Basement Sublease For Only Single Occupancy

Short accommodations will be acceptable for newcomers in Scarborough, Canada as there is currently an available Basement Sublease For Only Single Occupancy for individuals who intend getting an accommodation after landing.

The available 1 Bedroom Basement Sublease is a 1 Bedroom Basement which is a 2 Minute drive from Scarborough Town Centre. We are looking for a student/young professional to sublease or let a room in a 2 bedroom basement.

This basement in question includes the bedroom, kitchen, laundry room (furnace) and living room that will be all to yourself with no disturbance. Preferences are placed on Single Occupancy, Non-smoker and ultimately No use of Pets.

Additional Information for the Basement Sublease include:

  • Walk out basement so that there won’t need to climb stairs
  • Rent cost of $800
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Basement sublease is located at 66 Terryhill Crescent
  • Will be made available as from July 3 to October 3
  • Intended Lease Term is for 3 months
  • Internet facility Included: yes
  • House Utilities Included: yes
  • Furnished: yes
  • Available laundry On-Site: washer only
  • The situated area at 5 min bus ride to Scarborough Town Centre

You are advised to please note that this Basement Sublease is only available for three months and can be only rented out to ONE PERSON, but not an entire family or couples.