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Steps on how to apply for a Bahamas Temporary Residence Permit

Getting a Bahamas temporary residence permit sometimes can seem an impossible dream. Still, obtaining your permit to enjoy the fullness of life this Caribbean paradise offers doesn’t have to be complicated.

However, that’s the sad reality facing some foreign individuals who have just relocated to the country. Therefore, it would be best if you had a Bahamas temporary residence irrespective of your purpose of visit. Whether your visit to the Bahamas is for tourism, to pursue a new business opportunity, or for vacation, as long as the visit is within 30 days or exceeds it, you need a temporary residence permit.

This article discusses the steps you must follow to acquire your residence permit without going through the complications of visiting a new country. If you wish to obtain a temporary residency in the Bahamas and are ready to learn more about the permit, then you are at the right place. Read on for more knowledge!

About the Bahamas temporary residence permit

A Bahamas temporary residence permit issued by the Bahamas government allows non-Bahamians to stay in the country for a short while. Unlike the Bahamas permanent residence permit, the temporary permit allows these foreign nationals to legally stay in the Bahamas for a period exceeding 90 days. However, if you are not going to stay for a period not up to 90 days, maybe for tourism or to visit family, then you should go for a visitors visa.

The Bahamas temporary residence permit grants the holder access to some basic rights and privileges that holders of permanent residence permits and citizens of the Bahamas enjoy.

What it doesn’t grant them is a long-term residence or citizenship status.

The Bahamas temporary residence permit is subject to renewal if you wish to continue living and can be extended if you wish to extend your stay in the Bahamas. However, after about five years in the Bahamas, you can request a permanent residency, giving you more access and a more extended stay.

Who needs the Bahamas temporary residence permit?

People do not go through the stress of getting a visa and traveling to a foreign land to play. Instead, they undertake different travels to and live in foreign countries for many reasons. Some go there searching for greener pastures, while others travel for official assignments or humanitarian services.

But, for whatever reason that made you intend to travel to the Bahamas and or plan to seek a temporary residence permit in the country, you must remember that there are eligible criteria.

There are people whom the Bahamas government can issue a temporary residence permit.

On the other hand, there are people they cannot issue a temporary residence to.

Every foreign national who wants to become a temporary resident of the Bahamas has a variety of reasons why they want to do so.

Below are the lists of people eligible for a Bahamas temporary residence permit;

  • Startups or entrepreneurs who are establishing an in the Netherlands;
  • Foreign nationals who secured employment or are continuing work in the Bahamas;
  • Highly skilled workers who are essential to the economy of the country;
  • Delegates of a foreign company located in the Bahamas;
  • Family members of a Bahamian citizen visiting them;
  • Foreign nationals pursuing higher education studies in the Bahamas (as well as those pursuing language courses or foundation studies before their academic studies);
  • Foreign nationals conducting academic or scientific research in the Bahamas;
  • Victims of human trafficking;
  • Officials of international organizations who are in the Bahamas for humanitarian services.

Who doesn’t need the Bahamas temporary residence permit?

As far as the Bahamas temporary residence permit is concerned, there are status or situation which automatically exempts or eliminates a foreign national from receiving the Bahamas temporary residence permit.

Such situations include;

  • EU permanent or long-term residents;
  • Having a refugee status or applying for asylum;
  • Staying in the Bahamas with a Schengen visa issued for humanitarian service;
  • People whom the Bahamian government granted a tolerated stay on the grounds of a subsidiary or temporary protection;
  • Foreign individuals are obliged to leave the Bahamas within 30 days of the relevant decision;
  • Foreign nationals who are placed in a guarded facility, detention, or subject to a ban on leaving the Bahamian territory;
  • Foreigners who are imprisoned or are in pre-trial custody;
  • Foreign nationals who will return on the ground that the period of their voluntary work has not yet expired;
  • Foreigners who failed to provide their fingerprints;
  • Failing to provide fingerprints

How to apply for a Bahama Temporary Residence Permit

Suppose you want to apply for a Bahamas temporary residence permit. In that case, the first thing you should do is to call the Bahamas immigration office to find out the necessary documents for the application. After that, gather the documents listed by the immigration and proceed with the steps below;

#1. Complete application form

The application form is registered online. So fill in your information correctly, and also sign your name on the document.

#2. Attach the form to other necessary documents

The application form must be notarized entirely and stamped at the immigration. After that, attach the completely notarized form to the other application document.

#3. Submit your document to the immigration

The Bahamas immigration department has the sole right to issue the permanent residence permit to the non-Bahamian applicant. So, after receiving the stamp of the immigration, submit the form to the branch of the immigration department that handles the processing of the temporary residence permit.

#4. Wait for an update on your status

After your application submission, the immigration office cross-checks your information to ensure no disparity. Once the application has been certified to be accurate, the immigration office updates your status. Usually, it takes three to four weeks to update the applicant’s residency status. You are required to pay a non-refundable fee of BS$1000.

Requirements that you need to apply for the Bahamas temporary residence permit

Below are the documents required to apply for a Bahamas temporary residence permit.

#1. A Letter of request

The document you must make available before proceeding with your Bahamas temporary residence permit is to present a letter of request. The letter states the reason why you should be given a residence permit.

#2.Duly completed First Schedule Form

Then you must collect and complete an application form for the residency permit. The application is filled out online. Make sure the information indicated on the form is correct.

#3. Copy of an International passport

The passport must include a copy of the applicant’s information. In addition, it must be duly signed by the appropriate authorities, be readable, and have a minimum of 2 years of validity.

#4. Two copies of current passport photographs

The passport photograph to be used must be recently taken against a white background with the name printed on the back of the photo. Must follow the passport requirement size as stipulated in the Bahamas immigration rules and regulations.

#5. Applicant’s original police certificate

issued not earlier than six (6) months and must cover five years of residence; required for applicants age 14 and older

#6. Copy of the sponsor’s biodata page

The applicant must submit the page containing the biodata of the travel sponsor. However, this is applicable if the travel is not sponsored by the applicant.

#7. Medical certificate

The certificate must be dated nothing earlier than 30 days from the day of the applicant applying.

#8. Certificate of marriage

This is proof of marital status. But it is not applicable all the time/.

#9. Certificate of birth

This is applicable in discovering the identity and nationality of the applicant.

#10. Two copies of references

The reference accepted must be one from a reputable person or persons who have and uphold good character. Telephone contacts and email addresses)

#11. Financial means

A document stating your bank balance within the past three months. This is to make sure that you can cater to yourself. The bank statement must be signed and stamped by the bank.

#13. Application fee receipt

The fee is a non-refundable sum of $200

#14. Proof of insurance

Must include a coverage fee of 30,000 Euros.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I apply for any other permit alongside the Bahamas temporary residence permit?

Yes, you can apply. If you are applying on the ground of work, you also need to apply for a work permit.

Can I apply for a direct permanent residency in the Bahamas without holding a Bahamas temporary residence permit?

The answer to the question is yes. However, this is only possible if you purchase an investment visa.

How long does it take to get a Bahamas temporary residence permit?

To process the Bahamas temporary residence permit, it can take up to two-three weeks for the application to be worried. It can also take more time depending on the number of applicants.

How long can the Bahamas temporary residence permit last?

The Bahamas temporary residence visa lasts for a maximum duration of two years, after which it can be renewed. However, depending on the purpose of travel, the duration can vary. For instance, the temporary residence for study expires when the holder finishes their academic studies in the Bahamas.


Non-Bahamian nationals who want to leave their countries are required to know more about the residency permits that the country has. This is to make sure you do not waste time applying for the wrong residency permit.

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