How to Become a Flight Attendant in Canada

Becoming a flight attendant in Canada is one of the most rewarding decisions you can make.

To become a flight attendant in Canada, you must be ready to offer optimum customer service to your customers. In addition, you must be willing to maintain safety regulations on passenger flights. To work as a flight attendant can be a dream come true for many and they can make the best career out of it. This is especially true if you enjoy lending helping hands to others as well as if you delight in travelling.

Have you been wondering what you can do as a flight attendant in Canada? This article will deal with every issue regarding the topic. We will discuss who a flight attendant is, what they do, how much they earn and the steps you can become a flight attendant in Canada. Keep reading!

Who is a Flight Attendant?

Flight attendants are part of the team and cabin crew that control and handle the aircraft. They are specifically trained for the aircraft they will be working on. This is because different aircraft are built differently and also different airlines have their precise safety protocols for the aircraft. As a result, the flight attendants would be able to communicate emergency plans to customers when applicable.

A flight attendant is, for the most part, involved in customer services and maintaining the safety of customers for the duration of a flight. They must as well ensure the comfort and satisfaction of the customers throughout the flight.

You have what it takes to become a flight attendant in Canada if you can mirror the Canadian values of affection and empathy towards the passengers. You must also be safety conscious to reflect the professional image necessary to handle a flight.

What are the duties of flight attendants in Canada?

The major role of a flight attendant is to manage the safety of passengers. They must as well provide top-notch customer services to the travellers.

Besides, they interact with a different set of people in the course of their job, although they have been trained for that. The aircraft captain ensures to debrief the flight attendants and other crew members before the take-off of the flight.

The debriefing process includes information regarding the weather, safety concerns and other important information necessary for the success of the flight. If there would be any special requests from the VIP passengers in the flight, flight attendants must ensure to give them special attention.

Again, before the aircraft takes off, the flight attendant inspects it to be certain it is in good shape to make the flight. If there is any equipment that is not functioning well, they ensure to replace it and work on anyone that needs servicing. Following the boarding of the aircraft, they help travellers find their seats and authenticate their tickets.

They also check for suspicious behaviours in travellers. In addition, flight attendants show travellers how to find emergency equipment and their proper usage in case of any emergency. That said, they instruct the travellers on the right way of using oxygen masks, safety vests and other emergency tools.

Is being a Flight Attendant for Everyone?

Although a great career, being a flight attendant is not for everyone. Some people may not be able to fit into the demands of the job. Also, since everyone’s value system is not exactly the same, the requirements of the job may not match your goals, lifestyle and values. For instance, if you must do the job well, you must be able to fit into the demands below:

  • Work hours: The conventional work hours for a flight attendant is not the usual 9-5 work hours. You may find yourself working round the clock on some days. The night, weekday and holiday shifts that characterize the job may not be favourable to you.
  • Pressure: The job requires pressure. And so, you must be able to withstand any form of pressure while going about your job. You will equally experience tight schedules and must stick to time always. So, if you are looking for an easy job, becoming a flight attendant in Canada may not offer you that.
  • Meeting people of various backgrounds: Sometimes, you may meet passengers who are frustrated, tired or cranky and maybe looking for someone to transfer their aggression on. No matter the situation, you are expected to be at your best. Hey, this does not mean that every traveller has a disgusting lifestyle or that you would meet negative people every day. Some days are different, you know.

What are the steps to becoming a Flight Attendant in Canada?

Becoming a flight attendant is one of the easiest things to do if you can follow the right steps. Here, we have outlined the steps for you:

  1. Finish your education

Becoming a flight attendant requires educational qualifications. Thus, you must possess at least a secondary school education or GED. This also means that you are at least 18 years. More so, it is not compulsory to have an undergraduate degree to become a flight attendant in Canada.

However, if you must get that, you should look towards hospitality and tourism, international relations, communications and relevant programs to make you stand out in your job search. Additionally, you may attend an aviation school where you will learn the details of becoming a flight attendant in Canada. Impressively, it does not take more than one year to graduate from the school.

  1. Gain work experience

Because the job requires much competition, you will need to arm yourself with relevant work experience to keep up with the competition. You should have enough experience in customer service roles in fields like hospitality or retail.

Skills like communication, problem-solving, travelling, the ability to work under tight schedules, etc. must be mastered by you too.

  1. Meet other basic requirements for recruitment

Apart from the above, you must be able to meet other minimum conditions. Some airlines insist that every of their flight attendant must reach a certain height in case they need to grab a piece of equipment on top. You must be medically fit, able to lift luggage, comfortable in pushing refreshment cart or heavy food ad also able to stay calm during the unrest.

  1. Practice Canadian values

It is not enough to possess certain values. If you cannot practice them, then, it may not matter if you possess them. The duty of a flight attendant is akin to that of a brand ambassador of the country. Therefore, to become a flight attendant in Canada, you must be warm and hospitable and also care for customers compassionately.

The customers must have a memory of a good experience on the flight and only you can make it possible. You must likewise be classy and stylish. Having a sense of humour will not be a bad idea too.

  1. Demonstrate language fluency

It is very important that you must be highly skilled in speaking English or French. You may as well speak both and also one of the languages of the countries served by the airlines.

For instance, the ability to speak English and French as well as German, Korean, Mandarin, Danish or Spanish, may stand you out during your job interview. This is because being fluent in a particular language helps you to serve customers well in that language.

You will also meet other flight crews from different parts of the world in the course of your job and your ability to communicate freely with them is valuable.

      6. Meet Canadian regulatory requirements

To work in any of the Canadian airlines, you must meet certain conditions. Firstly, you must either be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.

In addition, you must possess visas for the countries where company planes take off and land. Also, the government of Canada made it compulsory that a newly recruited flight attendant in Canada must pass the standard flight training program by Transport Canada. this program assesses your awareness of airline safety equipment, evacuations and other emergency codes of behaviour.

Aside from the above, it is necessary for you to pass a meticulous criminal background check. Hence, you must receive security clearance from the government of Canada to access limited areas of the airports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a flight attendant in Canada?

If you are to take a course in flight attendance, you may expect to spend at least 54 weeks in school. Since you are looking forward to serving international clients, it is necessary to take some programs to enhance your productivity. You may also study them in colleges or universities but if you want an express training that would focus just on the job, then, you should go to an aviation school.

How much does a Flight attendant make in Canada?

On average, a flight attendant’s salary in Canada is around $45,533 per year or $23.35 per hour. Also, entry-level positions earn around $29,000 per year, while the take-home of most workers with longer experience may be around $53,021 per year.

Do you need a Canadian passport to be a flight attendant?

Yes, becoming a flight attendant in Canada requires you to have a valid Canadian passport or visa for the countries where your company planes may take off and land.

Do you have to be pretty before you can become a flight attendant?

Although one’s looks are not everything, they are important. Nevertheless, what is more, important in becoming a flight attendant is for you to be presentable.


Being a flight attendant is a valuable career decision you may make in life. The job gives you access to meeting world-class citizens and certain people you ordinarily would not have met. It also offers a great pay, with a stunning lifestyle many people look forward to enjoying.

Besides, the job is adventurous, and you get to interact with people a lot, leaving you with fantastic memories.