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Best 5 Bachelor of Arts Degree Jobs in Canada, 2023

Do you intend working in Canada with your BA degree certificate? Do not be anxious, as BA degrees have a broad range of specializations. Let’s examine the best 5 Bachelor of Arts Degree jobs in Canada, starting from 2023.

No matter your dream job, a Bachelor of Arts degree might just be the perfect stepping stone to get there. From teaching to careers in the arts, many amazing options are available for students who complete a Bachelor of Arts. 

With so many different degrees to choose from, finding the right one for you is essential. Not all Bachelor of Arts degrees are created equal, so it’s important to do your research before making a decision. So, let’s get to it!

Bachelor of Arts degree program in Canada

Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a 3 to a 4-year degree program that focuses on liberal arts. Moreover, the Bachelor of Arts is one of the most popular undergraduate degree programs availed by post-secondary institutions across the globe.

Studying BA will require you to focus on a specific area due to the fact that the Bachelor of Arts degree program is comprehensive. In addition, many universities offer degrees in this area to prepare graduates for Bachelor of Arts Degree jobs in Canada.

In addition, there are thousands of BA degree specializations, which include social sciences, music, law, theology, linguistics, literature, creative writing, business communication, criminology, history, international studies, philosophy, economics, political science, journalism, cultural sciences, etc.

Ultimately, most universities and colleges worldwide make provision for BA degree programs for their students. You can even get a BA job in Canada if you have completed your studies in another country.

Therefore, you can use your BA degree certificate to apply for Bachelor of Arts Degree jobs in Canada with yearly earnings estimated to CAD 200,000.

Best 5 Bachelor of Arts Degree Jobs in Canada

You can start your career in Canada if you are a graduate of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from any university or college within Canada or any other country. According to Payscale, holders of Bachelor of Arts degrees earn $56,000 per year on average.

See salary table for highest paid BA jobs

The following are the five best (5) BA degree jobs in Canada that are profitable.

  1. Graphic designers
  2. Journalists/news reporters
  3. Social media managers
  4. Event coordinators
  5. Art directors
BA degree jobs in Canada Average salary per year ($ Canadian Dollars)
Graphic designers 200,000
Journalists/news reporters 180,000
Social media managers 160,000
Event coordinators 150,000
Art directors 140,000


#1. Graphic Designers

As one of the best five (5) BA degree jobs in Canada, graphic designers earn up to 200,000 Canadian Dollars per year for working in Canada.

Besides, graphic designing involves using texts and images to communicate visually in banners, magazines, books, etc.

Hence, it would help if you were skilled in making sketches and layouts. You must also be proficient in several graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, PicsArt, and Desygner, among others.

40 Canadian companies hiring graphics designers

Open list of top 40 employers of graphic designers in Canada.

  2. Indo Canada TV Corporation, Surrey, BC
  4. Sony Pictures Imageworks Canada, Vancouver, BC•Remote
  5. Sangha Company Limited, Abbotsford, BC
  6. Cambridge Business Group Ltd., Richmond, BC
  7. Chocolats Favoris, Quebec City, QC
  8. Stone Paper Solutions Ltd., Vancouver, BC
  9. Cool-it Hi-way Services Inc., Abbotsford, BC
  10. Les Industries Beco Ltée., Anjou, QC
  11. Burnaby Digital Media Inc., Abbotsford, BC
  13. Microsoft, Vancouver, BC
  14. PR Services Ltd., Whitehorse, YT
  15. Cranberry Limited, Toronto, ON
  16. Charsobe Food Group Ltd, Abbotsford, BC
  17. Rish Consulting, Kamloops, BC
  18. Axios Mining Corp., Abbotsford, BC
  19. Corus Entertainment, Toronto, ON
  20. Fantan Technology Ltd., Burnaby, BC
  21. Herschel Supply Company, Vancouver, BC
  22. Pilothouse Digital, Victoria, BC
  23. General Machinery & Cutter Inc., Scarborough, ON
  24. Herschel Supply Company, Vancouver, BC
  25. Bureau en Gros, Laval, QC
  26. Airble Aviation, Richmond, BC
  28. Gibbs Gage Architects, Calgary, AB
  29. HAAG59 SOFTWARE LTD., Vancouver, BC
  30. In case Digital Solutions Ltd., Vancouver, BC
  31. In the case of Digital Solutions, Vancouver, BC
  32. Mellow Plus Creative Inc., Vancouver, BC
  33. Just Order Enterprises Corp., Burnaby, BC
  34. Star Mart Enterprises Ltd., Surrey, BC
  35. Aero Sign & Print Inc., Calgary, AB
  36. Top Notch Embroidery & Digitizing Ltd., Vancouver, BC
  37. Design 360 Graphics & Promotions Inc., Surrey, BC
  38. Cyrux Smart Solutions Inc., Aurora, ON
  39. Canpro Consulting Inc., Surrey, BC
  40. Animal Logic Studios (Vancouver) Ltd., Vancouver, BC, and so on.

#2. Journalists/News Reporters

Second, on our list of the best 5 Bachelor of Arts Degree jobs in Canada is Journalists/News Reporters. New events occur regularly in Canada, requiring recording and publication on TV, in newspapers, magazines, etc.

Thus, working in Canada as a journalist or news reporter requires you to write and edit news reports and take photographs of scenes.

However, journalists and news reporters in Canada earn as much as 180,000 Canadian Dollars every year.

Besides, a Canadian employer like Black Press Community News Media employs up to 150 journalists in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

Canadian employers are hiring journalists/news reporters.

View Journalists and news reporters job opportunities in Canada.

  1. Black Press Community News Media, Yellowknife, NT
  2. Driftwood Gulf Islands Media, Salt Spring Island, BC
  3. Middle Banner (Banner Publications), Strathroy, ON
  5. Télévison communautaire du Témiscamingue, Notre-dame-du-nord, QC
  6. TVO, Toronto, ON
  7. Corus Entertainment, Calgary, AB
  8. Quesnel Cariboo Observer, Quesnel, BC
  9. Rogers Communications, Calgary, AB
  10. Stingray, Montréal, QC
  11. The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, Melfort, SK
  12. CBC/Radio-Canada, Yellowknife, NT
  13., Saint John, NB
  14. NowMedia Group, Kelowna, BC
  15. BELL MEDIA INC., Toronto, ON
  16. Sunny South News, Coaldale, AB
  17. Village Media, Cambridge, ON
  18. Kings County Record, Sussex, NB
  19. CBC/Radio-Canada, Kingston, ON
  20. The Fredericton Gleaner (BNI), Fredericton, NB
  21. Weber Shandwick, Toronto, ON
  22. Black Press Community News Media, Castlegar, BC
  23. Moncton Times & Transcript (BNI), Moncton, NB
  24. Wise Publishing, Toronto, ON, among others

#3. Social Media Managers

Social Media Manager is in Canada’s top 3 of our Bachelor of Arts Degree jobs. With yearly earnings of up to 160,000 Canadian Dollars, you can apply for a social media manager job using your BA degree certificate in Canada.

More so, social media managers avail a vast service that attracts customers and influences sales via the brand or company’s social media page on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Canadian employers are hiring social media managers.

See 25 employers hiring Social Media Managers in Canada.

  1. Metrolinx, Toronto, ON
  2. Kotn, Toronto, ON
  3. PC Financial, Toronto, ON
  4. Mednow, Toronto, ON
  5. Bright + Early, Toronto, ON
  6. Xero, Toronto, ON
  7. Deloitte, Toronto, ON
  8. TechWyse, Toronto, ON
  9. ActivateIT, Greater Toronto Area, ON
  10. By Peter and Pauls, Vaughan, ON
  11. Artscape, Toronto, ON
  12. Shopify, Toronto, ON
  13. National Hockey League (NHL), Toronto, ON
  14. Weber Shandwick, Toronto, ON
  15. IPG Mediabrands, Toronto, ON
  16. The Walt Disney Studios, Toronto, ON
  17. Turner & Townsend, Toronto, ON
  18. Central Station, Toronto, ON
  19. Fidelity International, Toronto, ON
  20. eBay Inc., Toronto, ON
  21. The Beer Store, Mississauga, ON
  22. The Social Markit, Toronto, ON
  23. HUB International, Toronto, ON
  24. Spin Master Ltd, Toronto, ON
  25. ViacomCBS Networks International, Toronto, ON, and so on

#4. Event coordinators

You are likely to earn 150,000 Canadian Dollars yearly in Canada simply by supervising events in order to ensure their success.

Besides, some Canadian employers pay event coordinators a decent salary of 350,000 Canadian dollars annually.

Additionally, event coordinators are helpful to hosts in handling their event planning. Such events include weddings, trade fairs, and other social and corporate events.

Canadian employers are hiring event coordinators.

Check out top 21 Employers of Event Coordinators in Canada.

  1. Financial Horizons Group, Toronto, ON
  2. The Royal Conservatory, Toronto, ON
  3. MLSE, Toronto, ON
  4. Catering & Commissary, Toronto, ON
  5. Intrado, Toronto, ON
  6. Tiffany & Co., Toronto, ON
  7. HD Events & Marketing, Etobicoke, ON
  8. Second Harvest Food Rescue, Toronto, ON
  9. Scotiabank, Toronto, ON
  10. SYNNEX Corporation, Toronto, ON
  11. Wunderman Thompson, Toronto, ON
  12. Canada’s Wonderland, Vaughan, ON
  13. NPower Canada, Toronto, ON
  14. Softchoice, Toronto, ON
  15. Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON
  16. ENCORE – Canada, Toronto, ON
  17. Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto, Toronto, ON
  18. McMillan LLP, Toronto, ON
  19. The Royal Conservatory, Toronto, ON
  20. University Health Network, Toronto, ON
  21. Resolver, Toronto, ON, etc

#5. Art directors

In Canada, Art directors earn an average salary of 140,000 Canadian Dollars every year.

More so, art directors facilitate advertising and public relations. They also work with graphic designers.

In addition, they supervise graphic designers, as well as provide turnaround time and quotes on graphic design projects.

Canadian employers hiring art directors

33 Canadian employers of Art Directors

These companies hire both remote, temporary, and permanent jobs.

  1. Target Marketing & Communications Inc., St. John’s, NL
  2. Dapper Labs, Vancouver, BC
  3. CryptoKitties, Vancouver, BC
  4. Ubisoft, Quebec City, QC
  5. Amazon Advertising Canada Inc., Toronto, ON
  6. The Ogilvy Group, LLC, Toronto, ON
  7. SkyBox Labs, Burnaby, BC
  8. Electronic Arts, Vancouver, BC
  9. Blakely, Aurora, ON
  10. MLSE, Toronto, ON
  11. Media, Halifax, NS
  12. Tiny Titan Studios, London, ON
  13. peoplecanfly, Montréal, QC
  14. Kabam, Vancouver, BC
  15. Good Fortune Collective, Vancouver, BC
  16. The Works Design Communications, Toronto, ON
  17. Spin Master Ltd, Toronto, ON
  18. VMLY&R COMMERCE, Montréal, QC
  19. Cineplex, Toronto, ON
  20. Tiger of Sweden, Chaudière-Appalaches, QC
  21. PepsiCo, Owen Sound, ON
  22. AMBER STUDIO, Montréal, QC
  23. St. Joseph Communications, Toronto, ON
  24. opentext, Waterloo, ON
  25. The Ogilvy Group, LLC, Toronto, ON
  26. Creative Technology Resources, Vancouver, BC
  27. Moment Factory, York, ON
  28. BMO Financial Group, Toronto, ON
  29. Klick Health, Toronto, ON
  30. A Thinking Ape, British Columbia
  31. WildBrain, Vancouver, BC
  32. Activision, Toronto, ON
  33. Nakisa, Montréal, QC, etc

Where to get Bachelor of Arts degree jobs in Canada?

Bachelor of Arts graduates is opportune to work for many employers across Canada. As top employers of BA graduates, you can direct your job applications to Canadian businesses and establishments in the following provinces.

  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Quebec
  • New Brunswick
  • Saskatchewan

What do I need to apply for BA degree jobs in Canada?

You are required to make provisions of the following while applying for a BA degree job in Canada.

  • Valid passport
  • Certificate and transcript of Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from a recognized university, with ECA
  • Valid proof of English or French language proficiency

Conclusively, Bachelor of Arts Degree jobs in Canada usually come with several attractive benefits. These benefits satisfy the essential needs of employees.

Moreover, most Canadian employers avail their employees with insurance coverage, on-site gym, fitness allowance, paid phone plan, paid vacations, health, and dental benefits, etc.

Above all, your Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree certificate can qualify you to apply for the best five (5) BA degree jobs in Canada.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a career change and want to get your bachelor’s degree in the arts, these are some of the best jobs in Canada in 2023. The field of arts is growing rapidly, so there are many opportunities for those with a degree in this area. So if you’re considering getting a bachelor’s degree in the arts, now is the time to do it!

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