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Bahrain Student Visa – Application, Requirements And Funding

Studying in Bahrain comes with a lot of advantages. Bahrain universities combine classroom teaching with field experience. Plus, you will learn in a multicultural environment. Thus, you will need a Bahrain Student Visa to study in this country.

Moreover, life in Bahrain is not just about your education. You have many things to do while in the country. You will enjoy some of the best foods in the world. In addition, you have plenty of beaches and dive sites to snorkel and dive. What about learning the culture and history of the people? Life is never dull for you in Bahrain.

This article will detail everything about a Bahrain Student Visa. The requirements, processing time and fees, validity period, and application steps.

Reasons to study in Bahrain

#1. Education System in Bahrain is among the best in the world

The education system in Bahrain follows the British model. The country has two universities: the University of Bahrain and the American University in Manama. Both universities offer bachelor’s degrees in various fields, including business administration, engineering, architecture, law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and many others.

#2. The cost of Living in Bahrain is low

The cost of living in Bahrain is relatively low compared to other countries in the Middle East. Housing costs are reasonable. Similarly, food prices are affordable. Several shopping centers around the country provide everything from groceries to clothing.

#3. Bahrain has a friendly Climate

Bahrain has a tropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. Rainfall occurs throughout the year.

#4. Bahrain Culture culture is accommodating

The culture in Bahrain is diverse and reflects its multicultural background. People of different nationalities live together peacefully and share similar values.

#5. Safety

Safety is a top priority in Bahrain. Citizens can access free medical care and police assistance 24 hours a day. Crime rates are low. You can feel safe walking alone after dark.

#6. Transportation in Bahrain is the best in the Middle east

Transportation in Bahrain is convenient and reliable. Public transport includes buses, taxis, and water taxis. Private cars are widely available.

#7. Employment Opportunities for international students

There are many employment opportunities in Bahrain. Most people work in government offices, private companies, or start their businesses.

What is Bahrain Student Visa?

A Bahrain Student Visa allows international students who get admission into a Bahrain university to study in the country. With this permit, you can complete your university education in Bahrain.

Eligibility for Bahrain Student Visa

To apply for a visa to study in Bahrain, you must meet the following criteria. They include:

  1. You must get admission to a Bahrain university.
  2. You must have sufficient funds to sponsor your studies.
  3. You must pay your course fees in full, especially for the first year.
  4. You must have proof of medical insurance while in Bahrain.
  5. You must show that you plan to return to your country after your university education in Bahrain.

Documents for Bahrain Student Visa

Apart from the eligibility criteria for a student visa, you must also have the following visa documents. They include:

#1. Passport

You will need a valid passport to get a Bahrain Student Visa. Your travel document must be in good condition. Moreover, it must have at least six months validity period from the time of visiting Bahrain.

#2. Application form for Bahrain Student Visa

In addition to your passport, you also need an application form to get a visa to visit Bahrain for studies. The application must have the following information. They include:

  • your name
  • place of birth
  • nationality
  • the purpose of your travel
  • the duration of your stay in the country.

#3. Photo

You will also need a passport-size photo when applying for a visa to attend a university in Bahrain.

#4. Proof of sufficient funds

Your proof of funds can be a bank statement or any official document showing you have enough funds for your studies in Bahrain.

#5. Proof of accommodation in Bahrain

Another document you need for an entry permit to study in Bahrain is proof of accommodation in the country. It can be a hotel reservation, a hostel or any official evidence of residence in Bahrain.

#6. Acceptance letter from a university in Bahrain

Of course, you need a letter of acceptance from a Bahrain university. Once you get admission to a school in Bahrain, you must collect a document showing proof of your acceptance to the university.

#7. Proof of sponsorship

Sometimes, you will need proof of sponsorship, especially if you need a sponsor apart from your parents.

#8. Proof of scholarship

Apart from proof of sponsorship, you will need evidence of scholarship if you are studying at a Bahrain university under a scholarship.

#9. Receipt of payment for tuition fee at a Bahrain university

You also need to bring your receipt for tuition fees, especially for the first year at a Bahrain university.

#10. Receipt for Bahrain Student Visa fee

You must show evidence of the visa fees to study in Bahrain. Without your receipt for entry permit payment, you will not receive your visa.

How to apply for a Bahrain Student Visa

Applications for a student visa to Bahrain are online. However, you must submit your application to a Bahrain embassy in your country of origin. You can use the steps below to apply for a Bahrain Student Visa. They include:

Step 1. Contact the Bahrain embassy in your country of origin

You must contact the Bahrain embassy or consulate in your country of origin to know the visa requirements. In addition, you will ask them to give you information on the procedure to apply for an entry permit to study in Bahrain.

Step 2. Gather all the documents you need for Bahrain Student Visa

Then, gather all the documents you need for your study visa in Bahrain. Do not forget any documents. Otherwise, you will not receive your permit to stay in Bahrain.

Step 3. Complete an online application form for Bahrain Student Visa

You can now complete an online application form. You must provide the correct information in each space on the application. The information you must give out includes your name, place of birth, nationality, the duration of your stay and the purpose of your visit.

Step 4. Submit your application and documents to the Bahrain embassy in your country

Once you have completed the application, you can submit it with other documents to the Bahrain embassy near you.

Step 5. Make payment for your Bahrain Student Visa

Then, it is time to make your payment for your visa. You can pay your entry permit fee online. Then, submit your proof of visa payment to the Bahrain embassy in your country of residence or origin.

Step 6. Wait for processing

Once you have made your visa payment, you must wait for the Bahrain embassy to p[rpcess your entry permit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I apply for Bahrain Student Visa?

Generally, you can apply for a Bahrain visa online, on arrival and at a Bahrain embassy in your country of origin. However, for a student permit, you will apply online and send the application to a Bahrain mission close to you.

Who can apply for a Bahrain Student Visa?

All international students who have admission to a Bahrain university must apply for a visa to study in the country. In addition, they must meet the eligibility criteria to get a permit. Perhaps, you need an acceptance letter from your school before you apply.

What is the validity period of the Bahrain Student Visa?

A Bahrain Student Visa is usually valid for the duration of your studies in Bahrain. However, you may get a permit valid for one year with the option to extend till you complete your studies in the country.

Can I extend my study permit in Bahrain?

Of course, you can extend your visa to study in Bahrain. If you get a one-year permit, you can renew it annually till the completion of your academic program in the country.

How much is Bahrain Student Visa?

The cost of obtaining a visa for your studies in Bahrain is 29 Bahrain Dinar. Thus, you pay BD 4 or USD 10 for the processing. Then, you will pay another BD 25 or USD 66 for the permit.

How long does it take to process a Bahrain visa?

Generally, it takes 72 hours to process a visa to Bahrain. However, if you plan to visit the country soon, you must apply early. Meanwhile, you must check your visa status before travelling to Bahrain, even if you qualify for a visa on arrival.

What is the best time to apply for a visa to Bahrain?

You can apply for a Bahrain visa three days before your arrival in Bahrain. However, to avoid delays in your travel plan, you can s at least five days before your intended date of visiting Bahrain.

Is Bahrain good for international students?

Yes, Bahrain is a good place for international students to study abroad. Many universities are in the country, including the University of Bahrain, American University in Manama, and the University of Jordan.

Many schools offer scholarships to international students who want to attend university. In addition, there are many English-speaking teachers at these schools.

However, most people do not speak English, and the cost of living is expensive. Also, the weather is hot and humid year-round. Therefore, considering these factors, Bahrain may not be the best choice for your university education abroad.


To sum up, Bahrain has one of the best education systems in the Middle east. Moreover, following the British model, students from other parts of the world can adapt to the education system in Bahrain. However, you have to learn the language of tuition in the country.

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