Best Medical Insurance Company in Canada

Trying to find the best medical insurance company in Canada can be a confusing process. But there are several criteria one need to keep in mind when making decisions including customer service ratings, financial strength, claims service, policy offerings, plan prices, coverage benefits, and provider choices.

There is no one “best” medical insurance company, but the best one for you might depend on the kind of health insurance you want, your budget, and what is generally obtainable in your area.

With that said, however, the following are Five of what many consider to be the best medical Insurance companies in Canada.

Best Medical Insurance Company In Canada

At least when it comes to Health Insurance in the country, they each have something to offer.


Manulife provides Insurance called Flexcare Health and Dental. It is an intermix type of health insurance. It has a base number of products. For instance, like coverage for prescription drugs and dental facilities. Then also a mixture of both of these plus vision care. Also included is Extended health care facilities for clients.

FollowMe is also another health care coverage. It is one that is easily affordable and can follow the insured persons when they change workplaces.

Sunlife Financial

Sunlife is another well-known and reliable insurance provider. Among their services is health insurance. They usually call this an extended health care insurance. Their website is quite self-explanatory and simple.

They claim they offer this type of insurance. Plans are available for the entire family. However, dental health care services are not available as a separate package. It is part of the extended health care insurance package.

GreatWest Life

GreatWest Life is an insurance provider that focuses on two health care coverage plans. Enhanced Healthcare for Families or Individuals. In this category, the Company provides three different plans. Which are the Core, Core Plus, and Core Elite packages. They each cover different amounts of coverage. Then there are also extra packages that the insured can choose.

Plan Direct is another package offered by the company. It is made for persons who are about to retire. Or, for those that are changing their company and going to elsewhere. There is no medical examination needed.

Ontario Blue Cross

Blue Cross is an insurance company well known across Canada. It includes Ontario Blue Cross. For this province, there are several different packages. There is the Basic Plus and the Basic Blue Choice.

Then there is also the Blue Choice Balance. Most of these services are packages. There is, however, one exception to this. The Blue Choice plan allows for individual choices for different coverage.

GMS Health Insurance

The GMS Health insurance company seems to put most of their attention on extended health care. They offer a variety of different packages. There is the ExtendaPlan. It focuses on more coverage. Then there is the Omni Plan. Which is for extended health care that is extensive. Some of its key services are medical supplies and equipment. With, variations in medical specialists.

There is also a Basic Plan. This plan is ideal and works best for those that need something simple. There is also extra coverage, which is for those that want additional or extra coverage.

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