How to Become a Bumble Ambassador in 4 Steps

Learn how to become a Bumble ambassador in Canada 4 simple steps.

First of all, before we start to tell you how to become a Bumble ambassador, it will be good if you understand what a brand ambassador is and why you can become one. Oftentimes, a brand ambassador is misplaced with an influencer. However, why a brand ambassador carries the brand every time, an influence can only post about the brand as they wish. So, brand ambassadors are representatives of a company or brand name. They work as marketers of a particular brand.

So, the question is, why will y become a brand ambassador? Of course, you will get rewarded as a brand ambassador. However, your reward varies depending on the company or brand. Becoming a brand ambassador also helps you get some exposure and recognition, primarily through social media. So, becoming a brand ambassador has many benefits and can get you more job opportunities in the future.

Meanwhile, in this post, our aim is to expose you to how to become a Bumble ambassador and represent the brand in the social media community or in campus. You will also learn about the benefits of being a Bumble ambassador and the various opportunities it can bring to you in the future.

What is Bumble?

Bumble is a dating app based in Austin. It was established in 2014, however, in 2016, it launched its international campus rep program which allows students in various colleges to become its ambassadors. It was established for women by women and allows campus ladies to meet with people. Over the years, it has grown into one of the most successful dating apps in the world including Canada.

Who is a Bumble ambassador?

A Bumble ambassador in Canada is a person hired by Bumble in Canada, to show their brand in a positive light, and create awareness about it. The aim is to convince people to associate with the brand which could be a product, place, or service.

Bumble ambassadors also known as honeys have the responsibility of advertising Bumble on social media, participating in community outreach, and planning events.

Responsibilities of Bumble ambassadors in Canada

Being a Bumble ambassador means that you will represent the brand whenever and wherever necessary. There are many ways to do which include:

As a Bumble ambassador in Canada, it is your primary duty to advertise the brand on social media. Today, social media has become the best advertisement platform. Therefore, as a Bumble ambassador, you must have an online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Through this, you will let people know about Bumble and its benefits. You will also make them know the reason why they should download and use the app.

Participate in community outreach

Another way to perform your task as a Bumble ambassador is by participating in community outreach. Community outreach is a way of creating an awareness of the brand to the public. Therefore, as a Bumble ambassador, it is one of your responsibilities to participate in community outreaches organized by the Bumble community.

Plan and host events for Bumble

You can be creative as a Bumble ambassador. One of the ways of showing your creativity is by planning and hosting events for Bumble. You can host a private party where you can create awareness about Bumble. While some honeys host their party off-campus, others host it at the sorority houses.

Why Become a Bumble ambassador in Canada?

There are many reasons to become a Bumble ambassador. Apart from the salary, it is a fun thing to do. Many Bumble ambassadors end up getting more connections that help them in the future. From exposure to field experience, being a Bumble ambassador has a lot of benefits for you. The following are the benefits of being a Bumble ambassador.

1. A good job prospect

One of the reasons to become an ambassador in Canada is because of the prospect the job offers. Bumble is not just a dating app, it is one of the best. Being a Bumble ambassador means that you represent a global company. Thus, you have the prospect of representing the brand anywhere in the world. This also offers you the opportunity to meet new people who can offer you good connections.

2. Get paid for having fun

Imagine getting paid for doing what you love. That is what Bumble does. You don’t just get paid to be a Bumble ambassador in Canada, rather, you get well paid. That is the difference. Moreover, you must work for full-time, thus, you can combine it with other activities. The average salary of a Bumble ambassador in Canada is $25 per hour.

3. Get more connections

Being a Bumble ambassador not only gets you paid, it also helps you to get connected to the big names in the industry. As an ambassador of the brand, you will meet top people from other companies who will love you to become their ambassadors as well. Thus, you can work for both companies and get paid. However, you must work as a freelancer.

4. More than dating

Bumble has become more than just a dating app. It is now an app where students especially Honeys can meet new people for business purposes. So, if you are a Bumble ambassador, it is a new opportunity for you to connect with people who can help you to grow in the future.

5. Get more experience as a brand ambassador

If you are a Bumble ambassador today, you may like to pursue a career as a brand ambassador. So, your days as a Bumble ambassador will give you both exposure and experience that you may news to be successful in the industry.

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How to become a Bumble ambassador in 4 easy steps

Step 1. Be passionate about Bumble

The first thing to do if you want to know how to become a Bumble ambassador in Canada is to be passionate about Bumble. You can be passionate in many ways. First, you can talk about the values and benefits of Bumble. Secondly, you can interact with Bumble through social media like Facebook and Twitter. This way, you get to know the brand better.

Step 2. Fill out the application form

Another step to take is to fill out an application form. In this form, you must answer all the personal questions including why you want to become a Honey.

Step 3. Create a good social media presence

To be a good brand ambassador, especially in the modern day, your social media presence matters a lot. You must not be the most popular, but you must be able to show your content creation skills. This is because all brands including Bumble care so much about their social media presence. It is like a competition and the more conversant you are with social media, the more qualified you become.

Many companies like Bumble will like their ambassadors to use different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter. This will help to grow the reputation of the brand and in turn, build its online community.

Step 4. Participate in community outreach

Apart from having social media presence, it is good to participate in community programs for creating awareness of Bumble. It will be good to partner with local influencers, small businesses and on-campus organizations for speaking engagements, promotional events, merchandise distribution and more. Through this, you make people to know about Bumble.

You can include your community outreach in your application to let Bumble know that you have a great passion for the brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which course can help me to become a Bumble ambassador?

Bumble ambassadors do not require special education, rather a diploma or certificate in any field related to advertising and marketing may be needed.

Which work experience do I need as a Bumble ambassador?

You must not have experience before you can become a Bumble ambassador.

Do I need a professional certification to become a Bumble ambassador?

No, Bumble ambassadors do not need any special certification.


Finally, unlike before when you needed to be a public figure or celebrity to become a brand ambassador, today, only passion and determination is needed. However, you will need some basic skills that will make you stand out from others.

For instance, you need to be outspoken, you may also need to be social media friendly to succeed as a brand ambassador, especially for dating apps like Bumble. Once you have these basic skills, you will succeed as a Bumble ambassador.