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Belize Study Visa – Application, Requirements and Funding

Many people know that Belize is quite a small country with a small population. However, what they do not know about this fascinating country is that its higher institutions are suitable for foreign nationals who want to study. With a Belize Study Visa, foreign nationals can have the opportunity to watch Belize grow as well as enjoy its beautiful scenery and get a quality education in the many notable higher institutions.

Belize is a small country in Central America with a current population of more than 410,000 people. The country is bordered by Mexico and Guatemala and is located strategically between North and South America, thereby enjoying both the Central American and the Caribbean cultures.

The Belizean community is friendly and relaxed, with lots to offer foreign nationals who wish to study in the country. Most people think of Belize as a tourist location, but beyond and above tourism, Belize’s higher institutions are becoming noticed. To learn everything about the Belize Study Visa, take a few minutes to read this article.

About the Belize Study Visa

The Belize Student Visa is a long-stay multiple entry visa obtained by foreign nationals who want to enter the country to study. Although the study visa is valid for one year, it can be extended depending on the duration of the study program.

Benefits of studying in Belize

If you want to enjoy the benefits of studying in Belize, you should get a student visa. Here’s why you should learn in Belize.

Belize is an English-speaking country

That’s right. English is the country’s official language, even though other languages like Spanish are frequently spoken here. Most universities in Belize teach English, especially the University of Belize, the country’s leading university. Belize acquired a taste for the language from Britain, which was its colonial master until September 1981.

Belize is a beautiful country

This is particularly important to people who love to explore. The country is one of the most beautiful, with nature so close. There are forests, mountains, and seashores to explore. In addition, the country is well known for the ruins of the historical Mayan civilization, which is still evident here. Also, the Belize Barrier Reef is close by and is one of the best coral reef systems, second only to Australia.

An affordable destination

The cost of living and studying in Belize is affordable when compared to more popular countries in North and Central America. This is a welcome news to international students because it is an opportunity to gain a world-class education in an affordable environment.

A chance to study and earn

While studying in Belize, it is possible to work too. Although the work will be regulated, it is a chance to earn money for necessities and a few luxuries. International students often work in local bars, supermarkets, tourist resorts, and school facilities.

Possibility of becoming a permanent resident

You can apply for permanent residence if you have lived in Belize long enough. However, a student visa is one of the pathways to becoming a resident of this beautiful country after completing your course of study.

Requirements for a Belize Study Visa

To apply to study in Belize, an international student must acquire the following documents:

1. A completed Belize Visa Application Form. You can print it out and fill, or fill it out online, print out and attach it with other documents for submission.

2. A valid passport that will still be in use at least six months after the duration of the study program. The passport should be in good condition and should have at least two blank pages for stamps and visas.

3. A letter of acceptance from the Belize university has given you admission. You must have this letter before you apply for a study visa.

4. Two recent passport photos of the international student. The pictures must clearly show your features and be taken against a neutral background.

5. Your school certificates and other relevant educational documents.

6. Travel documents like return flight tickets. This shows that you intend to return to your home country after your studies.

7. Proof of accommodation in Belize. There are many types of accommodation available in Belize. If you choose any of them, you must show proof of it. This can be in the form of a receipt for rent paid.

8. Proof of finance like bank statements

9. Health card which shows that you have taken all the required vaccinations for foreign nationals traveling to Belize, as mandated by the immigration department

10. Birth certificate of the applicant.

11. Proof of fees paid, including visa fee

12. A letter of intent explaining why you want to study in Belzile and confirming that you intend to return to your country of residence as soon as your education is over

How to Apply for a Belize Study Visa

To apply for a Belize Study Visa, you must first secure admission with any of the country’s higher institutions. Once done, here’s what to do next:

Step #1. Book an appointment

You must contact the Belizean embassy, consulate, or visa representative closest to you in your country of residence. The purpose of getting in touch is to book an appointment for your visa interview. The visa interview also involves giving your biometric information to process your visa.

Step #2. Fill out the Application Form

You can find the Belize Visa Application Form on the Belize Immigration website. Please, fill it out, and don’t forget to append your signature. Do not leave any space empty. It would be best if you answered all questions truthfully and appropriately. For questions that do not relate to your situation, write N/A, which means Not Applicable.

Step #3. Gather your documents

As you await your appointment at the embassy, now’s the time to ensure you have all the above documents. You will submit them on the day of your appointment and pay your visa processing fees.

Step #4. Wait for an answer

Indeed, it can only be good news. You will receive a response from the embassy or consulate between 16 and 30 days of your appointment. Then, prepare to go to Belize with your Student Visa. Congratulations!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the validity period of a Belize Study Visa?

The validity period of a Belize Student Visa is one year. However, you can apply for an extension if your program exceeds this period.

Can I study and earn in Belize?

Studying and earning in Belize is possible, as long as you do this within limits set by the authorities. Students are encouraged to work while they study because it will help reduce the financial strain of studying in a foreign country. Besides, working while studying is a quick and convenient way of absorbing the culture of the locals. But this should in no way affect the quality of your learning or the hours you invest in studying. If this happens, you will be advised to discontinue your part-time work.

How much is a Belize Study Visa processing fee?

A Belize Study Visa is a multiple entry visa. The visa fee for most nationals is 300 Belize dollars (BZD). However, nationals of China pay 4,000 BZD while India, Nepal, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan pay 1000 BZD. Belize currency is the Belize Dollar. Two Belize dollar is equivalent to one United States dollar. Unfortunately, the visa fee is not refundable. This means that no matter the result of your student visa application, you will not get a refund of your visa fees.

Is Belize a safe country for international students?

Belize is a small world tucked away in Central America. Because of its rough terrain and seas, it attracts all sorts of people, some of whom are tourists, drug traffickers, and money launderers. While it is advisable to be conscious of this fact, it is not something to be overly worried about because the country is quite secure. Besides, as is the case in most societies, the bad guys hurt the other bad guys, and good citizens should just get out of their way.

When can I apply for a Belize Study Visa?

The best time to apply for a Belize Study Visa is six weeks from your intended travel date. This is because a Belize Study Visa usually takes about 30 days to process. Therefore, it will give you ample time to gather your documents, submit them, and supply any extra requirements to the consular office.


You should not doubt for one second that going to Belize to study is a good idea. Instead, it would be best if you grabbed the opportunity to expand your horizon by obtaining a Belize Study Visa because the advantages are numerous. Not only is the cost of living low in Belize, but you will have the opportunity of meeting other international students and mingle with different cultures. And if you’re lucky, you may be able to secure permanent residency afterward. Belize awaits you.

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