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How to Become a Spy in Canada in 5 Steps

Watching movies in the James Bond franchise and Angelina Jolie has made us at some point or the other dream of becoming a spy. These movies make spying look like one of the best jobs in the planet. You can become a national hero, get through hard times with ease and many other things we see in the movies. Actually, your dream of becoming a spy in Canada can come true. However, there are certain things that you must do including having a clean criminal record.

The top question in your mind now is, how can I become a spy? Is it possible because you dint have muscles like James Bond or as smart as Angelina Jolie? On the contrary, you don’t need muscles like James or be as smart as Angelina.

All you need basically is a university degree in any discipline. Once you have your degree from a Canadian University or its equivalent outside, you can apply in Canada’s top intelligence agency. The agency is currently looking for people like you to become a spy in Canada and work for the security of Canada.

To help you in your dream, this article will teach you how to be like James Bond or Angelina Jolie, but this time in real life. So, with the steps below, you can become a spy in Canada and work for Canadian Secret Intelligence Service.

Who a spy is?

Spies officially known as intelligence officers are individuals who dedicate their lives to their home country’s governments and serve their interests abroad. It is quite different from what you watch on TV or in films, however, it is a bit close to it. The job needs dedicated and skilled individuals who want to help their country. As a spy, you can work in many government agencies. In other words, you have plenty of employment opportunities as a  spy in Canada.

As a spy, you are also a government official. Instead of sitting in the office, this time, you work for an intelligence or security agency. Hence, you are a security agent working for the interest of the country. Your duty may vary according to your agency, however, as a spy, your major duty is to protect the interests of Canada by gathering and analysing information that advances their nation’s objectives. The best career as a spy in Canada is to become a CSIS agent.

Responsibilities of a spy

Contrary to what the media depicts of spies, your work as a spy does not centre on exciting action. Rather, your work includes long hours completing common professional tasks like filing paperwork, conducting interviews and making reports. Some of your duties include the following:

  • Attending meetings with senior staff to discuss, plan and coordinate field operations
  • Monitoring the behaviours of individuals or groups of individuals to gather information
  • Creating a cover identity in order to enter an organization or region as part of a planned operation
  • Meeting with informants and assets to ask questions and provide instructions and guidance
  • Conducting remote surveillance
  • Networking in order to expand potential sources of information
  • Analyzing solicited information to identify key data points
  • Travelling in order to participate in operations around the nation or the world
  • Filing paperwork and creating reports on operations for higher-ranking officials and other agency members.

Basic requirements to become a spy in Canada

The basic requirements you need to become a spy in Canada include the following:

Clean criminal record: Once you have a negative criminal record your application will not be accepted. As a spy in Canada, you must be in the good books of security officers in Canada. Since you work closely with security agents and also because your work deals with national security. Then, you must have a clean criminal record.

Don’t do drugs: Before you can become a spy, you must undergo a drug test. All applicants must go through this test to ascertain that they are not into drug addiction.

Acquire a university degree: The basic academic requirement for intelligent officers is a university degree. The field of study does not matter, so, once you obtain a University degree from a Canadian university or its equivalent, you can apply to become a spy in Canada.

Be ready to travel: As a spy, you must be ready to travel to a foreign country anytime. However, you can decide to play only roles that do not require travel. But then, you will eventually limit your chances of advancing in this profession.

Be a Canadian citizen: You must be a citizen of Canada. Only Canadian citizens are allowed to become spies in Canada. Also, all your close family members must be Canadian citizens as well.

Skills needed to become a spy in Canada

In addition to your academic requirements, there are some basic skills that you need to excel as a spy. Without these skills, it may become hard for you to be a professional spy. While some are born with these skills, you can as well develop the skills by practising them. Some of the skills you’ll need as a spy are:

  • Strong oral and written communication skills,
  • Strong interpersonal
  • Teamwork skills,
  • Strong analytical skills,
  • Self-confidence.

Why spying is a good career in Canada

There are many reasons why choosing to become an intelligent officer in Canada is the best choice for you. From the salary to the job opportunities in the career. You don’t have a reason to regret being a spy.

1. Great salary

As a spy in Canada, you will earn a great salary, especially if you become very good at what you do. Many factors like your years of experience and the type of assignments you get determine your annual salary. On average, a spy in Canada earns around $54,368 per year.

2. Opportunity to express yourself

If you become a spy in Canada, you will have the opportunity to express yourself. f you have the inborn desire to become a detective, your job as a spy will give you the opportunity to do that.

3. Become a national hero

Probably, you want to become an intelligence officer in Canada because of your desire to become a national hero. This is one step to achieve that. As a spy, you will have an opportunity to become a hero if you carry out your assignments very well. If you are able to do a very good job on an issue that has to deal with national security, you may get national recognition for that.

4. Good career path

As many agencies as there are in Canada need spies. So, you have a great career path and employment opportunities as a spy. Moreover, since Canadian Secret Intelligence Service is recruiting intelligence officers. this will be a great opportunity for you.

5. Opportunity to travel

If you are the type that loves travelling, being a spy will be the best job in the world. It offers you a great opportunity to travel to many places. Though you may be travelling basically for assignments, there is still the excitement that comes with visiting a new place.

How to become a spy in Canada in 5 steps

If you follow the steps below, you will become an intelligent officer in Canada. The steps include:

1. Maintain a clean record

The first step to becoming a spy in Canada is to maintain a clean criminal record. During the interview process, all applicants must go through a rigorous screening process. The purpose of the screening is to make sure that you keep a clean record. Keeping a clean record means that you have a history of good judgement. This means that you can work effectively as an agent in the field. Also having a good record means that suspects can not use your bad record to leverage against you.

2. Earn a bachelor’s degree

You will need a bachelor’s degree to become a spy in Canada. The most common field to study is criminal justice, but other popular choices for aspiring federal agents include computer science, finance, law, psychology and international studies.  However, a degree in any field already qualifies you to get a job as a spy.

3. Learn a foreign language

You may need to learn a foreign language though it is not compulsory. However, the ability to communicate with people in their local language is essential. This becomes more required if an assignment requires an agent to assume an identity as a resident of the country they are in. When you have attained fluency in one or more secondary languages, you will have more chances of becoming a spy.

4. Work on your physical fitness

You must also pass a fitness exam to become an intelligent officer in Canada. The aim of a fitness test is to know individuals who are not physically fit to work as spies in Canada. The specific requirements will vary according to the agency.

5. Apply to a federal agency

Once you have completed the above steps, the final step is to apply to a federal agency, especially to Canadian Secret Intelligence Service. CSIS is Canada’s top security agent and they are currently recruiting people like you. You make use of this opportunity to become a spy in Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a licence to become a spy in Canada?

Spies in Canada do not need licences. All you need is a clean record, a bachelor’s degree and other basic requirements.

Where can I work as a spy in Canada?

If you become an intelligence officer in Canada, you can work for CSIS. In addition, you can work for other government agencies that need spies.

How much does a spy earn in Canada?

An average spy in Canada earns as much as $54,368 per year. You can earn more depending on many factors like your years of experience.

Is your life safe as a spy in Canada?

Your life as a spy in Canada is always safe once you maintain the codes of the job. However, once you betray the country, you will be apprehended. So, as a spy, you must always make sure that uphold the principles of your job. And make sure that you don’t leak any secret to anybody that will use it against the security of Canada.


In conclusion, once you are a Canadian citizen with 10 years of verifiable information of your identity, such as evidence of your past addresses or finances. Or you have a valid permanent Canadian driver’s license and are willing to relocate to Ottawa to work at the headquarters. You can become an intelligent officer in Canada.

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