Best Immigrant Nominee Programs for International Graduates in Canada

After living and studying in Canada for a couple of years, many international graduates are already in love with the country and want to stay permanently. Canada is looking for international graduates to stay as well! That’s why there are a variety of Provincial Nominee programs, available to international graduates.

Most Provincial Nominee programs targeting international graduates or students will require that the student has a valid post-graduation work permit after graduation from a designated learning institution. Once you have your post-graduation work permit, you will be able to settle and work anywhere in Canada, so that’s a great benefit! Now, which provinces are best suited for permanent immigration for international students?

Best PNPs Programs For International Graduates

A Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a provincially operated immigration system designed to allow a province to select foreign nationals for Canadian permanent residence. Once the foreign national has been nominated, they are qualified to submit an application for Canadian permanent residence!

Every province has a few different PNPs design to fit their unique economic and demographic needs. Here are a few of the provinces with PNPs designed for international graduates who have completed studies inside that province.

Alberta Post-Graduate Worker:

If you complete a post-secondary educational credential in Alberta as an international student, you may be eligible for this stream! Your program must have been at least Twelve (12) months in length. You must also be working in the province as at the time of application for PR.

BC International Post-Graduate Category:

If you have completed a master’s degree or a doctoral program at a designated institution in British Columbia province, you can use this post-graduate stream to apply directly for a provincial nomination. You don’t need an offer!

Ontario Masters & PhD Graduates:

If you have completed a graduate program or a doctoral degree at a designated institution in Ontario province, you can qualify for provincial nomination through this stream. You only need to be aware that Ontario province has strict quotas for their streams, so you may need always to pay close attention to their updates!

Atlantic Provinces:

Canada’s Atlantic provinces (i.e Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island) are implementing a new study to stay programs. These streams assist international students throughout their educational programs, giving them training, career guidance and networking opportunities.

In addition, all of these provinces have their own provincial nomination streams, tailored to help international graduates obtain permanent residency!