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Steps on how to apply for a Bahrain Embassy Visa

Have you been promoted to the position of your country’s ambassador to Bahrain? Congratulations on your win. However, you know that you are eligible for the Bahrain embassy visa.

Well, maybe this is the first time you are handling the position, and so you don’t even know which visa to request. Maybe this is the first time you will travel to/reside in Bahrain for a different official assignment. Don’t overthink it because we have you in mind while putting together this article.

The Bahrain embassy visa is specifically for ambassadors of foreign nationals, and in this article, we educate you on what you need to know about this visa. Furthermore, we give you a step-by-step guide on how to go about your visa application. So stay with us as we lead you down your Bahrain embassy visa application journey.

Bahrain embassy visa

The Bahrain embassy visa is an official visa that allows a foreign national to enter Bahrain for an official assignment. However, in this case, the official assignment is as an ambassador of a foreign country.

This means that the visa is specifically for a foreign country’s ambassador. An embassy visa can be closely related to a diplomatic visa. However, unlike the diplomatic visa, which can be used by both the head of state and some government officials of foreign nationals, the Bahrain visa is strictly for ambassadors.

Furthermore, the foreign ambassador’s children and their spouses are eligible to request this visa too.

Requirements for applying for a Bahrain embassy visa

Like every other visa application, the Bahrain visa has its requirements and documents, which all must be presented before further certification.

Below are the documents that any applicant for the Bahrain embassy visa must have/present before they can receive the visa:

#1. A copy of an international passport

An international passport tops the list of Bahrain embassy visa application requirements. Regardless of the type category of visa you desire to request, you must have a copy of your international passport handy. An international passport is also one of the documents that, if not available, your visa application cannot proceed.

However, your international passport must fulfill the following requirements before it can be termed valid for visa application;

  • Must be at least six months valid beyond your period of stay in Bahrain.
  • Must be issued not beyond ten years ago.
  • Must have a minimum of two blank pages.

Mind that if any of your family members are traveling with you, they must register and submit the separate visa application form.

#2. Bahrain embassy visa application form

If you are ready to proceed with your visa application, go to the Bahrain official website and long in your visa application. This, however, is in the case of an online visa application.

You can register offline at the Bahrain consulate located in your country. That is where you will be given a visa application form to fill in. Make sure to fill in your information appropriately and correctly, as wrong information might warrant visa delay, visa rejection, or reapplication.

#3. A copy of a civil passport photo

A clear civil passport taken within the past six months against a white background is the optimally acceptable passport for application. The applicant should not wear any headgear on the passport. If by any means they attempt to put on a headgear, it must not cover the applicant’s face.

  • The passport should not be blurry, as the applicant’s facial features must be visible and recognizable.
  • The applicant should not also wear glasses of any sort on the passport.
  • The dimension and size should align with the passport requirements stipulated by the Bahrain immigration service.

#4. Appointment letter

The applicant must also submit the official letter of appointment that they received. This letter must contain the applicant’s name and information. It must also contain the official stamp and signature of the one who appointed them.

#5. A diplomatic note

This is a letter that the head of state or the one who appointed the applicant writes on their behalf. This letter should be addressed to the one in charge of the Bahrain embassy in their country and, in turn, be forwarded by the applicant’s local embassy to the embassy of Bahrain in Bahrain. It must stipulate the name of the government official, their position, and title, together with a description of their duty.

#6. A written request

Once the embassy in Bahrain receives the letter from the embassy in the applicant’s country, they, in turn, send a request letter. The written request is addressed to the applicant and officially invites them to Bahrain. The request letter should be addressed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Bahrain.

#7. Travel itinerary

This document provides information about the applicant’s travel plans and schedule. Although it is more advisable that the applicant wait until they receive their visa from the Bahrain embassy before arrangements for their travel begins.

The information in the travel itinerary includes; your travel entry date, flight reservation ticket, and hotel reservation ticket.

The applicant might have to provide information about their travel history in the past five years. But the information is strictly on request. If the embassy doesn’t request it, you do not have to provide it.

#8. Curriculum Vitae (Resume)

Because the position occupied by the applicant is highly respected, the embassy will likely need the applicant’s CV.

Instead of submitting all their academic qualifications and work certifications separately, the CV captures all the information about their previous and current education & work history.

#9. Proof of accommodation

Like every other visa application, you need to provide proof of accommodation. But this doesn’t pose a problem to the Bahrain visa application as the government sending you out on that mission is expected to cater and make provisions for your accommodation.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make plans for your accommodation. However, this also is not your problem to worry about.

#10. Proof of financial sufficiency

Since the government is sending you out for this mission, the government is charged with sending the proof of sponsorship and financial sufficiency.

However, there might be a need for you to submit a financial sufficiency document. So, you must keep your bank statement or any other documents that prove your financial independence handy.

#11. Travel health insurance.

The travel health insurance the Bahrain embassy accepts has minimum insurance coverage of €30,000.

What are the steps to applying for a Bahrain Embassy Visa?

Below are the steps to applying for a Bahrain embassy visa;

#1. Schedule an appointment with the Bahrain embassy

When you are ready to proceed with your visa application, you should schedule an appointment with the Bahrain embassy in your country. The reason you should do this is for you to find out the necessary visa application requirements that you need. And maybe any other requirements you need to put in place as your country’s ambassador to Bahrain.

#2. Complete the Bahrain embassy visa application form

The next thing you should do is request and fill in your visa application form. You can enter your application online; you can as well do it offline. However, whatever application method you decide to use, ensure you fill in your information correctly and accurately.

#3. Pay your application fee

Automatically, the application fee is not for you to pay. The government of your country is saddled with that responsibility. However, the official visa application fee for applicants is always free.

#4. Submit your Bahrain embassy visa application

It is assumed that you already know the documents you need for the application. Of course, that’s the reason why scheduling an appointment with the embassy is the first ever step towards this visa application.

So after you complete your application, proceed to submit your application form and other required documents at the submission unit of the embassy.

#5. Schedule an Interview with the embassy

After submission, the next thing you should do is schedule an interview with the embassy. This interview part is very paramount in your application process. So, you better not joke with it.

#6. Prepare for and attend your interview

You don’t need to be reminded of the outcome of not preparing yourself well for the interview or even missing the interview. Instead, answer every question meticulously and present yourself in a good light before the interviewers.

#7. Wait for a response from the embassy

The embassy, after being satisfied with your application or not, will send you a response. If there is a need for you to provide additional information, the embassy will let you know.

The contact information you outlined on your visa application form must be functional for easy communication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to acquire a Bahrain embassy visa?

The Bahrain embassy visa application is specifically for non-Bahrain ambassadors. For that reason, it is free for the applicants.

How long can a Bahrain embassy visa last?

The Bahrain embassy visa lasts throughout your appointment as ambassador to Bahrain. Once you resign or your position is terminated, you must not return home immediately.

Instead, you should notify the Bahrain embassy and must stay in the country until the information is cleared from the embassy and immigration database.

How long can it take to get a Bahrain embassy visa?

It doesn’t take much time for your visa to be issued. In some cases, it takes just 24 hours, but in other cases, it might take up to a week.

However, in severe cases, it can take up to a week. But the embassy will inform you if there is a delay beyond the expected time.

Should I request a Bahrain embassy visa to attend a government-sponsored meeting or conference?

The answer to this question is NO. Even if you apply, your application will be rejected. The reason is that the Bahrain embassy visa is strictly for individuals who are appointed ambassadors of their countries.

If you are going to a meeting or conference sponsored by your country’s government in Bahrain, you should apply for an official visa.


Applying for a Bahrain embassy visa is not an arduous task, nor is it a task that is as confusing as it may seem. All you need to do is make sure you know what you need for the visa application and how to go about your application.

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