How to Become a Brand Ambassador in Canada in 7 steps

Find out how to be a brand ambassador in Canada in 7 simple steps.

In the past, brand ambassadors were mostly celebrities and public figures but recently it has become possible for anyone to become a brand ambassador in Canada.

A brand ambassador in Canada is someone who represents a particular product or brand. He/She is someone that people think of when they see a particular product or brand. A brand ambassador tells the world about a brand bringing the brand to the world.

Anyone can become a brand ambassador in Canada. However, he needs to understand the responsibilities of an ambassador, and the requirements to become an ambassador in Canada.

Is this career path right for you? Are you willing to become a brand ambassador in Canada? Let’s find out what it takes to be a brand ambassador in Canada, and if this career is the right one for you.

Who is a Brand Ambassador in Canada?

A brand ambassador in Canada is a person hired by an organization or a province in Canada, to show their brand in a positive light, and create awareness about it. The aim is to convince people to associate with the brand which could be a product, place, or service.

Responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador in Canada

A brand Ambassador has a big role to play in attracting positive attention to his brand. Here are some of the responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador in Canada.

Know your brand

It is very important that a Brand Ambassador should know the brand which he is representing. Knowing the brand also entails knowing the organization. It is a Brand Ambassador’s duty to understand the organization he is representing, taking note of important dates and other information about the brand that will make his job easier. This will help him to represent the brand positively.

Know your audience

A brand Ambassador should also know the people he wants to target as the consumers of his message, and where they can be found. For instance, a brand ambassador for liquor has no business creating awareness in a church or hospital. He can find his audience at a pub or restaurant.

Attend events

A brand Ambassador in Canada should be able to use any opportunity he gets, to promote his brand. If there are events that pull crowds, a brand ambassador should be in the middle of that crowd, sharing flyers and souvenirs, and other promotional content. However, if there are no events, he can create one.

A casual outing for drinks at a pub is an opportunity for him to engage people around, and convince them to purchase or like what he has to offer.

Create online content

A brand ambassador in Canada can connect with his customers online, and create awareness of his brand through various means. Also, he can write an article about the brand, post an image or song about it, or even do a live video of him talking about the brand.

Take part in brainstorming sessions

A brand ambassador can be a member of the company’s marketing team. This is an advantage because this means he will be one of the people who develop strategies and ideas about the brand.

Act as a middleman between the company and the customer

A brand ambassador is responsible for giving the company information about customers’ responses to the brand. How can he get this information? He can get them through the comments sessions on his online communication, through direct and verbal comments from his target audience, through sales data, and through the buying habit of his audience.

Talk about his brand

The most important part of his job is talking. He must be able to talk about his brand at any opportunity he gets. He should be an opinion leader in his network.

In addition, he should be knowledgeable enough for people to consult him when they want to know about the brand he is representing.And should also promote the brand through his social media channels.

Is a brand ambassador a good career in Canada?

Canada is a land of opportunities where people are able to create sources of income for themselves. Many organizations in Canada have products or brands to sell, and audiences to reach out to.

This requires the role of brand ambassadors. A brand ambassador is a person who will create awareness about the brand, and convince people to buy what the company is selling.

Job prospects for brand ambassadors

A brand ambassador can work in the marketing department of an organization. He can also be employed on a contract basis, to work with the sales and marketing team of the organization.

Furthermore, he or she can work as a freelancer offering his services for an agreed period of time, to any employer that wants his products to reach the desired market.

What is the salary of brand ambassadors in Canada?

Most brand ambassadors work hourly, and their salaries vary from one organization to the other. The hourly salary for a brand ambassador is between $10 and $17.55.

Is there any career growth for a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador can grow in his chosen career, just like any other profession, but unlike most professions, a brand ambassador may have it tougher. This is because a brand ambassador may have just a year or two, to represent a particular brand.

It is not a permanent job but if he does it well, other brands will be waiting for him to represent. Therefore, he has to make each brand to get the desired effect.

Career growth for a brand ambassador in Canada

Entry-level Brand Ambassador. This is a period of about 2 years in which he will start off a new career as a brand ambassador. He may require only a bachelor’s degree at this stage.

Advanced Brand Ambassador. After the entry-level, he may advance in his career with additional education, a Master’s Degree in a related field, or special certifications.

Field Marketing Manager. Sometimes, this is the next step for a brand ambassador. The Field Manager is more of deskwork and requires him to coordinate marketing activities for the brand, as well as brand education. He can also advance to working on marketing campaigns and events packaging.

Brand Consultant. After years of being an ambassador of a particular brand, a brand ambassador will become so knowledgeable about a brand that the organization may consult him for his superior knowledge, concerning the brand or other brands. He becomes a brand consultant.

What are the benefits of a brand ambassador?

Brand ambassadors offer many benefits to their employers. For one, they give the brand a boost and positively influence sales. Here’s a list of other benefits of a brand ambassador.

Brand ambassadors protect your image

Brand ambassadors are trusted. This means that whatever a brand ambassador says is believable. A brand ambassador is an image-maker and a public relations representative for your brand. In a situation where a company or brand’s reputation is in doubt, a brand ambassador can change public opinion by defending the brand.

To be able to do this, he has to be knowledgeable about the brand. He also has to be someone that his audience can trust.

Brand ambassadors give the brand a human face

People like to buy products that they can associate with a person. In order words, people do not want to buy faceless products. When a brand ambassador identifies with a product, people will buy it knowing that someone has used it and can testify that it is good.

Brand ambassadors make use of the social media

A brand ambassador has his own social media circle where he will reach out to people about your brand. These are people who may not be reached through other forms of advertising. Remember too, that these are people who already trust and believe what he says.

Brand ambassadors help your brand grow

A brand ambassador works for you, to grow your brand especially if it is a new brand. His job is to give your brand a good image by reaching the right audience.

Brand ambassadors direct traffic to your website

Most brand ambassadors have their blogs or websites. They can link to your company, and increase traffic to your own website.

By so doing, they will reach audiences that you may not be able to.

Steps to becoming a brand ambassador in Canada

Step 1. Find your area of focus

As a brand ambassador, what product or service do you want to represent? For example, do you want to be a brand ambassador for a clothesline, a beauty line, or for a cause like gender equality? Companies or organizations search for brand ambassadors that have similar interests as theirs. If you focus on gender equality, NGOs will want to work with you. If you focus on a clothesline, clothes designers will want to work with you.

You can search the profiles of companies that you are interested in. Find out if you have similar interests. Find out what they want in a brand ambassador.

Step 2. Develop a clear personality

Brand ambassadors have followers because of their personality. People like and identify with this personality, and they follow you. When you find a company or organization that you want to represent, make sure that your personality matches its values.

Step 3. Create content

It is important for you to create content that identifies your focus. For instance, if you are hoping to represent a clothesline, create content about clothing. Make it consistent, and be available to answer questions and discuss it further, with your followers. Your content should be interesting, informative, and educative.

When you get likes and comments about your post, you will attract more followers, and possibly the brand you want to represent.

Step 4. Create more content

Make it a habit to always have something new on your blog. This will keep your audience constantly interested in your blog, and they will always return for something new and interesting. When your audience likes what you do, you will get a loyal fan base. This will prove to your potential employers that you have a real influence on people.

Step 5. Be a volunteer

This is one way to increase your followership. You can find a cause to volunteer for and invite people to join you on it. Make it public, and post pictures to prove it. This will generate comments and likes.

Look for opportunities where you can be active in an event. This will boost your public image and attract the brand you want.

Step 6. Get qualifications

Although there is no specific qualification for the job of brand ambassador, it would be good to get a diploma or degree, or even certification in marketing or any other related field. It will boost your value.

Step 7. Contact your preferred brand

By now, you know the brand you want to promote. Why not take the next step and find out if the organization is looking for brand ambassadors?

Simply go through the company websites or social media pages. You can drop a message on their pages and indicate your desire to promote them. If they are interested, they will get in touch with you.

A word of advice – never give up. If they are not interested today, they will be, tomorrow. If not, some other brand would want you.

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School program to become a brand ambassador

A brand ambassador is generally required to hold a high school diploma or a GED. Different organizations may require certain degrees.

However, a degree in Communications, Marketing, or other Liberal Arts would be an advantage. Also, undergraduate or technical school courses in Marketing and Public Speaking, are an additional advantage.

Is work experience required as a brand ambassador?

Most brand ambassadors start as customer service representatives. Whether work experience is required, depends on the organization that wants to employ the services of a brand ambassador. Most organizations only just require you to have adequate online followership. Of course, you are required to have a strong social media presence on relevant social media platforms.

For instance, if you want to represent a clothing brand, you should be seen as active in social media circles where fashion is being discussed. If you want to be an advocate for gender equality, find platforms that discuss this issue, and participate actively.

Does the brand ambassador require any professional certification?

Professional certifications would definitely boost a brand ambassador’s chances of getting a job. Some of the professional certifications are:

  • Certified Sales Professional (CSP)
  • Professional Certified Marketer (PCM)
  • Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS)
  • Accreditation in Public Relations (PR)
  • Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP)

Frequently Asked Questions

What other qualities of a brand ambassador in Canada?

A brand ambassador should be friendly and should genuinely care about people and their feelings. He should always find ways to connect with the people he wants to influence. He should find something likable in anyone he meets, knowing that these are people he wants to sell a brand to.


Being a brand ambassador in Canada is fascinating and hard work. To be a successful brand ambassador, you have to believe in yourself and love what you do. You also have to know your brand. You cannot sell a brand to someone if you do not understand it and believe in it. It is only when you know your brand, and believe in it, that you can truly be an ambassador of the brand.