How to become a Car Salesman in Canada in 4 Steps

A car salesman in Canada does not need so much before learning the rudiments of the job.

To become a car salesman in Canada is extremely rewarding. The most common question always asked by those who want to go into car dealership is “How much does a car salesman earn in Canada? This is a very critical question as the answer determines if the individual will proceed to become a car salesman or not.

That could be your case too. But never mind, we are not just going to answer the question, we are going to answer other questions that give insight on how you can become a car salesman in Canada, including step-by-step guide, pros and cons of becoming a car salesman and what a car salesperson does.

What does a car sales representative do?

Becoming a car salesman means you have to understand what’s in for you in the job. That is why you must know what you are required to do in the field. You will meet and greet customers when they arrive at the car dealership.

You will equally help the customer select the most suitable car by answering questions bothering on the perks and features of the car. Aside from that, you will test drive the car, negotiate on the price and also help the customer with trade-in and financial application paperwork.

What is more, to successfully carry out that, you may spend a considerable amount of time and effort, learning about different aspects of a car such as its make, model, mileage rates, features and functionality.

Besides, you must understand the various policies and procedures related to the purchase and lease of a car, including the financial aspects, how diverse loan institutions work and the type of offer they provide to potential customers.

What are the Pros and Cons of becoming a car Salesman in Canada?

There is so much to glean from working as a car salesperson. The dealership will determine what the negatives and positives will look like. Never mind, the down sides cannot be compared with the perks of the business. So, here we go!

What are the perks of becoming a car salesman in Canada?

Some of the beautiful sides of selling cars in Canada include the following:

  1. Income: You are the one to determine your income and how much to make from each car sales.
  2. Staff price reduction: You will enjoy a great staff price reduction any time you want to get one for yourself. In the same way, you will receive a free ‘demo’ car to drive every now and then.
  3. Wear different outfit: If you are a fashion lover, due to the nature of your career, you will get to sample different kinds of glamorous wear.
  4. Doing what you love. If you are an auto enthusiast, it is an opportunity for you to talk about cars to people and educate people on different kinds of brands. It is also a way of connecting to people and networking. Moreover, you will get to help people by answering some of their questions about cars.
  5. Qualification: You do not have to earn a university degree to be able to shine in this field. Most of the skills you will acquire are learnt on the job.

What are the hitches of becoming a car salesman in Canada?

Although there is a lot to enjoy about selling cars, there are a few drawbacks to the business. Some of them are:

  1. Working under pressure. Most employers do not care how difficult it is to make sales. Since they are paying you, they expect the turnover to be high.
  2. Working on weekends. While most jobs require five days a week, car sales is almost an everyday business and you must show up for your customers. And it is worse when you have to work late on weekends.
  3. Uncertain paychecks. Sometimes, you don’t get to make the sales, despite your efforts in getting a customer. It is even worse if you are new and lack experience.
  4. Customer calls you always. Whenever the customer’s car breaks down, they may turn to you first before a mechanic. You will have to pick the calls, anyway.

How much does a car salesman make in Canada?

Typically, the least amount a car salesman can make in a month is $2000. The pay structure is majorly based on commission and bonuses. Equally, the average commission is 25% of the gross profit made on the sale of each vehicle. However, it may be slightly lower or higher, depending on the car brand you sold.

Additionally, the aim of the bonus structure is to reward high performer. That is mostly, dependent on the number of car you are able to convince customers to buy in a month.  Therefore, you must meet certain targets to be able to earn your bonuses, unlike commission that is based on the sales of each car.

What are the requirements of becoming a car salesperson in Canada?

To kick-off your career as a car salesman in Canada, you need to possess certain qualifications. Majorly, the minimum qualifications for an entry-level position include:

  1. A high school diploma
  2. Experience in retail sales
  3. Computer literacy

Aside from the above, you may find out the laws governing car dealership in the province you are working in Canada. This is because each province has its laws and the procedure to become registered and licensed.

Besides, you need to take a compulsory course to enable you to obtain your certification. The course focuses on car salesperson in Canada and what it entails, including your legal responsibility.

Steps to become a good car salesman in Canada

Without a doubt, car sales representative plays an invaluable role in the auto industry as well as the general profitability of a car dealership. If you want to be a car salesperson in Canada, it is essential for you to follow the steps below:

  1. Earn a high school diploma or GED

To become a car salesman in Canada, you do not need to have so much educational qualifications. But it is essential to possess a minimum of secondary education. However, you can go for your bachelor’s degree in finance or business if you want to become a car sales manager.

  1. Gain relevant work experience

Often, you need to possess some experience in sales to make the journey easier for you. You can gain experience in insurance, mobile phone, real estate and retail sales before applying for a car salesperson. The experience will help you to succeed in your career.

  1. Get hired by a car dealer

Once you have obtained the relevant work experience, your next step is to find a job in a car dealership. You can search online for openings or go local and inquire about job openings in your area. Ensure to be friendly, dress professionally and bring a copy of your resume, while going in search of a job.

  1. Get licensed and complete your training

Each province in Canada has their specifications for licensing and training. Ensure to find out how it is done in your area and do the right thing. Above all, you will need to show proof of personal auto insurance, a clean driving record and a clean criminal record.

How can you become a great car salesperson in Canada?

As an auto dealer, you need to possess some traits or behaviours that would separate you from others. If you must excel in your career, you must move from a good to a great car salesman. Here are a few things to help work the magic:

1. Know everything about car dealership

You must do your homework to understand the cars you have on your lot, including the features of each model and the financial deal.

2. Focus on solving problems

If a potential customer walks through your door or asks some question online, they are seeking answers. As a car salesman, you need to have an answer to almost all the questions surrounding your job. Be prepared to help buyers on their journey and find solution for every potential problem. Therefore, don’t wait for the problem to pop up before finding the answers.

3. Set yourself up for success

Organize yourself and put things the right way. You may get to mark your calendar always, just to make sure you keep time and meet schedules.

4. Be optimistic

Not to discourage you, but the job of a salesperson comes with a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes, you are setting records; other times, you are finding it difficult to make sales.

Sometimes, you get to convince a potential buyer at the snap of a finger, other times, you will have a close shave to making sales, but the customer would decline at the last minute. Oh, you cannot carry your setback over to the next customer.

So, your positive mindset and enthusiasm would keep you up and moving, just as it would help you to keep the alerts coming every now and then.

Additionally, strive to eliminate worries of where the next customer would come from. This would make the job lest stressful and fun.

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Skills a car salesperson should possess

As a car salesman in Canada, you need the following skills and more to excel:

  • Analytical – the ability to gather, evaluate and use data well.
  • Adaptability – the ability to respond to change easily as applicable
  • Communication – the ability to spread and receive information without bias
  • Customer service – the ability to understand and respond to the needs of the customer as well as create positive experience
  • Negotiation – the ability to reach a compromise with another party, even though you have conflicting ideas
  • Interpersonal – the ability to have a positive interaction with other people
  • Teamwork – the ability to work with others to achieve a common goal
  • Financial – the ability to make clever and positive financial decisions
  • Listening – the ability to receive messages and quickly read in between the lines.
  • Motivation – the ability to encourage oneself and others to work towards accomplishing a task, regardless of how tedious.
  • Persuasion – the ability to influence another person to do your bidding

What is the work environment like for a car salesman in Canada?

A car salesperson typically spends his time both indoors and outdoors. Many dealerships exhibit their cars outside.

That means, when a customer is around, the car salesman may have to be outside, showing the cars to customers. However, they can be inside for other times, working in the office. It is a matter of where the duty calls.

What is the work schedule for a car sales representative in Canada?

Often, a car salesman works full-time, which is an average of 40 hours per week. The schedule may also fluctuate, depending on the situation at hand. But on a typical day, they work between 9 am and 5 pm.

Sometimes, they work all through the weekend. There are times they may work at nights too. It all depends on when a customer makes a demand.


Becoming a car salesman in Canada requires you to meet certain standards and demands. You have all it takes to become one but ensure to do your calculations first.