Best Remote Tech Jobs in Canada

Doing a remote tech job in Canada has a lot of benefits for both employers and employees.

Tech jobs in Canada are becoming in-demand jobs because of the steady rise in technology. The good thing about tech jobs in Canada is that you can always work from home without having to move away from your home.

Imagine working the whole week without leaving the comfort of your home. Working remotely is becoming the order of the day in many industries including the technology industry.

Doing a remote tech job in Canada attracts many workers because it simply demands sitting in front of a computer screen, which means that it can be done from the comfort of your home. You just need your computer, internet, and electricity to do a tech job in Canada.

Canada is also trying hard to adapt to this growing system of working from home. So, we are going to look at the best remote tech jobs in Canada in 2021. 

Working remotely has many benefits including encountering fewer distractions while working, incurring lower costs to both the employer and employee, working in a comfortable environment, and a renewed sense of family unity.

There may be disadvantages but they can be contained which include adapting to a work from home culture, changing to new policies and procedures that are applicable to the situation.

If you are planning to work remotely in Canada, you can try working remotely as a tech and IT worker.

This is becoming one of Canada’s most prominent remote work fields. Remote tech jobs in Canada favor both employers and employees who do their works from home and do worry about leaving their home in the morning or rushing out early to beat the traffic.

Six ways to get a remote tech job in Canada

Step 1: Determine the best remote tech job that suits you.

Step 2: Determine What Really Motivates You at Work

Step 3: Write Your Resume for a Remote Job Application

Step 4: Prepare for your online interview

Step 5: Bring it All Home and enjoy your work

Benefits of doing a Remote Tech Job in Canada

Doing a remote tech job in Canada has a lot of benefits for both employers and employees. The benefits include:

No commute

When you do remote tech jobs in Canada, you won’t bother about rushing out early in the morning to beat the traffic, you now work in the comfort of your home.

Your own schedule

As a remote tech worker in Canada, you typically work on your own schedule without worrying about the company schedule. All you have to do is to meet the target of your employer.

Work from anywhere

You can as well work from anywhere in the world as a remote tech worker even though some employers demand workers from a particular country. But the good thing is that you do not leave the comfort of your home as a remote tech worker. 

Family time

You will have more time with your family and hang out with them more often. Doing a remote tech job in Canada allows you to have more fun without your family. This does not mean you should not take your work seriously but you can create time from your schedule to be with your family. 


The cost of working from home is much lower than going to your office or workplace every morning. Working from home cuts some costs including transport costs, lunch costs, and many others. 

Disadvantages of doing a Remote Job in Canada

Everything with advantages also has its disadvantages, doing a remote tech job in Canada also has some advantages which include:


You are sure to work alone for the whole week without the company of your co-workers.


This may sound a bit odd but it’s true, some people who work remotely in Canada tend to overwork themselves since they work in the comfort of their homes.


If you are not the dedicated type, doing remote tech jobs in Canada may not be good for you because you will have the problem of underworking. 

Best Remote Tech and IT Jobs in Canada

Check Out These Remote Tech and IT Jobs

As a remote tech job seeker in Canada, you can try any of these jobs listed below:

Virtual Assistant

One of the in-demand remote tech jobs in Canada is a virtual assistant. To work as a remote virtual assistant, you will need a good knowledge of social media and other platforms such as Excel and Word.

This is not attractive to employees since you have to interact with customers on a face-to-face basis through social media. Starting salaries for virtual assistants are between $1,000 and $1,500 monthly, but with experience, you can earn more. 

e-Learning Designer

Are an e-learning designer and want to work remotely in Canada, then the remote tech job in Canada is for you. Schools across Canada, just like other sectors are trying to show their presence in the online world.

So, they need remote tech workers who can create their e-learning materials both to remain competitive and to ensure that students receive the best education.

Angular Web Developer

You can also work remotely in Canada as a web developer since coding has become a more lucrative endeavor, especially for freelancers, or start-ups with remote workers. You will need some skills in full-stack developing with Angular a must-have.

You will also need good English skills as your work may include explaining technical solutions to non-developers. At the entry-level

positions in Canada, you can earn around $7,080 per month, while experienced workers make $12,000 on average per month.

Project Manager

Remote tech jobs in Canada also include managing IT and tech projects which have to deal with a lot of responsibility.

Many professionals in this field would prefer to go to their office and communicate with their team verbally, however, with the growth in the online industry and as more skilled workers are employed globally, professional managers are now in high demand to work virtually. 

iOS Developer

This is one of the best paid remote tech jobs in Canada. The reason is simple, there is high demand for this service. If you are highly skilled as an iOS developer in Canada, you will be on a fast track to Canadian permanent residency. The average annual salary is $113,563 a year.

UX/UI Graphic Designer

As a UI and graphic design, you can design for web, mobile, and marketing in Canada. This is an in-demand job in Canada as graphic designers are rare and thus earn very good salaries. Graphic designers earn an average income of around $40 an hour or $6,500 a month.

Social Media Evaluator

Another remote tech job in Canada is to work as a social media evaluator by performing duties like Work on crowd-sourced programs performing search media evaluation, social media evaluation, translation, transcription, surveys, and data collection. As a social $14 an hour, which can get to the region of $2,240 a month.

Internet Data Contributor

As an internet data contributor, you perform the following tasks remotely: speech contribution, taking photos and videos, completing social media analysis, and evaluating of internet data and AI technologies.

Software Project Manager

Another good remote tech job in Canada is software project manager where you need the ability to read and write software applications.

Another required skill is as well as strong organizational and communication skills to demonstrate the ability to work directly with clients and development teams. As a starter, you can earn as much as $3,200 a month, while the amount can up to $8,500 a month as you get more experience.


The list of developers can go on and on including  Ruby on Rails, Python, C++, and Mobile developers, and many others. Developers are in very high demand in Canada.

Salaries in the industry are very competitive and you can earn an average of $87,000 a year. To be earning that much, you must have the necessary experience and qualifications to succeed in this job. 

Websites to find remote tech jobs in Canada

There are several websites to find remote tech jobs in Canada. They include:

  • LinkedIn
  • Flexjobs 
  • Toptal
  • Angellist

Industries With Highest Percentage Of Remote Workers

  1.  Healthcare 15%
  2. Technology/internet: 10%
  3. Financial Services: 9%
  4.  Education: 8%
  5. Manufacturing: 7%
  6. Professional Services: 6%
  7. Retail: 6%

Highest Paid Remote Works in Canada

See List of Highest-Paid Remote Workers

The list of highest-paid remote workers include:

1. Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Amount: $38,000 to $42,000 a year (Beginners may earn as low as $26,000 while experienced representative can get over $48,000)

2. Medical Transcriptionist

Amount: $39,000 – $56,000 a year (Team leads and senior Transcriptionists usually get higher salaries)

3. DevOps Engineer/Senior Software Developer

Amount: $90,000 to $130,000  a year

3. Telehealth Doctor

Amount: $150,000 to $200,000 a year

4. Junior Software Engineer

Amount: $40,000 to $65,000 a year

5. Engineering Consultants

Amount: $69,000 to $139,000 a year

6. Machine Learning Engineer/Data Scientist

Amount: $120,000/$91,000 a year median salary respectively (Can be much higher, depending upon the assignment)

7. Technical Writer

Amount: $62,000 a year median salary (Range: $45,000 to $87,000 a year)

8. Accountant

Amount: $39,000 to $73,000 a year (Median somewhere around $50,000)

9. Bookkeeping

Amount: $34,000 to $58,000 a year for experienced bookkeepers

10. Financial Analysts

Amount: $58,000 to $77,000 a year

11. Financial Advisor/Financial Coach

Amount: $57,467 a year average salary

12. ESL Teachers

Amount: $23 an hour on average ($18 to $30 per hour on VIPKid Canada)

13. Online Teachers

Amount: $39,000 a year median salary (Range: $24,000 to $66,000)

14. Content Creator

Amount: $33,000 to $69,000 per year

15. Industrial Design

Amount: $51,500 per year average salary (Can go as high as $74,000 per year)

17. Environmental Consultants

Amount: $43,000 to $84,000 per year