5 Steps to Become a Model in Canada

Canada is an excellent place for modeling to thrive. There are many international modeling offices in Canada, specifically in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, with many fabulous supermodels in Canada- you can be the next supermodel. Here we have all you need to know about becoming a model in Canada.

So, in this article, we will examine what a model is, what they do, how much they make, and how to become a model in Canada in simple steps- follow closely!

What is modeling?

Modeling is a versatile career that could cut across various items such as jewelry, clothes, shoes, hair, etc. Not only is modeling versatile but also lucrative, depending on the product you work with and your experience level.

What does the model do?

Depending on the products a model is trying to promote, models will pose at video shoots, fashion shows, and photoshoots to promote the brand of a product. They achieve various looks by changing their facial expression and posture constantly. Also, a model can work with an artist to create a work of art by posing while the artist sculpts, draws, or paints them.

To be a model, you must have the talent and physical appearance that an artist or a brand is looking for. Often, companies hire models based on the part of their bodies. For instance, if you have nice hair, you can be chosen to model hair products.

Types of models in Canada

They are undoubtedly different types of models in Canada, with specialties in what they do. Here are the different types of models in Canada.

#1. Promotional model

A promotional model is a type of model that works at life events (for instance, trade shows) to market a product for a particular brand.

#2. Print model

A print model works for print materials- modeling at a photo shoot. They are often employed by Industries that make fliers, billboards, magazines, and posters.

#3. Runway model

Runway models participate in fashion shows to showcase new designs of clothes, shoes, footwear, etc., majorly by working the runway.

#4. Editorial model

This type of model in Canada works with high fashion designers and high fashion magazines.

#5. Commercial model

A commercial type of model is a model in Canada that models or commercially acts products.

#6. Swimsuits and lingering models

These models wear swimsuits and lingerie in photoshoots, video shoots, or fashion shows to market a brand.

#7. Parts model

The parts model will model parts of their body such as arms, legs, feet, or hands to provide a close-up of the products they are advertising.

#8. Fitness model

A fitness model will wear and promote a fitness routine or workout attire by demonstrating in commercials or other media.

Requirements to be a model in Canada

Becoming a model in Canada requires working on yourself to have the best qualities of a model. Here are some of the personal requirements for a model.

  • Elegant personal appearance.
  • Good communication skills are crucial in promotional work.
  • Appreciate artistic and creative activities.
  • Committed and patient.
  • Minimum height in certain types of modeling.
  • Well-proportioned facial features, clear skin, and healthy hair.
  • An outgoing personality.

Five steps to becoming a model in Canada

Being a successful model in Canada requires you to improve and prepare yourself physically, socially, and emotionally. In addition, you must be strategic about growing to become a model in Canada, so we will give you the five unique steps to help you out on this.

Step one: Determine the type of model you want to be

The first step to becoming a model in Canada is to decide on the type of model you will go for. We have listed the eight types of models in Canada. So, you have to decide on the type of model that interests you so that you’ll be able to improve yourself in specific areas.

Step two: Gain modeling experience

Most Industries will not want to employ a newbie model for their products. So then the question is, how do I get experience if I have never been employed? The good news is that you can gain modeling experience on your own. Experience can be obtained by going to a live show to study the way models pose and move, watching videos of professional models on your smartphone, and then practicing them on your own!

It would be best to practice imitating these moves on a camera tripod or in front of a mirror. Then, you can enroll in a modeling class to learn how to perfect your walk and pose and gain knowledge on what modeling is all about from a professional.

It is not negotiable that you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to become a model in Canada. Your mental and physical health is critical because modeling requires that you pose, walk, and stand. To improve on this, you can register for a dance studio class or go to a local gym to increase your fitness and learn more about posture and the right balance for modeling.

Step three: Build a portfolio

So, after gaining work and getting the experience you need for your career, you should proceed to build a portfolio. You can ask your friends to take videos or photographs of you on different and pleasant occasions. You must accept the bold step of trying new things by making extra clothes and posting to know what works best for you.

Afterward, you can partner with a photographer looking forward to having a model to build a portfolio with or pay for a formal photoshoot.

Ensure that your photographs are in different poses, outfits, and locations. This will give your potential employer a perspective that you are capable of modeling in a variety of settings.

Step four: check out for an agency

Without a doubt, working with modeling agencies will make getting a job much more manageable. You can contact a modeling agency in your area and send your portfolio. You might be asked to go on an audition by doing a mock fashion show or photoshoot to know your capability. So be willing to give in your best.

You should inform the agency about your body statistics, such as shoe size, height, eye color, and weight, so they can determine if you are the perfect person for the role. Afterward, they will introduce you to photographers, companies, and design and secure your auditions for modeling jobs.

Note that this agent works on commission, so you will have to agree on the percentage to offer them for each job you take for their service.

Step five: Promote yourself

Yes, you heard it right- promote yourself! Because no one can do it better than you. Even though you work for an agency, you should carry on self-promotion to succeed as a model in Canada. Get to know people in the modeling industry so that you can get more jobs that suit your experience and style.

Also, you can volunteer for some free jobs at local fashion shows with a makeup artist, a stylist, and photographers who want to practice on models.

Importantly, it would be best if you created a social media presence. Regularly post videos and pictures of yourself to connect with friends so that they can follow you on some other updates. In addition, you are more likely to meet and work with many brands if you have a significant social media presence.

Job Outlook and Average salary of a model in Canada

Basically, as a model in Canada, you will work in different environments. It could be in an outdoor or indoor setting to model items like clothing, jewelry, or shoes. Often, you might have to work stand or hold different items for a given period. However, you may also work in runway fashions to show your makeup and hair done by professionals you model for.

Ensure that you are flexible and can work irregular hours because the preparation for fashion shows, video shoots, or photos can happen anytime.

Averagely, the national salary for a model is about $30 per hour. However, there might be changes depending on your model experience, location, and popularity. You can get higher-paying jobs if you have a good agent that will help your search. Your clients may prefer to pay you per photoshoot, hourly, or a percentage of the royalties.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can anyone be a model?

Yes, anyone can be a model as much as they can work and satisfy their employer.

How much does the Instagram model make

Instagram models can earn about $100,000 for just a sponsored post, depending on the followers and audiences. But if you’re not well-known, you can earn between $10,000 to $30,000.

Do models get rich?

Yes, some models are even millionaires in Canada. However, putting in hard work, diligence, and dedication would be best.

Do models get to keep the clothes they use for modeling?

Unfortunately, models don’t get to keep the clothes, bags, or shoes they use for modeling.

How do models eat?

Models have a light breakfast and a moderate portion of lunch and dinner.


In conclusion, you need to pay attention to your growth, both physically, career-wise, and in some other areas. Modeling is a career that can give you financial independence.

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