get a visa is three days. But visa applications will be processed quickly, and the final eVisa will also be sent to the applicant in as little as three hours.

Countries that are eligible for the Azerbaijan e-Visa

People from more than 90 countries can apply for electronic visas to Azerbaijan. Find your country on the list and start the process of getting a visa by filling out the online form.

Foreigners who don’t live in one of the countries that can get an eVisa for Azerbaijan can apply for a VISA at the embassy or consulate. Visitors who need embassy visas should start the process long before they need them. Getting a visa at the nearest embassy may take a little longer than getting one online. You must make an appointment and bring all the necessary documents.

What is Azerbaijan Sticker Visa

The Azerbaijan Sticker Visa is the document that lets people from other countries enter the Republic of Azerbaijan. Foreigners can apply for an Azerbaijan Sticker visa at the Azeri embassy or consulate closest to them.

Diplomatic, service, and regular passports can get an Azeri sticker visa.

Types of Azerbaijan Visa

Depending on why they want to enter the country, foreigners can apply for either an Entry visa or a Transit visa. Travelers can get a Transit visa if they want to go through Azerbaijan to another country. This visa is good for 30 days and lets you stay in the country for up to 5 days. Foreigners with Entry visas can go to Azerbaijan any time after 90 days of getting the visa.

Foreign travelers can get either a Single Entry or Multiple Entry visa, depending on how many times they can enter the country. With a single-entry visa, a person can only go to Azerbaijan once. Also, a multiple entry visa is good for up to 2 years, so travelers can use the same visa to visit Azerbaijan more than once.

Note that you should register in your home city if you plan to stay in Azerbaijan for more than 15 days.

Azerbaijan Sticker Visa Requirements

The most important thing to do to get an Azerbaijan Sticker Visa is to ensure you have all the necessary documents and turn them in at the embassy. These documents prove who the traveler is, what the trip is for, and where they are going. They also show that you are eligible to get a sticker visa.

These documents are listed below:

  • Fill out visa application form
  • Passport or other documents for travel
  • Two recent pictures in color
  • Medical insurance certificate
  • The visa fee.
  • The application is turned in by the one doing the asking (approved by an appropriate authority)

Along with the application, non-governmental organizations must also send a document that says why they want to invite someone and a copy of their registration certificate. Transit, tourism, official, and personal travel visas do not have to show these documents.

If the traveler is under 18 and won’t be accompanied by a parent or guardian, he must send a few extra documents with his application.

  • A copy of a birth record (Notarized).
  • A piece of paper shows that the parents or a legal representative gave permission.
  • Copies of papers that show who the parents or authorized representative are.

Aside from the above, the traveler needs to bring a few more documents depending on the reason for the trip.

Tourism Visa requirements:

  • A sign of travel. For example, a tourism voucher can be used to book a hotel or other place to stay.

Science or Education Visa requirements:

  • Proof that you have enough money to pay for your education and living costs.

Visa requirements for medical treatment:

  • Evidence that you need help in Azerbaijan.

Visa requirements for private visits:

  • Copy of the person’s state I.D. who invited you
  • Proof that you can pay for things in Azerbaijan
  • The document says the inverter and the applicant are related as family members.

Requirements for transit visa:

  • Copies of the visa for the country you’re going to (if needed)
  • A ticket to the country you want to go to next.

Before going to Azerbaijan, the traveler should have the above documents ready. But the above list of documents is not the only one needed. Those who want a visa should make an appointment with the embassy and find out everything they need to know.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Azerbaijan Sticker Visa?

It takes at least 15 days to process an embassy visa or a sticker visa. So, we tell travelers to apply for visas before this period and leave extra time in case of delays. The applicant must bring a filled-out application form to the embassy, proof that the visa fee has been paid, and all other required documents.

Requirements for entering Azerbaijan

Obtaining an eVisa is the initial but not final requirement for entry into the Republic of Azerbaijan. The right to conduct traveler inspections is reserved for immigration authorities stationed at the border. Travelers should have their passport and eVisa printout to answer the officer’s questions. (if any)

Traveler’s Registration Using the Azerbaijani State Migration Service

Foreign nationals who plan to stay in Azerbaijan longer than 15 days must register with the State Migration Service within 15 days of arrival. Online and on-site registration for the State Migration Service is accessible. Foreigners staying in rental apartments or private homes are responsible for registering, but hotels may offer this service as part of the check-in process.

How to get into Azerbaijan

Most people from outside Azerbaijan come by plane. They can fly to one of the following international airports to get to the Republic of Azerbaijan:

Heydar Aliyev International Airport (Baku), Zaqatala International Airport, Ganja International Airport, Nakhchivan International Airport, Qabala International Airport, and Lankaran International Airport

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of E visas are there?

There are three types of E visas: the E-1 treaty trader visa, the E-2 treaty investor visa, and the E-3 visa for Australian professionals.

What is the difference between E1 and E2 visas?

E1 and E2 visas are nonimmigrant visas for foreign nationals wishing to enter the United States for business purposes. The main difference between the two is that E1 visas are for treaty traders, while E2 visas are for treaty investors.

How do I get Azerbaijan evisa?

To get an Azerbaijan evisa, you must fill out an online application and submit it along with a passport-sized photo and the appropriate fee. Once your application has been processed, you will receive your evisa via email.

Do you need a PCR test to enter Azerbaijan?

Yes, you need a PCR test to enter Azerbaijan. The test must be taken within 72 hours of your arrival in Azerbaijan.


The Azerbaijan e-Visa is an excellent way to enter Azerbaijan and explore all that it has to offer. History, culture, and nature, Azerbaijan has something for everyone. The Azerbaijan e-Visa allows you to plan your trip and make the most of your time in this beautiful country.

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