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Become an Amazon Delivery Driver in Canada in 9 Steps

Wondering what it can take to become an Amazon Delivery Driver in Canada? Of late, there has been the growth of Amazon Restaurants, together with AmazonFresh and Prime Now and as a result, Amazon has always had the need for delivery drivers. There are two ways you can choose to become an Amazon delivery driver in Canada.

The major one is by working for Amazon Flex. The other one is by becoming an Amazon Logistics associate. This basically requires you to use your own vehicle for delivery services and this equally means that you will set your time of work.

In this complete guide on how to become an Amazon delivery driver in Canada, we will reveal everything you need to know about Amazon delivery drivers. This includes their salary what they do and the qualifications they must possess.

What does an Amazon Delivery Driver do?

It is the duty of a delivery driver to deliver products to customers. These include mail, groceries or any other item. They majorly drive a delivery car, delivering the items timely and interacting with customers and employers until the goods get to the final destination.

Steps to become an Amazon Flex Delivery Driver in Canada

The following are the easy steps to becoming an Amazon Flex Delivery Driver:

  1. Apply for an Amazon Flex position

First of all, becoming an Amazon Flex driver means you will carry out the delivery services on behalf of Amazon using your own car. This is usually a part-time job that offers you the flexibility to perform your job at your convenience. Depending on your schedule, you can make between $18 and $25 per hour as an Amazon Flex driver in Canada

  1. Check if Amazon is hiring a Flex driver in your province

To find out, you will need to check out the Amazon website and see the job vacancies in your region. On their website, you will find a list of regions that are presently recruiting for Flex delivery drivers. If you did not find your region recruiting, it means you will subscribe to job updates in the future. However, if you are desperately in need of a job, you may have to apply for other jobs you qualified for in your region

  1. Ensure to meet the basic requirements for Amazon Flex delivery driver

To be a Flex delivery driver on Amazon, you must be up to 21 years. In addition, you must fulfil the following:

  • Social Security Number
  • car insurance
  • valid driver’s license
  • pass a background check
  • viable bank account
  • Smartphone well-suited with Amazon Flex
  • Qualifying vehicles, mostly mid-sized four-door sedans

Upon meeting the eligibility, you can then, register as an Amazon Flex driver and start making your money

  1. Download Amazon Flex app

This will enable you to access the Flex driver application. You can create a new account or log in to your existing account. You must also fill out all the necessary information like your name, address and email address.

  1. Complete your application

Once you have logged in, use the Flex app on your phone to complete your application. You will also need to answer a series of questions for the application. The essence of the question is to find out if you meet the Amazon Flex delivery driver conditions. Some of the questions include your education background, driving history, work history, etc.

You will likewise need to prove that your vehicle and Smartphone meet the eligibility for Flex drivers. No doubt, Amazon will run a background check on you to know if the information you provided is valid. Besides, you must add all the necessary job experience you have, including your safe driving record. This will stand you apart for the job.

  1. Register as an Amazon Flex driver

The next step to becoming an Amazon Flex delivery driver in Canada is to register as an Amazon Flex delivery driver. Moreover, you will use your Smartphone to select the areas you can render your services. You may also watch some videos to help you carry out a smooth job. It is important you make your bank account number and routing number available to enable Amazon easily make your payments.

  1. Schedule your blocks of time

At this stage, you will need to use your Flex app to start making schedules on the blocks of time when it is possible for you to pick up and deliver packages. This is the official step to becoming an Amazon delivery driver in Canada. You can do this in two ways:

  • You can select all the delivery blocks at the time you will be available for work. Then, you will receive offers to sign up for delivery blocks, depending on when you will be available. It is now left for you to accept or reject the offers. Basically, you can do this on your calendar settings.
  • Another way to make this happen is by tapping on the Check for Available Blocks on the Flex app to see if there is any available delivery for the day. If there is, you can accept those that meet your time schedule.
  1. Offer your services as an Amazon Flex driver in Canada

At this point, you are ready to start making your deliveries using your car and getting paid for your services. Besides, you may work in two- to four-hour shifts for your deliveries within your region. Without a doubt, the Flex Smartphone makes the locations available for your pickups and deliveries.

You will most likely pick both AmazonFresh and Prime Now orders at Prime Now Delivery Station and deliver to the appropriate location. Regarding the Amazon Restaurant orders, you will go to the Waiting Area indicated by the app. Then, as you arrive in your designation, you should select the “I’ve Arrived” option and wait for further instruction on your pickup and delivery of the item.

In addition, Amazon pays you for the scheduled delivery time on the app, regardless of when you arrive at the location. However, if you arrive late, there will not be any extra payment for your time.

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How to become an Amazon Logistics Delivery Associate in Canada

Here are the simple steps to become an Amazon Logistics delivery driver:

  1. Apply to become a part-time or full-time Amazon delivery associate

You can do this by checking the Amazon website. Check out the vacancy in your location and apply. You must understand that Amazon Logistics delivery associates typically make lower than Amazon Flex delivery drivers. That is, your salary will be between $13 and $19 per hour. However, in this case, you are not required to own a vehicle. Thus, you will drive an Amazon delivery van that weighs up to 4,500 kg.

You will equally need to lift heavy packages and easily climb in and out of a vehicle. Further, your job requires daily routines, although you may reschedule if the time is not conducive.

  1. Meet the eligibility for Amazon delivery associate in Canada

To meet the eligibility for this position, you must have a valid driver’s licence, high school diploma or GED and must not be less than 21 years. Additionally, you must meet the requirements for your region.

  1. Search for Amazon Logistics delivery associate vacancies in your location.

If you did not succeed, you will need to check back for vacancies as many of the Amazon Logistics delivery associates are seasonal. However, if you see another opening for a job you can do, you can jump into the offer

  1. Fill out the online application for the Amazon Logistics delivery associate in Canada

As soon as you find a position in your area on the Amazon website, you can complete the application. Ensure to answer the questions appropriately, while providing the right information for any additional document.

  1. Prepare for your interview

The next step to becoming an Amazon Logistics associate in Canada is to undergo an interview. You should carefully prepare for the interview. This can also take place online, on the warehouse or any suitable place.

  1. Accept to become an Amazon Logistics associate in Canada

If you become successful during the interview, you will be selected to become an Amazon Logistics delivery associate in region. The company will reach out to you via email or phone call to make an official offer. If you are to consider the offer, you must respond in a timely manner.

  1. Take the training to become an Amazon Logistics delivery driver in Canada

Technically, the Amazon shift staff conduct the training in this field. If you successfully qualify for the training, you will officially become an Amazon delivery driver in Canada.

  1. Start work as an Amazon delivery driver

Lastly, you have met all the conditions to become an Amazon delivery driver in Canada. Now, you can assume your role as a full-time or seasonal driver. Your duty includes delivering to warehouses, retail outlets, homes and other strategic locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get paid per parcel as an Amazon delivery driver in Canada?

Technically, Amazon pays you a flat rate per block. What’s more, your hourly rate is on the basis of your income from that block and the length of time to complete the task.

How much will earn as an Amazon delivery driver in Canada?

Precisely, you may earn on the range of $20 – $25 per hour, depending on your province or region of delivery. This is according to the company’s website. Generally speaking, you can take care of yourself with your income as an Amazon delivery driver in Canada. However, your lifestyle and province will partly determine that.

How long can it take me to become an Amazon delivery driver in Canada?

There is no overall answer to this as the need and availability of an Amazon delivery driver in your region. However, it can be as short as one week and as long as six months.

Can you delay your start date?

Precisely, if you delay your delivery for 180 days, Amazon will deactivate your account. However, you can keep refreshing the app if you find it difficult to make deliveries after you activated it. Another important instruction is that you should not use bots or automation tools to get your delivery blocks to avoid getting sanctions from Amazon.

Does it require any formal education to become an Amazon delivery driver in Canada?

Technically, there is no formal education to become an Amazon delivery driver in Canada. What’s more, you must complete your high school and if you must handle dangerous goods, you must a certification in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG).

What are the qualifications to become an Amazon delivery driver in Canada?

To become an Amazon delivery driver in Canada, you will need some qualifications like:

  • A secondary school diploma
  • A clean driving record
  • Valid driver’s licence for the type of your vehicle
  • Licensing to handle dangerous goods, if need be
  • Clean criminal record, etc.


To become n Amazon delivery driver in Canada requires several steps and it all depends on whether you can to become a Flex delivery driver or a Logistics associate. Whichever one you want, you can follow the steps accordingly.

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