Azerbaijan Work Visa – Documentation and Application

Supposed you are a foreign national looking to move to Azerbaijan for a job offer in a company, you will need an Azerbaijan work visa.

Perhaps you are an employer of labor looking to hire foreigners in your company. You will need to apply for an Azerbaijan work visa on their behalf. This sounds like a lot of work.

Fortunately, this article will assist you from start to finish; with all the necessary information you will need about the Azerbaijan work visa, documentation requirements, fees, and the application procedures involved to obtain this visa.

What is an Azerbaijan Work visa?

An Azerbaijan work visa allows a foreign national to enter Azerbaijan for work-related purposes, either for paid labor, entrepreneurship, business trips, or diplomatic jobs.

Similarly, the work permit is granted because the intended foreign nationals must have met all the requirements for an Azerbaijan visa before a work visa is granted. Again, the reason is that the Azerbaijan work visa falls under the category of a temporary resident visa.

Work visas are valid for one year and can be issued for single or multiple entries, which can be renewed four times. However, they cannot be used to stay in Azerbaijan indefinitely.

Hence, anyone who wishes to enter Azerbaijan for employment, business, or entrepreneurship-related purposes must first obtain an Azerbaijan entry visa. This includes nationals from countries eligible for entry into Azerbaijan without a visa.  

Ten (10) Eligibility Conditions for an Azerbaijan Work Visa (Permit))

According to the State Migration Service of the Azerbaijan Republic, every foreign national who is not eligible for a visa to Azerbaijan must obtain an entry visa (temporary resident visa) in advance.

In addition, if by chance foreign nationals wish to engage in paid economic-related activities he or they must obtain a work visa as well.

Hence, all foreign nationals applying for a work permit must fulfill the following criteria to obtain an Azerbaijan work permit:

#1 You must be an adult above 18 years of age

#2 Employers must prove they have a desperate need to hire an expert.

#3 You must also prove that there is no other job seeker or employee in Azerbaijan who can fit in or qualifies for the job for which you are hiring a foreign national.

#4 You can only take on vacant employment opportunities.\

#5 You must sign a labor contract with your employer based on the validity period of the work visa.

#6 Signing a labor contract without obtaining a work visa or permit will attract an offense punishable by law.

#7 The work visa application fee, varies from national, and the correct amount must be paid.

#8 Azerbaijan work visa validity is one year, and it may be extended for not more than one year. This is on the condition that the labor contract you signed with your employer is beyond the work visa validity.

#9 To extend the validity period of the work permit, you must submit an application form to the State Migration Service 30 days before the work permit’s expiration.

#10 If you do not pay the visa application fee within 30 days period (work visa processing time) Azerbaijan work permit will be revoked

Who Can Apply for an Azerbaijan work visa?

The company or employer who hired foreign nationals from countries ineligible for an Azerbaijan visa will need to shoulder the responsibilities of obtaining a work permit on their behalf. And also, obtaining an entry visa is an entry requirement for all foreigners visiting Azerbaijan.

While on the contrary, foreign nationals from countries eligible for an Azerbaijan visa do not need to apply for a work visa before obtaining a work visa or permit. They only need to obtain an entry visa which is compulsory for every foreign national who wants to enter Azerbaijan.

Who Does Not Need to Apply for an Azerbaijan Work Visa (Permit)

Foreign nationals from countries eligible for an Azerbaijan visa and holders of permanent residence permit cards in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan do not need to apply for an Azerbaijan work permit. 

Documents Required for an Azerbaijan Work Visa

The employer shouldered the responsibility of obtaining a work visa and arranging the required documents and partly on the employee himself. That is why we categorize the documentation required for an Azerbaijan work visa into the following:

  • Azerbaijan Work Visa Documentation Requirements for an Employer
  • Azerbaijan Work Visa Documentation Requirements for an Employee

Documentation Requirements for an Employer

As an employer, you need to obtain the relevant documents from your employee and submit them to the Azerbaijan consulate to obtain a work permit. These documents include:

  •  Employers must submit an Azerbaijan application form, duly filled with accurate information about the employee as well as a sample of the required documents.
  • The employer should also provide proof of the company’s registration and licensing, as well as evidence of the financial stability of the company.
  •  In addition, the employer must provide a detailed job description and an offer of employment to the foreign worker.
  • A copy of the employment contract or other labor agreement between the employer and foreign citizen.
  •  Documents containing a power of attorney authorizing another person to sign such an employment contract on behalf of the employee
  • Duplicate copies of documents proving the employee’s academic, professional, and/or work experience.
  • A copy of the foreigner’s passport; photographs of the foreigner (3×4 cm); and medical insurance.
  • Health certificate attesting that the employee is clean from any contagious disease.
  • Duplicate the residence permit proving the worker’s permission to stay in Azerbaijan legally.
  • A reference letter attesting to the need to recruit the expert for the desired job;

Documentation Requirements for an Employee

The employee will need to provide the following for the employer:

  • An application form, a sample of which is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers
  • A copy of the employment contract or other document proves the employment relationship between the foreigner and the employer.
  • Duplicate copies of the educational certificate or other document confirming the qualification of the foreigner
  • A medical certificate is issued no earlier than two months before submission of documents, certifying that the foreigner does not have any contagious diseases and is not a drug addict or alcoholic
  •  Four passport photos measuring 3×4 cm
  •  A receipt for payment of state duty in the amount established by the State Migration Service.

How to apply for an Azerbaijan work visa (permit)

  • The first step is to arrange the required documents.
  • The next step is to submit the documents to your employer. He will forward the documents to the relevant authorities for processing.
  •  It takes 30 business days to approve the work visa application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait to get an Azerbaijan work Visa?

After you might have submitted the required documents for a work visa at the State Immigration, it takes a maximum period of 30 days for the visa to be ready.

How much is the Visa Application Fee?

The fee of acquiring an Azerbaijan work visa varies depending on the duration. This means that the duration of the work visa signed on the labor contract will determine the fee. Hence the following:

Work permit for three months duration. You will need to pay a fee of 205 dollars. $353 for six months duration work visa. And lastly, for a one-year duration, you will pay $588

Can I Extend my Azerbaijan Work Visa?

Yes, and definitely. Employers wishing to extend an Azerbaijan work permit for an employee must resubmit all the previously required documents. Similarly, you must submit the original work permit.

How many times can I enter Azerbaijan with an Azerbaijan work permit?

An Azerbaijan work visa is valid for one year. It is issued for single or multiple entries, which are renewed four times. However, the work visa cannot be used to stay in Azerbaijan indefinitely.

Can Pakistani work in Azerbaijan with a visa?

Yes, Pakistani citizens can work in Azerbaijan. However, to do so, they need to obtain an Azerbaijan work visa.

The process is relatively straightforward and can be completed within a few weeks.

Once in Azerbaijan, Pakistani workers will find that the working conditions are generally good. Wages are competitive, and there are plenty of opportunities for career advancement. Additionally, the cost of living in Azerbaijan is relatively low, meaning that workers can save money relatively easily.

Overall, working in Azerbaijan is a good option for Pakistani citizens looking for employment abroad. With a bit of preparation, they should be able to obtain the necessary visa and then enjoy all that the country has to offer.


Obtaining an Azerbaijan work visa will help you migrate to Azerbaijan. Therefore, if you plan on working in Azerbaijan, get a visa that will allow you to stay for the duration of your job.

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