Barbadian Embassy in Canada – Main Consular Service

There is a Barbadian consulate in Toronto where Barbadians can get consular services

Knowing the importance of an embassy, the Barbadian government set up a Barbadian high commission in Canada. This is where all the Barbadian citizens in Canada will go whenever they encounter any problem in Canada. Therefore, it is important to know the contact address of the high commission in Canada. 

In addition to the high commission, there is also a consulate in Toronto, where you can as well go for any consular services.

Therefore, those citizens who cannot go to the high commission for any reason can visit the consulate at any time. Moreover, the consulate will automatically serve everyone who is in Toronto. 

Meanwhile, whenever you have a problem, do not hesitate to contact either the embassy or the consulate for assistance.  

What an embassy means

An embassy simply means the seat of the government of a foreign country in a host country. In other words, it means the headquarters of a foreign country in a host country.

Thus, the government of the foreign country is represented in the host country. Generally, it is headed by an ambassador. 

Sometimes, a country may not have an embassy in another country, in such cases, the country will have a consulate. This consulate usually does the same function as an embassy. 

About Barbados

Barbados is an island created by the crashing of the Atlantic coastal and Caribbean tectonic plates and a volcanic eruption.

Later, the Portuguese called the area Los Barbados, thus, giving them the name Barbados. It is generally believed that name came after the ficus trees that occupied much of the island’s coast.

Meanwhile, the first settlers in Barbados were the Arawaks, an Amerindian tribe that migrated from Venezuela. Then, the Spanish occupied the area for only a brief period in 1492 before the Portuguese came in 1536.

Nonetheless, the area was colonised by the British who came to the island in 1625. Thus, they established Barbados as the 3rd parliamentary democracy in the world in 1639.

Barbados is one of the highest producers of sugar, tobacco, and cotton which form the major part of their economy.

As such, they dominated the sugar industry in the Caribbean until 1730 before Jamaica surpassed them, however, but sugar production remained its primary industry until the 1990s.

Currently, tourism is one of the mainstays of the Barbadian economy.  They are also into light manufacturing. 

Barbadian Embassy in Canada

The Barbadian high commission in Canada is the representative of the Barbadian government in Canada. It was established immediately after Barbados got her independence from Britain. Thus, it became among the high commissions in Canada. 

The major duty of the high commission is to make sure that the rights of Barbadian citizens in Canada are respected.   

Address of Barbadian Embassy in Canada

The address below is where you can find the Barbadian high commission in Canada. Therefore, both Barbadians and Canadians alike can enter the office for any information about travelling to Barbados from Canada.

Barbadian High Commission Ottawa

55 Metcalfe Street

Suit 470

Ottawa, Ontario

K1P 6L5

Barbadian Consulate, Toronto

In addition to the high commission, there is also a consulate in Toronto for Barbadian citizens, especially those living around the city. Thus, the address below will be helpful whenever you want to visit the consulate in Toronto.

Barbadian Consulate in Toronto

10 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 205

Toronto, Ontario M2N 6Y8

Tel: (416) 214-9805 

Fax: (416) 214-9815

E-mail: [email protected]  

Office Hours

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Barbadian Consulate, Montreal

Furthermore, there is another consulate in Montreal for Barbadians living in the area. Therefore, instead of going to the Barbadian high commission in Canada, you can go to the address below:

Barbadian Consulate, Montreal

4800 Maisonneuve Blvd W #523

Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1M1


Telephone: (+1) (514) 768 2693

Fax: (+1) (514) 762 6548

Consular services provided by Barbadian Embassy in Canada

In order to serve the citizens of Barbados very well, the Barbadian high commission in Canada provides the following consular services. They include;

  • Processing passport applications to be sent to Barbados for issuance by the Chief Immigration Officer
  • Issuing travel documents on an emergency basis
  • Document authentication
  • Assisting Barbadian pensioners residing in Canada
  • Providing information on resettling in Barbados to Barbadian nationals in Canada

Providing information on:

  • Obtaining certified copies of personal records such as birth and marriage certificates
  •  Adopting children in Barbados
  • Transporting bodies of deceased persons to Barbados for burial

Providing information to non-nationals on:

  •  Visas
  •  Work permits
  • Residency Request

Obtaining Barbadian citizenship

Passport Information

For your passport as a Barbadian citizen, you can go to the consulate for your passport issue instead of the Barbadian high commission in Canada. However, take note of the following information:

  • All passports are issued by the Chief Immigration Officer in Barbados.
  • It takes six weeks to process the passports
  • Your passport is valid for 10 years
  • Read the notes to each application form carefully, complete the application and provide all supporting documentation as instructed in the notes.
  • For the cost of a new passport application contact the Consulate General of Barbados at Toronto.
  • Most importantly, do not wait ‘until the last minute’. Submit your application at least eight (8) weeks before your planned travel date.

However, you can apply for an emergency passport in case of a stolen, lost or damaged passport.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to go to the Kingdom of Barbados from Canada?

Yes, you will need a visa before you can travel to Barbados from Canada. Therefore, you will need to visit the Barbadian consulate in Toronto for visa application information.

 Does Canada have an Embassy in Barbados?

 Yes, there is a Canadian embassy in Barbados. 

 Can a Canadian go to Barbados?

Of course, any Canadian citizen with a valid visa can visit Barbados.