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Belgian Embassy in Canada – Top 5 Services  

As a sovereign state, the Belgian embassy in Canada makes sure that it protects the rights of all Belgian citizens in Canada. Therefore, all citizens of Belgium can contact the embassy or the Belgian consulate in Montreal.

In fact, for all your consular services, you have to go to the consulate in Montreal. In other words, the embassy in Ottawa does not offer consular services.

However, the embassy still remains the seat of the Belgian government in Canada. As such, it still tries to make sure that your rights as Belgian are respected.

Moreover, the embassy represents the opinions of the Belgian government. Therefore, when administrative function, the embassy represents the Belgian government.

To this end, you must be aware of the location of both the Belgian embassy in Canada and the Belgian consulate in Montreal.  

What an embassy means

An embassy, a high commission, a consulate all mean the same to a traveller. This is because they represent a foreign country in the host country.

Secondly, their duty is to make sure that the citizens of their country are respected. They also make sure that the citizens are safe, especially in times of war and emergency. 

As such, whether a country has an embassy or a high commission or a consulate, the citizens must contact them whenever they have problems.

Sometimes, a country may have both an embassy and a consulate in the same country. In such cases, the consulate acts as a branch of the embassy. 

About Belgium 

Belgium is officially known as the Kingdom of Belgium. It is a country in Western Europe bordered by the Netherlands to the north, Germany to the east, Luxembourg to the southeast, France to the southwest, and the North Sea to the northwest.

It has an area of 30,689 km2 (11,849 sq mi) and a population of more than 11.5 million. Thus, it is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. In fact, it is the 6th most densely populated country in Europe.

Belgium’s capital and largest city is Brussels. It has other major cities like Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Liège, Bruges, Namur, and Leuven.

Belgium as a sovereign state has a federal constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government.

Furthermore, it has three highly autonomous regions: the Flemish Region (Flanders) in the north, the Walloon Region (Wallonia) in the south, and the Brussels-Capital Region.

Belgian embassy in Canada

The Belgian embassy in Canada does not offer consular services, so, whenever you need consular services as a Belgian in Canada, you have to use the Belgian consulate in Montreal. 

Address of the Belgian embassy in Canada

Embassy Ottawa

360 Albert Street, 8th floor, suite 820 

ON – K1R 7X7 Ottawa 


T: +1 613 236 72 67 

T: +1 613 769 83 35 – Emergency number only for Belgian citizens in distress, outside opening hours

F: +1 613 236 78 82 

[email protected]

Office hours

Mon-Fri 9:00am – 12:30pm and 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Address of the Belgian consulate in Montreal

You can also contact the Belgian consulate in Montreal for your consular services with the following address.

Consulate General of Belgium in Montreal

1000, Sherbrooke Street West – Suite 1400

H3A 3G4, Montreal, QC


T: +1 514 849 73 94 

T: +1 514 236 54 02 – Emergency number only for Belgian citizens in distress, outside opening.

Barbadian Embassy in Canada

Address of the honorary consulates in Canada

In addition to the  Belgian embassy in Canada and the Belgian consulate in Montreal, Belgium has other honorary consulates across Canada. 

Generally, honorary consulates have less jurisdiction than embassies and consulates. However, you can contact them when necessary. Nevertheless, you should always contact the Belgian consulate in Montreal first.

Honorary Consulate Halifax

610-90 Grandhaven Boulevard

Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3S0J4 


T: +1 902 982-2463

Cell: +1 902 818-3430 

[email protected] 

Jurisdiction: Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador. 

Honorary Consulate Quebec City

2177, Chemin du Foulon 

Québec, G1T 1X5 


T: +1 418 455 1277 

[email protected] 

Jurisdiction: Province of Québec, the regions of Québec, Saguenay, Lac-Saint-Jean and Côte Nord. 

Honorary Consulate Toronto

c/o Aird & Berlis, Brookfield Place, 181 Bay Street, Suite 1800, Box 754 

Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2T9 


T: +1 416 865 3072

[email protected]

Jurisdiction: Province of Ontario. 

Honorary Consulate Vancouver

166, West 10th Avenue 

Vancouver, British Columbia, V5Y 1R8 


T: +1 604 879 77 82

F: +1 604 879 72 60

[email protected]

Jurisdiction: Province of British Columbia & Yukon Territory. 

Honorary Consulate Winnipeg

22 Collingwood Crescent 

Winnipeg R2J 3L1 


[email protected]

Jurisdiction: Provinces of Manitoba & Saskatchewan. 

Honorary Consulate Hamilton

AXA XL Ltd. O’Hara House

One, Bermudiana Road



T: +1 441-524-7306

[email protected]

Jurisdiction: Bermuda.  

Popular Consular services provided by Belgian Embassy in Canada

For the following services, you will contact the Belgian consulate in Montreal instead of the Belgian embassy in Canada. They include:

1. Belgian passport

All citizens of Belgium in Canada can obtain their biometrics from the Belgian consulate in Montreal. This is because the Belgian embassy in Canada does not perform consular services. However, if you cannot get to Montreal, you can make use of the services of any honorary consulate near you. 

2. Legalization

It is also the duty of the Belgian consulate in Montreal to legalize Canadian documents for Belgians in the country. However, since this can be done electronically, you will not need to travel to Montreal.

Meanwhile, you can only legalize the following documents

Civil status documents issued by the provincial civil status services:

  • Birth certificate ;
  • Death certificate;
  • Marriage certificate ;
  • Birth registration ;
  • Marriage registration or license.

Criminal record extract from the RCMP showing fingerprints, RCMP seal and the signature of the Director-General of Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification (RTID) Services.

The criminal record extracted from the city of Cobourg.

3. Notary services

Also, for notary services, you will only contact the Belgian consulate in Montreal instead of the Belgian consulate in Canada. 

There are two options for obtaining a power of attorney required:

  • You ask your Belgian notary to e-mail a draft of power of attorney to the following address of the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs.
  • You sign a power of attorney before a Canadian notary.

4. Return To Belgium

On your return to Belgium, the Belgian consulate in Montreal will also issue you a certificate of return showing the end of your stay in Canada. So, whenever you plan to leave Canada permanently, instead of the Belgian embassy in Canada, you will go to the consulate in Montreal. 

5. Registration 

Although this is not compulsory, however, it is very necessary. This is because it allows you to access all consular services like applying for or renewing your passport or identity card, obtaining a consular certificate (attestation of residence, attestation of nationality, etc.), registering a newborn child, or taking part in the federal or European elections in Belgium.

However, you won’t have to register at the Belgian embassy in Canada, rather, you will do that at the Belgian consulate in Montreal.

There are two ways to register:

  • online registration
  • registration by e-mail

Other consular services

In addition to the above-mentioned duties, the Belgian consulate in Montreal still performs the following services. They include:

  • Affidavit of support for students
  • Biometrics – ‘Flying Consul’ Missions
  • Change of address
  • Civil status
  • Consular attestations
  • Consular fees
  • Criminal record
  • Driving licenses
  • Giving a name 
  • Identity card (eID)
  • Identity card for children under 12 (Kids-ID) 
  • Nationality
  • Pensions
  • Registration of a new-born

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to go to Belgium?

Yes, you will need a visa before you can travel to Belgium from Canada. Therefore, you will need to visit the Belgian consulate in Montreal instead of the Belgian embassy in Canada for visa application information.

 Does Canada have Embassy in Belgium? 

Yes, there is a Canadian embassy in Belgium.

Can a Canadian go to Belgium?

 Of course, any Canadian citizen with a valid visa can visit Belgium. Therefore, once you have a valid visa, you are permitted to enter Belgium from Canada.

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