Best Paying US Careers With A Bachelor’s Degree

It is best to take a look at potential salaries before you spend the time and money to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in pursuit of a career. This list ranks the best paying careers with a Bachelor’s degree according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It includes an overview of the career, related job titles in the career field, recommended degrees that fit the career, and personal characteristics required for the field. Though others require work experience, licensing, and on-the-job training, the minimum entry requirement for these careers is a Bachelor’s degree.

Chief Executives:

These occupy a number of critical administrative roles in corporations, agencies, and other businesses. Their responsibilities involve designing and effecting business strategies, planning and directing business activities, and ensure successful operation.

Average Annual Salary: $181,210

Related Job Titles includes Chief Operating Officer; Chief Executive Officer; Government Service Executive; Governor; Mayor. Recommended Degrees are Bachelor in Public Administration; Bachelor in Business Administration;  Bachelor in Management.

Personal Qualities: Chief executives must have strong leadership and management skills, as well as time management and communications skills, and an ability for problem-solving. Also, see top most employable degrees in Canada

Computer and Information Systems Managers:

These managers maintain the technological needs of corporations and organizations through planning and coordinating computer and technological activities. it involves determining an organization’s technological goals and establish plans to meet those goals, and manage information technology teams.

Average Annual Salary: $135,800

Related Job Titles: Computer Operations Manager; Information Systems Manager; Chief Technology Officer; Data Operations Director; Information Systems Director. Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Computer Science; Bachelor in Information Systems; Bachelor in Information Technology; Bachelor in Management Information Systems.

Personal Qualities: Computer and information systems managers need leadership and business skills, as well as an ability for decision making, organization, analysis, and communication.

Architectural and Engineering Managers:

They merge management and leadership with expertise in architecture and engineering fields. Individuals in this profession plan projects and direct teams to complete the projects.

Average Annual Salary: $134,730

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Architecture; Bachelor in Electrical Engineering; Bachelor in Engineering Management, Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. Related Job Titles: Electrical Engineering Director; Mechanical Engineering Director; Engineering Design Manager; Engineering Manager; Process Engineering Manager.

Personal Qualities: Architectural and engineering managers need to be detail-oriented and analytical, with strong skills in the areas of mathematics, organization, and communication. Also, see high demand jobs in computer technology