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Step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Belarus Short-Stay Visa

Are you planning to have a short visit to Belarus? Or do you probably have a specific occasion to attend in the country for 90 days? If yes, then you can consider obtaining the Belarus short-stay visa.

The Belarus short-stay visa is one of the common visa types in Belarus that permit you to stay in the country for three months. During this period, you will have full authorization to carry out any activities specific to the visa type you apply to, as well as visit fun and exciting places in Belarus.

So, this article will expose you to the general and specific requirements for obtaining the visa and a stepwise guide on its application. Don’t miss a single step.

Who needs a Belarus Short Stay Visa?

Without a doubt, the citizens of most Nationals will need to apply for the Belarus short-stay visa to enter the country. You will only be awarded the visa if you meet the eligibility criteria and you are confirmed to be harmless to the citizens and residents of Belarus.

However, some countries do not need to apply for a short-stay visa for purposes such as business and tourism. The citizens are nationals of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel, Brazil, Cuba, Macedonia, Russia, Tajikistan, Serbia, Turkey, etc.

General Requirements for Belarus short-stay visa

To apply for the Belarus short-stay visa you need to visit the embassy or consular office for proper registration and documentation. Note that this document must be updated, valid, and factual. If any disloyalty is found in your document, it would be an automatic cancellation and refusal of your short-stay visa. Therefore, honesty is key. Check below for the requirements.

#1. Visa application form

The visa application form can be obtained online at the embassy website. Be careful not to create a blunder by leaving a space on the form. Even though you do not have an answer for a question, ensure that you fill it with “not applicable” or simply “N/A.”

If you leave any section unattended, it could lead to the refusal of your visa. Hence, take note!.

#2. Passport size photograph

In addition to your passport serving as a means of recognition, it also serves some other functions in your visa application. So, make sure that the photo you submit is the best you have taken in not less than three months, showing all your facial characteristics. And yes, do not use any dark shade or caps on your head for application purposes.

#3. Passport

Without a doubt, so far, you will be carrying out some registration that requires you to travel out of your country; you must submit your international passport. However, the passport must be valid, having your correct information with spaces that are enough for stamping your visa.

#3. Invitation letter

Suppose you are obtaining a Belarus short-stay visa to honor the invitation of a body or individual in Belarus. In that case, you must submit the original invitation letter for your application process. Also, the letter must have a signature (if it is a private body), but if you are going on a business invite, the letter must bear the signature and stamp of the company.

#4. Medical insurance

Your health must be ensured throughout your stay in Belarus. Therefore, you need to book medical health insurance that is functional in Belarus.

#5. Travel itinerary

Since you are opting for a short stay visa, you must provide your travel itinerary to specify the date and time you will be getting to Belarus and the day will be leaving Belarus.

Specific requirements for a Belarus Short-stay visa

So far, there are general requirements for the visa and specific requirements for obtaining the Belarus short-stay visa. And in this section, we will treat them one after the other. Keep reading!.

#1. For business and participation in cultural or sports events

Undoubtedly, if you want to obtain the Belarus short-stay visa to participate in sports or cultural activities as well as business-related functions in Belarus, you must obtain a letter of support from a legal body. And yes, the letter must be on a letterhead given the phone number, location, and name of the entity.

#2. For private purposes

If you want to visit Belarus to carry out private or specific functions, you must provide one of the following documents for the application

  • An invitation letter from the local unit of the citizenship immigration department.
  • A support letter from a Healthcare institution in Belarus or contract for medical services in any Health institution in Belarus- in case you want to be treated in the country.
  • However, suppose your trip is related to visiting your spouse or relative that is sick or dead in Belarus. In that case, you must submit an official confirmation of their death or illness.
  • If you have a property in Belarus, you are to submit a document that confirms ownership of the property.

#3. For tourist activities

Without a doubt, if you want to visit Belarus to carry out any tourist activity, you must provide the original copy of any of the following documents

  • A visa support letter from any tourist company in Belarus that satisfies that you will honor the rules and regulations of the Republic of Belarus. And yes, it must be written on a letterhead with the company’s location, telephone number, and name.
  • Or, a visa support letter from a recreation center on a letterhead provides the phone number, full name, location, period of stay, purpose, services, full or partial payment of service, voucher preservation confirmation, etc.
  • Also, suppose you are going for farm tourism. In that case, you can obtain a visa support letter, including the name, period of stay, address, purpose, services rendered, etc.

#4. For visiting a burial

Suppose you want to obtain the Belarus short-stay visa for a burial ceremony. In that case, you must submit a certificate confirming your relative’s death and burial in Belarus. Note that the certificate must be from a local executive committee.

#5. For studies

Without a doubt, if you want to take a short course in Belarus, you can obtain a Belarus short-stay visa for this purpose. And yes, you need to get an invitation letter from any educational institution in the country.

#6. For religious activities

Suppose your visitation to Belarus is to partake in a religious exercise. In that case, you must obtain a visa support letter from the ministerial association you wish to visit in Belarus. Also, the letter must be on letterhead, having the location, name, phone number, and all the necessary information about the religious activities.

#7. For humanitarian and volunteering activities

For short stays that involve humanitarian activities, you must get a support letter from a recognized government institution for your application process.

#8. For journalistic activity

Assuredly, you must obtain an accreditation letter to carry out your function as a journalist in Belarus. The ministry must write this letter of foreign affairs of Belarus.

#9. For employment

However, to get the Belarus short-stay visa for your job, you must submit a copy of the employment permits that have been certified by the public notary of Belarus.

Step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Belarus Short Stay Visa

Applying for the Belarus short-stay visa requires a quick and concise adherence to the stepwise guide in this section. Therefore, ensure that you read with maximum attention.

Step one: Fill out the visa application.

First and foremost, you must download the visa application form online (from the Belarus official website) and fill it in with your info. Then, of course, you must ensure that all questions are given the right answers, but questions you have no answers to can have “NA.”

Step two: Collate all documents.

We have provided the general and specific requirements you need to obtain the Belarus short-stay visa. Therefore z prepare the original copies of each document and neatly arrange them for your submission.

Step three: Make an appointment for an interview.

You can make an appointment with an official of the Belarus consulate or embassy in your country for an interview. However, you must call for an appointment before going for the interview.

Step four: Attend the interview fully prepared.

You must be prepared, dressed nicely, and composed for your interview. However, you don’t need to shiver; the questions they will ask you are simple but can be logical at times.

Step five: Wait for your results.

It can take about 15 working days to 30 working days to process your visa application. During this time, you can pack your luggage and make some preparation for your travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can you stay in Belarus without a visa?

As of 2019, citizens of the United States, Canada, and most European Union countries can stay in Belarus. However, for up to five days without a visa.

What happens if I overstay in Belarus?

If you overstay your visa in Belarus, you may have to suffer punishment. However, the amount of the fine depends on how long you stay in the country after your visa expires.

What is the 90 180-day rule?

The 90-180 day rule is a guideline for how long it takes to get a new employee for a role. It suggests that new employees need at least 90 days to learn the company’s culture and systems. Also, another 30-60 days to be fully productive.

How do I become a Belarus citizen?

To become a Belarusian citizen, you must have been a permanent resident of Belarus for at least eight years. You must also pass a citizenship test that covers topics such as history, culture, and the government of Belarus.

How do I get a temporary residence in Belarus?

To obtain temporary residence in Belarus, you must have a valid visa. In addition, a letter of invitation from a person or organization in Belarus is required. The visa must be valid for the entire time you are in Belarus.


The Belarus short-stay visa is your gateway to Belarus if you intend not to spend more than 90 days. Requirements and documents have been listed in this prose; ensure you meet them before applying.

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