Become A Tech Talent At Centennial College In Toronto

Canada is desperately looking for tech talent/workers. Studies have shown that tech experts on average earned CAD$27,000 more than non-tech workers, and the majority held a minimum of Bachelor’s degree. Are you aspiring to study abroad in Canada? You might want to build an impressive career and position yourself in one of Canada’s thriving tech industry? Centennial College in Ontario offers you that opportunity.

Centennial College is Ontario’s first public higher institution with five campuses in Toronto, Canada. Centennial offers superior Canadian Education that is readily available and employment-focused. Programs at Centennial promote experimental learning with laboratory instruction, co-op education system and industry placements. Centennial college is a top higher institution in Toronto for student and employer satisfaction! (2016/17 KPI). Majority of employers hiring Centennial graduates are either satisfied or very satisfied with their hires, and Centennial international graduates lead the province of Ontario in rates of successful employment!

Centennial offers more than 160 courses. The college offers foundations, post-secondary and post-graduate programs in Arts and Design, Mobile Applications Development, Digital Visual Effects, Animation – 3D, Game Design & Development, Software Engineering, Graphic Design, Business, Engineering Technology and Applied Science, Communications, Media and a lot more of other interesting programs.

Centennial is the Number One college choice for many international students in Canada and one of the most culturally diverse higher institutions in the Province.

You are welcome to join a community of 11,000 international students from 137 countries at Centennial college! As you enjoy the academic satisfaction of Canadian college education, a variety of global perspectives will enrich your educational experience.

Find out more about Centennial College scholarship fundings, accommodation, facilities below and other vital information.

Student services & facilities

Giving you a wonderful student experience will help you become a great leader of tomorrow. From Aboriginal Education Services to Aboriginal Student Services, from tutoring to mentoring, from Career Services & Co-operative Education to overall First-Year Experiences, Centennial will continue to consult with you regularly and continue to assist you through your journey to success.

Services include:

  • Testing services
  • Counselling centre
  • Centre for Students with Disabilities and impairment
  • First-Year Experience
  • Leadership programs
  • Peer tutoring
  • Student Experience Office
  • Smart Services
  • Center for Academic English
  • Centennial Advising and Pathways Services

Accommodation For Students

The school Residence is a wonderful place to stay. It’s also an opportunity to develop lifelong friendships and memories. It also allows you to get fully involved in college activities and to mature in a rich academic and social environment. We suggest that international students stay in the school residence during the first year of study to help kickstart their Canadian learning and living experience. Rooms in Residence are filled up quickly, so apply early on time.


Coming to Canada can be exciting, but also intimidating. The homestay program connects you with a family who will host you in their home and help you get settled in your new city. You may decide to stay with the family for the entire period of your study, or temporary. Centennial College works with many homestay companies. You can link up with them directly for more details on how to book your stay.

Off-Campus Housing

If you rather choose a more independent housing type, there are many other options. Such as apartment, rooms or studios that you can rent on your own.

Bear in mind that all landlords are independent and it’s important that you do your own diligent research to ensure you are getting a safe place to settle in, a place that is within your budget.

Scholarships & funding

Each year, Centennial College offers two (2) scholarships to foreign students. One scholarship is issued to an international student based on academic merit; the other scholarship is awarded to an international transfer student from China, which is also based on academic merits. Both scholarships are awarded to qualified students who have successfully concluded two consecutive semesters.

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