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Become Famous in Canada in 7 Steps

Who doesn’t want to become famous in Canada or in the world? I guess not you because you want your name to be heard everywhere. You can get a million followers on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Everyone jumps at the chance to be popular. To be seen on TV every day. Truth is you can achieve fame but the question is if you can do what it takes to become famous.

One can become famous either for a good thing or for a bad thing. You can as well become famous for a long time or just for a short period of time. This actually depends on the kind of fame you have achieved. It is one thing to become famous and another thing to remain famous. So, you will work hard to remain famous. This means that you will continue to do things to make you remain relevant.

Also, you can either become famous throughout the world like Christiano Ronaldo or you remain a local, regional or national hero. So, in this article, we will focus on what you need to do to become famous in Canada. But not just to become famous but also to remain famous for a long period of time.

How to become famous in Canada in 7 steps

With the seven simple steps below, you are on the right track to becoming famous in Canada:

First step: Think about others

Your first step toward fame in Canada is to think about others. This means that you will think about how to give value to people. Your fame comes from the recognition of other people. So, if they see you as someone who gives occasional interviews, or who has representatives or who is inaccessible or who is bigger than them, it will not work in your favour. You can begin by doing the following:

  • Inspire, entertain and educate others without promoting yourself or your business
  • Appear to be a real person behind that company
  • Be accessible and transparent. You can do this through social media presence by involving in conversations and answering emails.
  • Be present wherever there are important conversations occurring, especially in groups related to your niche
  • Do not be “better” than others; rather be helpful and friendly and humble
  • Engage others daily, especially influencers.
  • Don’t boast about your success, rather, share your lessons with others.

Second step. Let people recognize you

You must let the people know you and what you do. People must know that you are the owner of your brand. You can do this using your website and the news media. People want to have a close relationship with the brand they use. This also helps you to build trust among your clients. Unlike in the old days, you won’t have to do this face to face, rather, you can use modern technology to keep in touch with your fans.

Let the people know you. Let’s assume you are a writer, you can engage with your online followers who will like to read your book. Let them know you have a sense of humour and compassion and that you are an expert writer. Try to give them free tops from the book before selling to them.

Third step. Provide free consistent and valuable content for the public

Big companies like Coca-Cola continues to engage their audience with free content to entertain them. Though they make use of expensive TV ads to do that. They still use the cheaper means also. You see them on almost all the social media platforms trying to engage their audience. Through this, they continue to maintain a close relationship with their customers who continue to enjoy their products.

In the same manner, you must find a way to engage your audience by providing interesting and public content. These contents must engage your audience and keep them entertained. This way they will feel connected to your product. Your audience wants some fun and some education and they want it in engaging ways.

Fourth step. Sponsor an event

Another way to increase your fame is to sponsor a popular charitable event. By so doing, people will recognize you and you have also done some good. Many brands are popular because they engage in Charity and their customers also have the feeling that they are involved in the charity. When you engage in charity, your audience will also believe that they join you in such charity. This also helps to grow your fame.

Fifth step. Develop relationships with Influencers

It is a common rule that when you stay with successful people, you will also become successful. To become famous in Canada, you will need to develop a relationship with other famous people in your niche. When you do this, you will learn what they did and how they did it. This will make it simple for you.

You can follow influencers in your niche, join in their discussions and let people know that you are an expert in the field.

Sixth step. Work on your fame everyday

Working on your fame emails many things. You can do this in different ways like joining new groups, going for interviews, and creating new videos. Find out the best way to increase your fame. Just don’t stop. If you remain consistent for a year, your achievements will even amaze you.

Seventh step. Become a guru

The final step is when you make yourself the guru that you want to become. Of course, you started by creating free content. You were giving people solutions to their problems for free. Or you were giving values for free. But this is the time to sell your values and content. Yes, as an expert, you have to sell your knowledge to people. And you have the right to that. If you don’t charge for your content, people may begin to think that you are not an expert, it may make you lose your fame and popularity.

So, it can take you a year or more to become famous in Canada, but you must put in a lot of effort and hard work. You must work towards it every day until you achieve your goal. Even when you gained popularity, you will also work to maintain it. So, living a life of fame means continuously adding value to people’s lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become famous quickly?

You can become famous in Canada with the following 7 simple steps in one year:

  1. Begin By Making It All About Others, Not Yourself.
  2. Get Your Face and Your Personality “Out There”
  3. Provide Consistent, Public, Interesting, and Free Content
  4. Sponsor an Important Charity
  5. Develop Relationships with Influencers
  6. Work on Your Fame every day
  7. Cultivate your Guru Status

What is the best age to become famous?

The best time to become famous is before you turn 30. This is when you have time to engage your audience. However, you can become famous between 30 years and 45 years if you have great content for your audience.

Who is Canada’s most famous person?

The most famous person in Canada is Tommy Douglas Father of Medicare, Premier of Saskatchewan. While the second most famous person is  Terry Fox Athlete, activist, and humanitarian.

He is followed by Pierre Trudeau the Fifteenth Prime Minister of Canada. The fourth is Sir Fredrick Banting who is a Medical scientist, co-discoverer of insulin, and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

What careers make you famous in Canada?

To become famous, you can try to pursue a career as a radio disc jockey, stage or screen actor, stand-up comedian, talk show host, sports commentator, author or music artist. Any of these careers can make you become famous in Canada in one year.

These are the traditional professions that we associate with being famous. However, you can still become famous as a politician, doctor, lawyer etc. All you need to do is to find the right audience and give them value for free.

How do you become famous on Instagram in Canada?

You can become famous on Instagram using these six simple steps:

  • Define Your Niche
  • Decide on Your Aesthetic
  • Experiment with Hashtag Variations
  • Post Consistently
  • Build a Relationship with Your Followers
  • Don’t Forget a Call-to-Action

Will I become rich if I become famous?

Generally, fame comes with wealth. However, you have to monetize your content if you want to become very rich as a famous person. For instance, if you are a singer, you must learn how to perform on stage and get paid. You can also plan on getting endorsements to advertise big brands and get paid for that.


In summary, you must ask yourself the reason you want to become famous in Canada. What does it mean to you? What does it mean to society? These questions will help you to achieve fame if you have the right answers to them.

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