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Barbados Work Visa – Documentation, How to Apply, and Fees

Are you a foreign national trying to find work in Barbados? That would explain why you are trying to gather information on the Barbados Work Visa. However, you need to know several things before you apply for this visa to begin work in this beautiful country.

Barbados is an Island country in North America, one of the countries that make up the Caribbean Islands. It is regarded as a rich country; being ranked 52nd most affluent in the world, and has a steadily growing economy. Hence, this economy provides many employment opportunities for Barbadians and foreigners.

If you happen to be one of the foreigners who gain on-site employment in Barbados, this article is for you. We explore the Barbados work visa and what you need to do to get it. We also explain all you need to have and do before you can get the visa.

About Barbados Work Visa

A Barbados work visa is an authorization by the Barbadian consular authorities that permits you to enter Barbados for work legally. This work includes any form of paid labor (aside from student internships), ranging from contract jobs to full-time roles. The work visa is a long-term Barbados visa, which allows its holders to stay in the country for more than six months, as is the limit with a Barbados short-stay visa.

There are two kinds of Barbados work visas;

  • short-term work visa
  • long-term work visa

The Barbados short-term work visa has a validity of 11 months and allows you to work for that period before you renew (if you need to continue) or return to your country. Most people who choose this visa come for short-term jobs, contracts, sabbaticals, etc. Meanwhile, a long-term work visa is valid for up to three years. It is mainly for those who have gained full employment and look to work in Barbados in the long term.

Who Needs a Barbados Work Visa?

Barbados has a visa-free travel agreement with numerous countries around the world. As a result, more countries can visit Barbados without a visa than need a visa. Depending on your country, you can visit for up to 28 days, 30 days, 90 days, or six (6) months. If you’re a citizen of one of those countries, you don’t need a work visa to enter. Once you come in, you can apply for a work permit at the Barbados Immigration Department; this has to be done before your visa-free stay period elapses.

Conversely, if your country needs a visa to enter Barbados, you must apply for a work visa before heading to the country. There are about 60 countries in the world whose citizens require a Barbados work visa. They include;

  • Afghanistan
  • Algeria
  • Andorra
  • Angola
  • Benin
  • Bhutan
  • Bolivia
  • Bosnia
  • Cambodia
  • Cameroon
  • Cape Verde
  • Central African
  • Chad
  • Comoros
  • Congo
  • the Cook Islands
  • Cote d’Ivoire
  • Djibouti
  • the Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Egypt
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Eritrea
  • Ethiopia
  • Gabon
  • Guinea
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Honduras
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Korea
  • Kuwait
  • Laos
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Macedonia
  • Madagascar
  • the Marshall Islands
  • Micronesia
  • Mongolia
  • Montenegro
  • Mozambique
  • Myanmar
  • Namibia
  • Nauru
  • Nepal
  • Niger
  • Pakistan
  • Palau Islands
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Paraguay
  • Sao Tome & Principe
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Taiwan
  • Togo
  • the United Arab Emirates

Barbados Work Visa Application Procedure

There are two significant ways you can get a Barbados work visa;

  • Apply by yourself for a long-term work visa.
  • Your employer makes the application on your behalf for the short-term work visa.

When your employer applies for a visa on your behalf, they only need to visit the immigration department in Barbados. They will present all the necessary documents (which we will list) and secure your visa in Barbados.

On the other hand, you can apply for a visa by visiting the embassy of Barbados in your home country. There, you will need to submit the documents yourself the usual way. If you choose to apply yourself, contact the embassy first and confirm that your country doesn’t need any additional documents. Also, confirm their bank details so you can make the payment and submit it to them with your other documents.

If the embassy accepts the application via mail, you can send the documents to them with a courier service. Else, you need to book an appointment with them and submit it personally. You may be asked a few questions by the consular authorities.

When all this is done, wait for the embassy to get back to you. If you are successful, they will notify you via email or text and inform you of any next steps.

Documents Required to Apply for a Barbados Work Visa

There are a few documents you need when applying for a work visa. If you are applying for a long-term work visa, the documents might differ a little, and the consular authorities might request one or two additional documents, but generally, it is the same. All documents must be submitted in the English language.

The primary documents you need when applying are;

#1. Application Form

There are three kinds of Barbados work visa application forms;

  • The C-1 and C-2 application forms; are to be submitted together when applying for a long-term work visa.
  • The C-3 form; is to be submitted by your employer when applying for the short-term work visa on your behalf.

The application form will provide all your travel and personal details. First, ensure you have the suitable form and fill it out properly. When done, sign the form and go on to gather other required documents.

#2. Passport-Sized Photographs

When applying for the Barbados work visa, you’ll need to provide four (4) passport-sized photographs for your form. The photos must be the dimensions and color the embassy requires. It must also show your face thoroughly, including your ears.

#3. National Passport

Your national passport is the travel document your country issues you to identify you as its citizen when you get to Barbados or any other country. Usually, you have to submit the passport to the embassy so they can check your travel history and determine your eligibility. However, with the Barbadian consular authorities, you can submit a copy of your passport’s bio-data page.

Finally, your passport will only be considered valid if it has an expiry date up to six months beyond the length of the visa validity you are applying for.

#4. Cover Letter

When applying for this visa, your potential employer will write a letter to the Immigration Department of Barbados. In this letter, they will specify why a foreign national has to take up the position, proving that they are better suited to the position than a Barbadian national.

In addition, your employer will also state the nature of the business they run, how long you will be employed there, and the category of your employment.

#5. Police Report

This document is also known as a “Police Character Certificate”. You will get it from the police authorities in your country. However, if you have lived in more than one country in the past three (3) years, you must get one from each country where you’ve lived up to six (6) months.

The essence of this document is to look through your criminal records and determine whether or not you pose a threat to public safety in Barbados.

#6. Medical Report

You will need to take a few medical tests per the Barbados work visa application medical form. With each test, you fill in a part of the form. When it’s all done, attach the x-ray results to the form and submit it to the embassy with the rest of the documents.

#7. Offer Letter (Optional)

Sometimes, you may have to present your job offer letter as proof of funds. This will help the embassy determine that you can take care of your initial and settling expenses when you get to Barbados. It is safe to carry it with you, as the embassy may request especially for it.

#8. Character References

Next, you must provide two (2) character references for your application, two notable personalities who have worked closely with you and can attest to your qualities. Again, people mostly prefer to use past employers or academic advisors here.

#9. Business Licenses and Registration (Optional)

Finally, the embassy could sometimes request legal documents from the business you’re about to go and start working for. This will help them confirm that the said business is registered and licensed to operate in Barbados.

Visa Fees and Application Processing Time

The Barbados work visa costs about 300 BBD (Barbadian Dollars). You will make the payment to the bank details they provide and mail it to the embassy in the form of a bank draft, along with your other documents. Note that the embassy won’t process your application unless it comes with proof of payment.

Processing time for the Barbados work visa can take between one and three weeks. Hence, starting much earlier (at least a month earlier) is always wise to ensure you’re not affected by any procedural delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can your work in Barbados on a Tourist Visa?

No, you cannot partake in paid labor in Barbados with a tourist visa. To do that, you need to get a Barbados work visa. However, you can search for work in Barbados while on a tourist visa or any other short-stay visa.

#2. What are the most in-demand industries in Barbados?

Barbados has a robust, diverse economy. However, some of the most lucrative industries in the country are Tourism, Telecommunications, International Banking, Agribusiness, Manufacturing, etc.

#3. Is Barbados a good place to work?

Barbados is a great place to build a career. It is situated in the Atlantic and has access to lots of trading activities. It is also very safe and isn’t ridden by terrorism. Therefore, you don’t have

#4. What is the minimum wage in Barbados?

The minimum wage in Barbados is 8.50 BBD per hour. This was increased recently from the previous 6.50 BBD per hour.

#5. How much does the Barbados work permit cost?

If you prefer to use that currency, a Barbados work visa costs 300 BBD, or 450 ECD (Eastern Caribbean). Whether you’re from a visa-exempt country or not, you must get a work permit in Barbados.


Getting a Barbados work permit can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it. However, with the tips in this article, it should be no problem. So make sure to follow them and keep in contact with the Barbadian embassy in your country. They will guide you according to specific policies in your country.

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