Step-by-step guide on how to obtain a Belize Investment Visa

Belize provides a welcoming environment for people who want to invest or retire in this beautiful country. To do this, you must obtain a Belize Investment Visa. A Belize Investment Visa is better known as a Temporary Residence Permit for Investors and Retirees. This is the quickest and most thoughtful way to become a resident of Belize.

There are so many reasons you should obtain a Belize Investment Visa, apart from the obvious fact that the country is a tourist attraction and not densely populated. For the businessman, many advantages are apparent in making Belize a lucrative business option.

To obtain a Belize Investment Visa, it is necessary to know the steps to take and the requirements to meet. But equally important is the necessity to understand what makes Belize the right choice for you as an investor. And the beauty of it is that your family can also come along for the ride.

About the Belize Investment Visa

The Belize Investment Visa is a long-stay visa for applicants who want to make a significant commercial investment in Belize to obtain residency status. It is the easiest way for foreign nationals who do not want to spend the compulsory one year in Belize to gain temporary residence and cannot meet the requirements for permanent residency in Belize either.

The Belize Investment Visa qualifies its holder for a Belize Temporary Residence Permit. This type of visa is obtained by two categories of investors – the retiree and the businessman.

Benefits of obtaining a Belize Investment Visa

Here’s what you stand to gain if you enter Belize with an Investment Visa:

Belize is an English-speaking country

This may not be significant to someone who does not travel much, but this would be welcome news if you’ve been to other Central or South American countries. Of course, there are investment opportunities in other Central and South American countries. Still, if you don’t speak Spanish or other local languages, you will find it challenging to communicate with the people you want to do business with. So, Belize makes local investment easy because English is the country’s official language.

Ownership of property

Belize is not like many countries around the world where foreign nationals cannot own property legally. There are countries where you must buy property in the name of a citizen. Of course, there is no need to emphasize the risk involved, which is one of the advantages of living in Belize with an Investment Visa.

Stable currency conversion rate

The Belizean currency is on a ratio of 2:1 with the United States currency. Since 1981, the Belize dollar has been linked to the US dollar at a rate of 2 Belizean dollars to 1 US dollar. This rate is not about to change anytime soon, so it is easy for investors to convert US dollars to Belizean dollars and the other way around. Besides, in Belize, US dollars are commonly used for transactions. In addition, there is no fear of currency fluctuation as experienced in other parts of the world.

Affordable Property Taxes

Property taxes are low, allowing investors to get more value for their investment. Generally, Belize’s property tax is between one and a half percent yearly. This is a far cry from most countries whose rates are nearly two point five percent.

No Capital Gains Tax in Belize

You can read that again! In Belize, international investors do not have to pay tax on the profits from selling a business or property. This means more money from your earnings, and it’s good news for people anxious to avoid capital gains tax.

Requirements for a Belize Investment Visa

A Belize Investment Visa allows you to enter and live in Belize for one year. To do this, you must provide certain documents, including the following:

1. Your Passport. This must be valid for up to 6 months after you enter Belize

2. A Police Record from the last country you resided in. The record must indicate that you are not a criminal and will not be a threat to the peace of the community where you intend to reside in Belize. The Police Record must be valid for six months after you apply for an investment visa.

3. Proof of residence in Belize. You must show evidence of accommodation in the country. This should be in the form of a lease or rental agreement and a utility bill (e.g., electricity bill)


A property tax assessment by the local authority.

4. Evidence of investment in Belize. You must have details of your investments in Belize, which should not be less than BZ500,000 dollars.

5. A passport photo

6. A Letter of Explanation. This should be addressed to the Director of Nationality and Passports Department, indicating your interest in being a temporary resident in Belize. This must be submitted with your visa application.

Guidelines on how to apply for a Belize Investment Visa

Step #1. Book an appointment with the Belizean embassy

Hopefully, there is a Belizean embassy, its consulate, or representative in your country. But if there isn’t, don’t panic. You can go to the nearest British embassy to start the process of obtaining an investment visa to Belize.

Step #2. Complete a Belize Investment Visa Application Form

You can find an online application form on the Belize Immigration website. You must provide information correctly and ensure that you write your name the way it is on your passport. Complete all fields but if you find a question that does not refer to your situation, indicate it with N/A (Not Applicable).

Step #3. Gather the required documents for Belize Investment Visa

Once you have a confirmed appointment date, gather all the documents you are required to present to the visa office, and come along with them. You will submit these documents at the office and stay for a few minutes to chat with the visa officer. While there, you will submit your biometrics and pay your visa fee. Ensure that all documents are in English.

Step #4. Pay the visa fee for a Belize Investment Visa

Belize visa fees vary according to an applicant’s nationality. It’s best to find out about the fee from the visa office.

Step #5. Wait for your visa

Usually, it takes about 30 days to process the Belize Investment Visa. However, sometimes it can be longer or shorter, depending on the country you’re applying from and if further documents are required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the validity period of a Belize Investment Visa?

A Belize Investment Visa is a long-stay visa, valid for one year. However, as a result of your investment, you will obtain a renewable temporary residence permit at the end of one year. Subsequently, you can apply for a permanent residence permit before your temporary residence expires, and after five years, you will qualify for Belize citizenship.

How much is a Belize Investment Visa processing fee?

A Belize Investment Visa is a long-stay visa. The visa fee for most nationals is 300 Belize dollars (BZD). However, nationals of China pay 4,000 BZD while India, Nepal, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan pay 1000 BZD. Belize currency is the Belize Dollar. Two Belize dollar is equivalent to one United States dollar. Remember that the visa fee is not refundable. This means that no matter the result of your investment visa application, you will not get a refund of your visa fees.

Is it safe to invest in Belize?

Belize is one of the best countries to invest in:

  1. There is no capital gains tax in Belize, unlike in many other countries. This means an investor will not have to pay tax on his profit.
  2. An investment visa automatically grants you a temporary residence without staying for the traditional one year. This makes it easy to apply for permanent residency after one year and eventually citizenship after five years.
  3. You don’t need to live in Belize to invest in the country.

You can do that from anywhere you are. Just invest a sum of 500,000 Belize dollars in qualifying for residency.

When is the best time to apply for a Belize Investment Visa?

The best time to apply for a Belize Investment Visa is six weeks from your intended travel date. A Belize Investment Visa usually takes about 30 days to process. Therefore, it will give you ample time to prepare for the trip.

Is it hard to get an investment visa to Belize?

It is pretty easy to get an investment visa to Belize. All you need is to gather the necessary documents and invest a sum of 500,000 Belize dollars in the country, and you will get your visa to Belize.


If you are thinking of investing in a country where you can also have a good quality of life, your best bet is to obtain a Belize Investment Visa and an automatic temporary residence permit. Berlin is a country about to be discovered. You can start a new life here, and take your family with you too.

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