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BC College Of Optics, Canada

The predecessor to BC College of Optics was registered in 1984 and regulated by British Columbia’s Ministry of Education, Apprenticeship Branch. BC College Of Optics is a post-secondary training institution with British Columbia’s Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB). Holding classes in a 600 square foot facility in Vancouver, BC, our school soon outgrew its surroundings and moved to larger premises in 1988. Today the school premises exceed 2,600 sq.ft. and are centrally located in Surrey, BC very close to the ‘King George SkyTrain Station’. The college facility has been accredited since 1998. The college is located in Vancouver. The institution is a professional school that trains students in dispensing and fitting eyeglasses and contact lenses. They have highly qualified staff and their equipment is top notch. Students receive intensive job-oriented instructions that qualifies them for many interesting positions in BC’s optic industry. After graduation, the college assist with job placement through contact and comprehensive job board.

Program Offered In BC College Of Optics

  • Contact Lens Training Video(s) – Contact Lens Course
  • In-Office Modifications to Contact Lenses – Contact Lens Course
  • Interpreting the Patient’s Symptoms – Contact Lens Course
  • Ophthalmic Prisms, Edge & Centre Thickness, Cylinders not 90 apart, Vergence, Magnification – General Course
  • Patient Instruction and Management – Contact Lens Course
  • Principal Planes, Iseikonic Lenses, Lens Tilt – General Course
  • Vertex Distance and its Relation to Effective Power – General Course
  • Vertical Imbalance at the Reading Level, Slaboff & “R” segs – General Course

Tuition Offered In The College

BC College of Optics offers a single course of instruction covering Ophthalmic Dispensing & Contact Lens Fitting, plus the basics of optical lab. Our tuition fee for the entire program is $13,670.00, plus approx $450.00 for textbooks

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