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How to Become a Builder In Canada in 7 Steps

You may enjoy working with your hands while you desire to make a living out of it. However, knowing how to become a builder in Canada will draw you a step closer to your passion. And we’re here to help!

In this article, you will learn who a builder is, the typical services offered by builders, the duties of a builder, how to become a builder in seven simple steps, the skills you need to become a professional builder, as well as the salary and job outlook of a builder.

Who is a builder?

A builder is a professional constructor who supervises and plans significant construction projects on offices, homes, and other buildings. They can manage large-scale renovations for existing buildings, plan sites for new custom houses, complete property excavations, and oversee demolition.

Builders are often self-employed, while some work for construction companies and home-building businesses. If you’re a builder, you’ll be involved with every aspect of construction, from hands-on construction to coordinating subcontractors. However, you can specialize in building some specific types of homes.

Standard services offered by builders in Canada

There may be different types of builders specializing in various buildings and construction. However, this is the most common service offered by builders in Canada

  • Designing floor plans
  • Laying foundation
  • Framing and carpentry
  • Setting up electric and gas
  • HVAC services
  • Installing insulation and drywall

Duties of a builder

Without a doubt, builders have different duties during a building project. This is major because builders have a leadership role in matters of construction. You will have to share your expertise with clients to coordinate every form of a complex project to create an attractive and safe building. Some of the tasks you will have to carry out as a builder include

  • Interviewing and hiring contractors
  • Calculating quotes for clients
  • Coordinating with architects
  • Bookkeeping and budgeting
  • Overseeing inspections
  • Managing payroll
  • Operating heavy machinery
  • Setting up construction sites
  • Ordering and distributing supplies
  • How to become a builder

How to Become a Builder In Canada in 7 Steps

To be outstanding, you shouldn’t just learn how to become a builder in Canada but how to become a successful one. Besides, we are here to serve you the best steps to take to become the best of the best.

In these few steps, you will learn how to become a successful builder in Canada and one of the top ones. Follow us on this:

Step one: Earn a degree

Are you looking forward to speeding up your chances of getting hired? Then get a degree. Although getting a former education is not compulsory for builders, it can help you speed up the process of earning a job.

Earn a research degree program in construction management, or construction science, is one way to become a builder in Canada to help you broaden your knowledge about the practices of builders.

You can develop industrial connections while earning your undergraduate degree to advance your career and build your skills to move into a managerial position when you are through with your education.

You may study architecture, urban planning, construction safety, construction materials, project management, building, engineering, mechanical systems, and construction estimating.

Step two: Build work experience in construction

Another step is knowing that before becoming a legitimate builder, you must gain valuable experience in the construction industry. It doesn’t matter if you started as a construction manager or worker. However, if you dedicate yourself to learning the hands-on aspect of house building, you will excel in your career as a builder.

You should try to shadow entry-level construction workers even if you go to college to start a managerial role. Shadowing entry-level construction workers will help you better understand the role of construction.

Also, no matter how late it is, try to apply for jobs where you can build homes and renovate houses with an experience builder so that you can learn from them. The deal is that you are better prepared if you gain more work experience in various environments. This will help you build your career as a builder!

Step three: Take courses in Business

Taking a course in business is the next step after building work experience in construction. Undoubtedly, business and administrative tasks are one of the roles of a builder. Hence, along with your hands-on construction work, you should take a course to help you grow into an expert in handling business.

Taking courses in business will expand your view and understanding of settling issues that pertain to selecting suppliers, working with clients, managing employees, and budgeting. This will empower you and make you grow into making intelligent decisions and cultivating financial success.

Step four: Familiarise with building codes

Assuring and ensuring that constructions meet the code of health and safety is one of the functions of a Builder. Therefore, you need to get used to your area’s zoning, building, and safety codes. You will be better prepared at the start of every project if you understand where you can build and what standard you are better at making a particular construction.

Also, getting to know codes will protect you from liabilities and ensure you build safe homes for your clients.

Step five: Apply for a contractor’s or builder’s license

After familiarising myself with the building code, the next step to becoming a builder in Canada is to apply for a contractor or builder license. Note that the license requirements for each state differ for construction professionals. So, ensure to meet the needs specific to your state.

You might need to get a license because some job opportunities you will see might make specific requirements for on-the-job experience in home building and construction. So it is better to take a state license exam and register with the state board so that you can offer to build services to the public without obstruction.

Step six: Get additional certification

One of the best steps to attract more clients is having a specialty in multiple fields as a builder. When you earn more certifications, youIn addition, you can learn more about construction, such as land surveying or electrical wiring.

You can also get certification in subjects like green energy, workplace safety, large machinery operation, and lots more.

Step seven: Get to know other construction professionals

The last step to becoming a builder in Canada is to join a professional network and organization to develop needs for potential clients and job opportunities.

Verily, you should develop trusted and quality relationships with professionals like plumbers, carpenters, and electricians to collaborate on the building project. This is to develop a reputation among construction companies and hold consistent quality for your clients.

Skills you need to be a professional Builder

You will need a high level of technical skills because you will have to build a structure that will last for a long time. Here are some of the primary skills you need to build to be successful as a builder

  • Teamwork skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Planning skills
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Physical strength
  • Financial management

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Salaries and Job Outlook of builders in Canada

On average, you will earn a salary of about $50,000 in a year. But as you gain more work experience, you will get to raise your earning potential. Also, when you take on larger projects or specialize in a type of building, you will generate more income opportunities.

Know that construction is in high demand and is a growing field that will increase as many people want to build homes and upgrade their houses and offices. The bureau of labor services has estimated an increase of 5% in builders’ jobs in the coming years. Therefore you can expect a high demand for your skill as a builder in the nearest future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to qualify as a builder in Canada?

Basically, within 3-4 years, you should be a builder with certification. However, you can consider changing employers to gain the necessary skills from different persons while completing your apprenticeship.

What are the jobs that a builder does?

Builders carry out the repair, maintenance, construction, remodeling, and renovation work in the commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential sectors.

What is a builder called?

A builder is also known as a construction worker specializing in building construction. A general contractor who specializes in building work or a carpenter who is a craftsman who works with wood

What is the best software for constructing and making designs for building construction?

Typically, the best 5 Home Design and Construction Design Software are

  • Vectorworks Architect and Vectorworks Designer.
  • SketchUp
  • AutoCAD
  • DataCAD
  • Revit


Knowing how to become a builder in Canada is essential in achieving your dreams and aims in construction work. We have provided the seven steps to make you a successful and accomplished builder in Canada.

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