How to become a Barber in Canada

Barbers are in high demand in Canada but you must have the right skills to be able to earn high!

To become a barber in Canada, you need to meet certain standards that would qualify you for the job. In essence, it is not enough to have the skills, you need to understand the entire demands of the job and the relevant policies guiding it.

You will also need to know if you are to obtain a license before you can practice your career as a professional barber in Canada. Although barbers and hairstylists are classified under the same category, our focus in on barbers and the services they provide.

Furthermore, barbers cut and style hair, in addition to other related services they perform. They can be employed in barber shops, vocational schools, health care facilities and theatres, film and television establishments, and many more. Do you want to know how to become a barber in Canada and establish contacts with top clients? This article will offer you the necessary details.

Barber Job Description Template

Below is a typical job description template for a barber employer in Canada:

We are seeking the services of a barber who will be committed to consulting with clients and ensuring that their hair-related needs are attended to. The duties of the barber include trimming, styling and tinting client’s hair according to the directives and preferences of the client.

They could also fit and groom hair extensions and billing clients. In most cases, the barber should provide suggestions and advice to clients.

Additionally, it will be your duty to provide quality facial hair grooming services to clients. To be a successful barber, sought-after barber, you must ensure to keep track of new and trendy hairstyles.

What are the job duties of a barber in Canada?

Also addressed as hairdressers, barbers in Canada perform different hairdressing duties majorly to male clients. Some of them are outlined below:

  • Welcome clients and discuss with them on their preferred hairstyles.
  • Cut and trim hair according to the directives or desires of the client
  • Cut and trim client’s beards and moustaches as well as other facial grooming
  • May wash down hair with shampoo as well as massage scalp with conditioner
  • Could offer any kind of hair treatment, including styling, tinting, waving, straightening, among others
  • Could provide hairstyle suggestions to clients.
  • May schedule meetings and special services with clients and order supplies
  • May tutor and take charge of other barbers or barber trainees.
  • Ensuring that combs, scissors, razors, and other instruments are cleaned and disinfected after each use.

What are the Job titles of a barber in Canada?

Below are the titles a barber can be addressed, depending on the job role:

  • barber apprentice
  • hairstylist apprentice
  • barber
  • hair colour technician
  • hairstylist

What are the related Occupations of a Barber in Canada?

Typically, a barber may excel in any of the following job roles:

  • esthetician, electrologist and related occupations
  • college and other vocational fields as an instructor

What are the Employment requirements for a Barber in Canada?

As a barber, this is what you typically need for the job in Canada.

  • Secondary school education or GED
  • Completion of a two-year apprenticeship or other barber programs
  • No formal education needed but may be substituted by on-the-job training and experience
  • Trade certification for barbers. This option may be needed but not compulsory in British Columbia and the Yukon.
  • Red Seal endorsement to show that you are qualified hairstylists, upon successful completion of the interprovincial Red Seal examination.

Other requirements include:

  • Excellent knowledge of latest hairstyles and trends.
  • The aptitude to obey instructions.
  • The ability to work while standing for longer periods.
  • Admirable communication skills.
  • Outstanding customer service abilities.

Professional certification and licensing of a Barber in Canada

There may be need for you to obtain a certification from a regulatory authority before you start functioning as a barber in your territory or province. As a result, you may have to find out if this profession is regulated in your province or territory.

What are the Critical Skills and Knowledge necessary to become a Barber in Canada?

The following skills and knowledge are typically necessary for you to become as a barber.


  • Management
  • Analyzing Information
  • Communication in form of promoting and selling; advising and consulting as well as teaching and training
  • Information Handling and processing
  • Creative Expression and designing
  • Reading, writing, numeracy and thinking
  • Document use
  • Oral communication


  • Business, Finance and Management
  • Client Service
  • Mathematics and Science
  • Digital technology

What are the Steps to become a Barber in Canada?

In Canada, each province has its own regulatory body that approves the licensing. To become a barber, you must acquire the suitable education and knowledge before you can get your license. Here are the steps to follow to enable you to easily become a barber in the country:

#1. Research available education and training to become a barber

You do not need to obtain a college or university education to become a barber in Canada but you must undergo a related training. Again, most hiring barbershops prefer you to complete a related program at an accredited college or university. Nevertheless, you can obtain your training through an apprentice program offered in your province to become a barber.

#2. Attend a barber school

Your next prompt to become a barber is to attend a barber or hairstylist training. Once you have identified the right education path, the next thing to do is to enroll in your chosen course or apprentice program.

Moreover, most schools in Canada offer practical training to enable you gain invaluable on-the-job experience to become a barber. This also entails that you complete a set of task within a set period.

#3. Obtain your License

Once you have completed 1600 hours (about 1-2 years) of apprenticeship, you will be eligible to take an exam through the right authority in your province to become a Red Seal Certified barber. Besides, this certification is valid anywhere in Canada, and with it, there is no limit to what you can become.

Similarly, there is no national regulatory body for barbers, except in the province of Ontario, with its separate union for barbers. Although becoming a licensed barber is not necessary, it will help you in your job search and also prove to your potential employer of your capability to perform the job.

Thus, you will need to send your application to the necessary association, together with your registration fee and educational transcript to become a licensed barber in Canada. Therefore, you can open your own barbershop, train new apprentices, become a creative director, work in film and TV, and much more.

Immigrate to Canada as a Barber

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a barber a skilled worker in Canada?

You can immigrate to Canada as a barber under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). The NOC code for barbers in Canada is 6341 with skill level or type is B. With this, you are eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

What is the job title for a barber?

A barber, in most cases, can also be addressed as a hairdresser

What top companies are recruiting for barber jobs in Canada?

The major companies that are hiring now for barber jobs are CABIN Barber & Gentlemen’s Supply, Lorcon Industries, The Village barber, Maverick Studio for Men, University of British Columbia, Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop, among others.

Are barbers in high demand in Canada?

Barbers are in high demand in all the provinces and territories of Canada, and as a highly-skilled professional, you can expect to earn between $72900 and $109500 per year!

Do you need a barber license to operate in Canada?

Becoming licensed as a barber is not a major criterion for the job. Nevertheless, it will help you during your job search and also demonstrate to would-be clients and employers that you meet the provincial criteria to become a barber.

What is a barber’s job description?

The major job description of a barber is to cut, trim and style their clients’ hair. They may also suggest hairstyles, wash their clients’ hair, and groom it after completing the cutting. In addition, most barbers may perform shop maintenance chores such as cleaning the instruments that they use and ordering more supplies when they encounter shortage.


Without a doubt, Canada is one of the best countries you can become a barber. All you need is to acquire the right skills and training to be able to practice.

Once you have the license to practice, you may choose to establish your own barbershop or work for an employer and get paid for what you do. Ensure you have the passion and interest to become a barber and not necessarily for other reasons.

In addition, if you are planning to immigrate to Canada as a barber, you may have to find out the possible pathways to enable you to apply for your permanent residency as soon as possible.