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Best CRS Score To Obtain Canada PR Invitation In 2020

Best CRS Score To Obtain Canada PR Invitation In 2020…

Canada still remain the top destination for Tens of thousands of immigrants across the planet, who are planning to migrate abroad.

With a huge job wages, high employments opportunities, high living standard, good quality lifestyle and career opportunities, Canada no doubt will continue to be the safe haven for immigrant aspirants.

The Express Entry System is the premier immigration system of Canada that selects candidates for Canadian PR based on their scored points.

This entire system is known as Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The higher a candidate’s CRS points, the better are the chances of getting nominated by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for Canada PR.

The IRCC launches a draw every Two weeks to select the candidates with top CRS score. For every draw, IRCC announce cut off points or CRS score requirement.

The candidates often remain agitated as to what will be the CRS score criteria from IRCC in the subsequent draw of express entry and whether or not they can get the ITA (Invitation to apply) for Canada PR based on the same.

What will be winning CRS score in 2019?

The IRCC made massive reduction in the CRS score requirement in the first half of last year of 2017. As a matter of fact, it went down to its lowest mark (i.e. 413 CRS marks) in April 2017. But, this year the IRCC has not reduced the cut off marks to a great extent.

The cut off marks or CRS score criteria this year is roughly around 445 CRS marks. In fact, the last draw of March 2018 saw an unforeseen rise in the cut off marks, as it raised to 456 points in the last EE draw.

Taking a look at the current situation, if you have the CRS score of let’s say 456 marks, you have a strong chance of getting Canadian permanent residency.

But, a big-time question here is, is there any possibility of deduction in the CRS score criteria from IRCC in 2019?

Taking a look at the huge annual immigration target (of roughly around 1,000,000) of Canada for the year 2018 to 2020, we can expect the fall in the cut off marks in the subsequent express entry draws in the coming years.

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