5 Steps to Become a Human Resource Manager in Canada

Checkout these 5 steps on how to become a human resource manager in Canada!

The steps to become a human resource manager in Canada are simple, if followed strictly success is achievable.

Apparently, the demand for human resource manager in Canada will continue to increase because of their job roles.

Evidently, all private organizations, provincial and federal government agencies in Canada need human resource manager to fill in vacant positions.

So it is advisable to increase your research speed on how to become a human resource manager in Canada.

Considerably human resource manager entry level in Canada earn C$50,000 and above yearly while the experienced earn above C$70,000 yearly.

without a doubt, the job for the profession in Canada has good prospects because you can easily progress career-wise if you are determined. Most importantly the steps to becoming a human resource manager in Canada aren’t much and can easily be worked on.

Progressively, you will get informed about who a resource manager is, Job responsibilities, NOC, if the profession requires practising license. Also benefits and steps on how to become a human resource manager in Canada and answers to frequently asked questions.

let get to know who a human resource manager is in Canada.

Who is a human resource manager in Canada?

Is a person who is qualified to handle organization’s routine functions like hiring, conducting interviews, enforcing company policies and regulations. in addition, human resource managers ensures welfares package such salaries, overtime, leave and other benefits of employees are pay accordingly.

Obviously, a high school graduates can’t become a human resource manager in Canada officially, minimum of Bachelor degree is required.

How about knowing about the Canadian national occupation code and the job responsibility?

National occupation code (NOC) for HR managers in Canada

Basically, when you become a human resource manager in Canada you will discharge your responsibilities in accordance to NOC.

So, the NOC for human resource manager in Canada is 0112, job responsibilities outside this code won’t be permitted for you.

Note Human resource recruitment officers and professionals don’t work under this NOC because their duties and responsibilities differ. Find below the job responsibilities and duties of a human resource manager in Canada.

Job responsibilities of HR manager in Canada

Aside from Plan, organising, directing, controlling and evaluate operations of human resources or personnel departments other duties are listed below:

  • You will in collaboration with other departmental managers plan human resource requirements for the organization.
  • In charge of co-coordinating internal and external training and recruitment activities.
  • Develop and implement labor relations policies and procedures and negotiate collective agreements.
  • Administer employee development, language training and health and safety programs.
  • Provide advice and assistance to other departmental managers on the interpretation and administration of personnel policies and programs.
  • Oversee the classification and rating of occupations.
  • Organize and conduct employee information meetings on employment policy, benefits and compensation and participate actively on various joint committees.
  • Direct the organization’s quality management program
  • Ensure compliance with legislation such as the Pay Equity Act.

Moving ahead, knowing about the job prospect and other benefits attached to becoming a human resource manager will be advantageous.

Why is Human resource manager career a good one in Canada?

Probably, career progression is one doubt affecting your plan on how to become a human resource manager in Canada. we can sure you, with the continuous expansion of jobs and advancement in technology, human resource jobs are also diversifying progressively.

Facts checked shows that artificial intelligence, data analyst, gig economy, remote work practices and other digital occupations need HR manager.

In addition, the salary of human resource managers is considerably high when compared to some profession in Canada. Certainly, you will be able to earn much higher and progress career-wise if you specialize in some advanced HRM courses.

It might interest you to know likely places to work while warming up on becoming an HR manager in Canada.

Where do HR manager work in Canada

You should focus more on completing your academic programs as soon as possible and acquiring professional certificates.

Potentially, places to work in Canada as a human resource manager are numerous because virtually all organization needs an HR manager.

Undoubtedly, both public and private organizations that needs to employ people and also manage their affairs need human resource manager. Examples of places human resources can work are listed below:

  • hospitals
  • hotels
  • manufacturing companies ,
  • banks ,
  • online companies ,
  • Telecommunication companies.

Most importantly, let’s get to know the basic steps on how to become an HR manager in Canada.

5 steps on how to become a human resource manager in Canada

There are steps you need to follow to become a successful human resource manager in Canada progressively.

Firstly, you need to complete the basic academic programs in human resource management so you need at least bachelor degree. The bachelor degree needed to become a resource manager in Canada is in some relevant courses or fields listed below.

  • Human Resource Management
  • Economics
  • Business Administration.

Additional professional courses in accounting, statistics and information technology will be an added advantage likewise internship programs.

Secondly acquiring work experience in human resource job is very essential because earnings and career progression are attached to this. You can gain working experience by applying for internship program in relevant organizations, this way you can get exposure practically.

You can also apply for human resource manager jobs at entry level position or HR assistance to acquire more experience.

Thirdly, in a bid to compete favourably for some human resource manager positions you will need to have higher degree certificate. To achieve this aim, you can enroll for your master’s and doctorate program and round up both within 8 years.

Fourthly, with your relevant work experience and required academic qualification, you should proceed to apply for human resource manager jobs. Ensure you apply to reputable and bigger organizations to enable you to utilize your wealth of experience and knowledge acquired.

This stage is one of the utmost of every one planning to become a human resource manager in Canada.

Lastly, this step required that you take membership exams to boost your qualification and exposure in human resource manager jobs. Professional bodies like Professional of Human Resources (PHR), Certified Employment Benefits Specialist (CEBS) and Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR)

Do I need a license to become an HR manager in Canada

You don’t necessarily need a federal or provincial license to become a HR manager in Canada.

However, you can acquire membership certification from the accredited and famous professional Human resource management bodies in Canada listed above.

To acquire these memberships certification you will need to write qualifying exams and have a minimum of 4 years of experience. The years of experience should be both in the field or a combination of education

Course work requirements to become an HR manager in Canada

The coursework requirements alongside qualifications and skills required to become an HR manager will be discussed.

The course works listed below are to be completed with a minimum of 70% pass mark to qualify you as a Chartered.

  • Human Resources Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Labour Relations/Industrial Relations
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resources Planning
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Training & Development
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Occupational Health & Safety

Qualifications and skills needed to become an HR manager in Canada

The basic qualification needed to become an HRM in Canada is a bachelor’s degree in human resource management or related fields.

In the case of competition and other specializations, a master’s degree certificate will be an added advantage. Furthermore, there are specials skills you should possess while becoming a human resource manager in Canada, they include:

  • Interpersonal Communication skills,
  • decision-making,
  • organizational,
  • Leadership and speaking skills.

Note your ability to use human resource management software is also a very important and considerable factor for employment.

Let’s go through frequently or common questions and answers on how to become a human resource manager in Canada.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) 

Here are some frequently asked questions on becoming a human resource manager in Canada.

Can I immigrate to Canada as a human resource manager?                                                      

Yes, you can immigrate to Canada as a human resource manager; details about all that are needed are here.

What is the cost of writing Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR)?        

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) exams cost about $400 to register.

What is the full meaning of HRM and HR?

HRM simply means human resource management while HR means Human resources.

Can HR become a CEO?

Yes, a certified and professional human resource manager can become a CEO because they work closely to make CEOs succeed. They also receive the training of CEO roles in their programs.  So your plan to become a human resource manager in Canada has lots of benefits.


Conclusively, to become an HR manager in Canada, five essentials steps are recommended to follow accurately to succeed. More so, the career prospect is a good one and encouraging if you are determined to build it progressively. Hopefully, this article provides you with all these necessary details and is pleasing to read.