Belize transit visa: Application, Duration, and requirements

Are you considering traveling to Belize? If yes, You may need to obtain the Belize transit visa if your country has no visa-free access to Belize.

Traveling across Belize has become more feasible, faster, and better for foreigners. Foreign individuals who want to transit through the beautiful country of Belize to neighboring countries can now do so quickly, and this article is set to help you explore.

Here is a guide on the procedures for applying for a Belize transit visa, its duration, and the requirements for you to apply.

About Belize

Belize is a small country situated in Central America. It is not a big country like its neighboring countries. However, it is embedded with numerous adventures. Belize is a country popular for its outstanding natural beauty that makes residents’ lives pleasurable.

The country is globally known for good marine life, with about a hundred Cayes. It has the longest Zipline, about 2.5miles, with 14 platforms and nine separate runs of less than 2,300 feet. You will also enjoy the views of barrier reefs in Bazile.

Nonetheless, Bazile has historical sites such as Lamanai and Xunantunich, where you can have beautiful panoramic views of high temples and much more.

Belize transit visa

If your country is not visa-exempted from Belize, and you’re planning on traveling through the country, you’ll need to get a transit visa. This Visa is valid for only a single entry and allows you to stay in the country for up to 72 hours. You can apply for a Visa online or at a Belizean embassy or consulate.

The application fee will cost you BZ$100. Meanwhile, after submitting your application to the immigration office, approval will be given to you by the Visa Vetting committee (VVC) department.

Eligibility criteria for the Belize Transit Visa

You must show sufficient evidence of why you must transit through Belize to be eligible for the transit visa. Also, you must show evidence of your original destination, which could be the Visa you purchased for the country you’re visiting.

Note that this visa type has a few limitations. It cannot be used to enter the country and is only valid for a single entry. Also, you cannot use the Visa for tourism or business purposes, and you must obtain it before you arrive in Belize.

Duration of your stay in Bazile on a transit visa

The duration of the Visa is about 72 hours. However, it also depends on the discretion of the immigration officials at the border. Generally, a transit visa will be valid for a few days or weeks, depending on your travel plans.

Note that the Bazile transit visa will take at least four weeks to gain approval from the consulate. Therefore, make your application on time before the date you will be traveling to avoid cancellation.

Requirements for Belize transit visa

Notably, there are several requirements for getting a Belize transit visa. These requirements are essential prerequisites without which you may not obtain a Visa. Check them below.

#1. Valid International passport

Please note that you must have an international passport valid for about six months as you leave Bazile. Having a passport will give you access to the country and, of course, authenticate your country of origin.

#2. Passport photograph

Indeed, you will use one color passport photograph, the size of 2×2 inches, on a white background for your transit visa. This photo will be attached to your documents for identification. Therefore, ensure that it is impeccable, without folding or creasing.

#3. Visa application form

You need to obtain the Belize transit visa application form to get a chance to travel through the country. After assessing the form, you must fill it with the correct information. The information you provide on the application form must tally with what you have in other documents.

#4. Proof of accommodation

Without a doubt, you must make plans for a place to reside when you arrive in Belize. Hence, you need to provide detailed information about your accommodation plans. For example, it could be a hotel lodge or the address of someone hosting you. Ensure you fix this before you visit the Belizean Embassy or consulate for your Visa.

#5. Statement of Account.

To transit through Belize, you need to provide viable financial evidence- such as your bank statements, to certify your financial capabilities to survive and live in Belize as you transit to your destination country.

#6. Police report certificate

police clearance certificate is a document that shows that you have no criminal record. The document is issued by the police department of the country or state where you live. To get the police clearance certificate for your transit, you must go to your local police station and request one. The police will run a background check and clear you if you have no criminal record.

#7. Visa of your destination country

Remember that this Belize visa is a transit visa. Hence, you need to provide evidence of where you intend to travel. You can provide the Visa of your destination country for this reason.

How to apply for a Belize transit visa

Belize encourages all applicants to follow due process for their Belize transit visa because it doesn’t allow illegal entrance into its space. Here are the steps you must follow to apply for and obtain your Belize transit visa.

Step one: Check your eligibility

First and foremost, you need to check if you are eligible to enter Belize without a visa. Not all countries need to apply for this Visa Because some countries have reached a visa-free agreement with Belize. If you’re lucky to have your country exempted from the Visa, you don’t need to go through the application processing. However, if your country is not exempted from the Visa, you must apply for one.

Step two: Obtain the Belize transit visa form.

Once you’ve confirmed that you need the Belize transit visa, you should proceed to obtain the visa application form from the online service provided by the Belizean Embassy. Then, accurately fill out the form and avoid any omission.

Step three: Gather your documents for submission at the consulate

Importantly, you should contact the Belizean Embassy or consulate beforehand to know about some specific documents you need for the transit visa. Once you have the information, you should gather and arrange them in accordance.

Step four: Book an appointment with the Belizean consulate

Do not go to the consulate or Embassy without booking an appointment. Ensure you have fixed a date to submit your documents at the Embassy. On the day of your appointment, dress neatly and decently and prepare to submit your documents and biometrics.

Step five: Wait for your Bazile transit visa.

You should wait for the results from the Embassy and prepare to travel once you get approval.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a Belize transit visa?

Yes, you can get a Belize transit visa. This Visa allows you to stay in the country for up to 72 hours while waiting for your connecting flight. To apply for this Visa, you must provide evidence of your onward travel arrangements and proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay.

Is the cost of living in Belize expensive?

The cost of living here is lower than in most other cities in the country. Various housing options are available, and the prices for necessities are reasonable. However, some things are more expensive here than in other places. For example, transportation costs are higher, and dining out can be quite costly.

What documents do I need to travel to Belize?

To travel to Belize, you will need a passport and a visa. You can get a visa at the airport when you arrive in Belize, but it is cheaper and easier to get one ahead of time from the Belizean Embassy or consulate.

Is it hard to get a transit visa?

The requirements for a transit visa vary depending on the country. Still, you will need to provide documentation that shows you have a valid reason for traveling through the country and that you have enough money to support yourself while in the country. You may also need to provide a copy of your flight itinerary.

How safe is Belize?

Belize is a relatively safe country, especially when compared to others in Central America. However, don’t enter some areas, especially at night. Petty crime is common, so it is vital to take precautions against theft and to be aware of your surroundings.

What to know before going to Belize?

There are a few things to know before going to Belize:

-The official language is English, Spanish, and Creole.

-Belize is a former British colony, so the currency is the Belizean dollar.

-The country is relatively small, so it’s easy to get around.


Traveling through Belize has gotten more accessible with the Belize transit visa. You can have a safe, enjoyable, memorable trip to your destination as you pass through the beautiful country. However, remember that you can only get this Visa before entering Belize.

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