15 Best Vacation Spots in Canada for Singles and Family

Whether you’re single, married or with a large family, Canada has great places to relax and view the world.

Have you always thought Canada houses the best, affordable education as well as a favourable working environment alone? It would stun you how many beautiful places there are to visit in Canada.

Our list of best vacation spots in Canada for 2021 contains cities and provinces. Others are specific tourist attraction sites you should visit. The 2021 ranking by World Atlas ranked Canada as the second most beautiful country in the world? Isn’t that amazing?

At the end of this article, we have also created a list of places you’ll like to visit based on the following categories:

  • Best Summer Vacation Places in Canada
  • Best Winter Vacation Places in Canada
  • Places to Visit During Christmas
  • Best Provinces to Visit in Canada
  • Best Cities to Visit in Canada
  • Top Tourist Attraction Sites in Canada
  • Best Family Vacation Spots in Canada

This categorization should help to choose your ideal best vacation spot in Canada based on factors like season, holiday, location, tourism value, and so on.

What are the 15 Best Places to Visit in Canada?

In no particular order, here is a list of 15 places we consider the best to travel to in Canada?

  1. Niagara Falls
  2. Toronto
  3. Banff National Park
  4. John’s
  5. Halifax
  6. The Okanagan Valley
  7. Quebec
  8. Ottawa
  9. Great Slave Lake
  10. Whistler Town
  11. John’s Signal Hill National Historic Site
  12. Tofino
  13. The Forks
  14. Calgary Stampede
  15. Saskatoon
  1. Niagara Falls

From Geography lessons to movies that feature the flagship location, Niagara Falls has been the dream location of anyone who wishes to have a top-notch vacation experience in Canada. Except you are scared of heights or the water, Niagara falls present to you the beauty of nature as great torrents of water pour over a height of about 57 metres. Whether you want to have a live feel of walking across the fringe of the waterfall, you desire a boat ride in the Gorge down below, or you want a fantastic view from the Skylon Tower high above, the options are laid out before you and you only need to make a choice!

  1. Toronto

If Toronto is not on our list of the best vacation spots in Canada, then which other place should be? As the capital city of Ontario, the largest and one of the most developed provinces in Canada, Toronto is home to towering buildings, busy roads, cultural diversity, all kinds of hotels and restaurants. It houses a population of over 5 million people, and probably, its most distinct feature is the CN tower, the highest standing structure in the city. You can simply admire this edifice from afar or find your way to it for the wildest view of the lake and the city that spreads around it.

Not so far from Toronto is Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. In short, the province of Ontario is rich in historic, political, economic, and recreational sites. The province as a whole makes a good sightseeing location any day, any time.

  1. Banff National Park

In the oil-rich province of Alberta lies one of Canada’s best gifts of nature – the Banff National Park. This region alone features parts of the Rocky Mountains and Lake Louise. You may have known that Canada is home to the most number of lakes in the world but Lake Louise is the prettiest of them all. The greenish scenery it reflects brings a soothing effect to anyone. Also in the Park are other lakes like Bow Lake and Moraine Lake. In summer, the park presents to you hiking resorts while in winter it stretches to you miles of ski worthy terrains.

Meanwhile, you may choose to explore the beauty of the Rocky Mountains alone from British Columbia as the elevated terrain stretches from this very province through Alberta and then went on through the US all the way to New Mexico.

  1. John’s City

St. John’s City is hands down a place of colour and beauty. It ranks high among cities to visit in Canada and gets our vote as one of the most beautiful places in Canada. You will most likely have found pictures of the colourful buildings that line the shores of the city probably as wallpapers of pictorial representations of Newfoundland and Labrador. The colourful array of the buildings is one thing, the way they align along the slope is another. It presents the city in a unique view that appears like a colourful staircase from afar. You will also find historic attractions and sizzling seafood to treat your taste buds.

Suppose you wish to begin or end your tour of Canada from this side of the country, St. John’s does have an international airport.

  1. Halifax

Bringing Nova Scotia to the limelight is Halifax, the capital and the most visited city in the province. The city speaks of rich history and maritime life. There is the famous lighthouse found in Peggy Cove where you will find groups of tourists and photographers taking pictures of their lifetime. In the main city is the Citadel National Historic Site and on the forefront of tourist attraction to the region is the Halifax waterfront.

  1. Okanagan Valley

For a less shouty summer experience in Canada, visit Okanagan Valley. Enjoy swimming in warm lakes, sunbathing on the shore, and the peaceful canoe rides. Feel the warmth of nature from a quiet side of Canada and enjoy the cheap accommodation opportunities compared to most other tourist attraction sites in Canada. This very reason makes it rank in our list of best vacation spots in Canada.

  1. Quebec

If you are French or simply a lover of French Culture, Quebec should be on your list of cities to visit in Canada. It is the only French-speaking province in Canada. This came to be after the region was dominated by the French during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Note that there is Quebec City, a city located in the province of Quebec and is also the capital. In Quebec, you will experience the true taste of French culture amidst historical sites, picturesque mountains, and wonderful cuisines. If you are visiting Quebec during the snowy period of the year, we advise that you do not miss the winter vacation experience – Carnaval de Quebec.

  1. Ottawa

What makes Ottawa different from all other Canadian cities and particularly makes it distinct from Toronto is that it is the capital of Canada. As the first city to reckon with politically in Canada, it is worth featuring in your list of places to visit in Canada. Ottawa houses numerous national museums, such as the National Gallery of Canada. It is also home to Parliament Hill where Canadian laws and other political matters of the federation are decided. In Springtime, Ottawa features the famous Tulip Canada. If you also happen to be on July 1 which is Canada Day, Ottawa is probably the first city to witness the celebrations among indigenes and citizens of Canada.

  1. Great Slave Lake

One of the deepest lakes in Canada, the Great Slave Lake is worth paying a visit to. Located in the Northwest Territories, you can make the Lake your destination if you desire to adventure into the farthest north of Canada. During winter, the lake ices up a bit, forming a beautiful white crust in certain areas. In the less cold seasons, the lake is great for fishing trout and pike. If you are really really lucky, you may be able to experience the bustling colours of the northern lights. We tell you, this experience will be your highlight for the year. So as not to strictly play on chance, you could explore the Thaidene Nene National Park Reserve or visit the Bison Sanctuary not very far from the lake.

  1. Whistler Town

Whistler town is all about winter, sports, mountains and ski. The little municipal is Canada’s best ski resort location and has once hosted the Winter Olympics. The long stretch of snowy mountains provides a playing field for skiers and also presents a picturesque view of nature for non-skiers. In Summertime, the little town is also known for golfing, hiking, and biking. The complement the resort value of Whistler town, several hotels, restaurants, Christmas and holiday shops have stemmed up in almost every street. Whistler town has our thumbs up as one of the best vacation spots in Canada.

  1. John’s Signal Hill National Historic Site

Should you have a flair for history, you should pay a visit to St. John’s Signal Hill. Indeed, the location has much to play in Canada’s history. It was the centre of the Seven Years War of the eighteenth century. It displays evidence of fortifications that were built years later after the war. In 1901, the first trans-Atlantic wireless signal was discovered in this historic site and this birthed its name. In the tower of St. John’s, you will find exhibitions related to the war and the history of communication in Canada. As a tip, the crest of the towers offers you a view of the cities that line the shores of the Pacific as far as the most eastern parts of North America.

  1. Tofino Town

The island of Vancouver presents to us another sporting center in Canada – Tofino town. Known for surfing waters and hiking forests, Tofino lets you enjoy the joys of the Pacific Ocean. For an extra feel of nature, you can visit the Pacific Rim National Park where you can observe wildlife and make midnight campfires with your family.

  1. The Forks

Located in the friendly city of Winnipeg, The Forks is not a city or a town but only a meeting place in downtown Winnipeg. This location, minute as it is bears rich history and witnesses a high influx of local and international tourists every year. We will tell you why. First, there is the Confluence of Two Rivers where two flowing water bodies collide to form a united flow. There’s Johnston Terminal, Oodena Celebration Circle, Manitoba’s Children Museum, Manitoba Theatre for Young People, Arctic Glacier Winter Park, to mention but a few. This location is ideal for family visits and it does not matter whether you visit in summer or winter, there is something exciting for everyone.

While at The Forks, do not forget to explore the great Forks Market. We believe that is the highlight of it all. And before you say bye to Winnipeg, you could stop by at the Grand Beach, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, or the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

  1. Calgary Stampede

Do you have ten days to spare for a July summer vacation in Canada? You can invest all of the days in the famous Calgary Stampede and we tell you, your stay will be worth it. Since 135 years ago, this rodeo exhibition has held for ten days every year and starts from the first Friday in July. Music, games, food, thrill rides, and thrift shopping are the highlight of the days here. If you are considering a memorable vacation for you and your family, make Calgary your target in July. Your little ones with not forget the experience in a jiffy.

  1. Saskatoon

The best time to visit Saskatoon is summer. It presents you with open fields of prairies, the lover’s playground at the South Saskatchewan River, and cheap, yet delicious food. Experience a mix of classic and contemporary art in the Remai Modern. In the evenings, visit the strawberry Ranch to pick sweet berries or simply opt for the Drift Café for a peaceful cup of locally grown coffee.

Where Should I Spend my vacation in Canada?

This totally depends on you! Canada affords you the opportunity to visit many different exciting sites with friendly locals and intriguing food. There are endless lines of beaches for summer, ski resorts for winter vacations, festivals, great architectural designs and nature parks.

You should consider the following before deciding where you will visit during your vacation in Canada:

  • The season of the year you are travelling in
  • Your duration of stay in Canada
  • Your taste in an ideal vacation spot
  • Those who may be travelling with you (such as family, friends, work colleagues, children, etc.)
  • Your budget

Best Summer Vacation Places in Canada

  • Niagara Falls
  • Parliament Hill, Ottawa
  • Quebec City
  • Okanagan Valley
  • Vancouver
  • Calgary Stampede
  • Saskatoon
  • The Forks
  • Jasper National Park

Best Winter Vacation Places in Canada

  • The Chic Choc Mountains
  • Quebec City
  • Mont-Tremblant
  • White Horse, Yukon
  • Whistler Town
  • Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Banff National Park
  • Carnaval de Quebec, Quebec

Places to Visit During Christmas

  • Toronto Christmas Market
  • Cicerone Tours, Quebec
  • Niagara Falls
  • Christmas at Casa Loma, Toronto
  • Merry Montreal
  • Vancouver
  • The Forks
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Churchill, Manitoba
  • Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Best Provinces to Visit in Canada

  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • Quebec
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Alberta
  • Manitoba

Best Cities to Visit in Canada

  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Ottawa
  • Montreal
  • John’s
  • Victoria
  • Calgary
  • Saskatoon
  • Halifax
  • Revelstoke
  • Quebec City
  • Kelowna
  • Yellowknife

Top Tourist Attraction Sites in Canada

  • Niagara Falls
  • Banff National Park
  • Parliament Hill, Ottawa
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Churchill town, Manitoba
  • Stanley Park, Vancouver
  • Calgary Stampede
  • The Okanagan Valley
  • Cape Breton Highlands National Park
  • The Forks, Winnipeg
  • Gros-Morne National Park

Best family vacation spots in Canada

  • Pacific Rim National Park, Tofino, Vancouver
  • Whiteshell Provincial Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Charlotte Town, Prince Edward Island
  • The Rocky Mountains, British Columbia and Alberta
  • Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories
  • Old Quebec
  • John’s City, Newfoundland
  • Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Calgary Stampede
  • The Forks, Winnipeg

How to Travel to Canada on a Vacation

You can fulfill your dream of visiting the finest places in Canada by obtaining the Canada Visitor Visa popularly known as the Canada Tourist Visa or Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). This visa permits you to stay in Canada for six months. You can apply online for the Visitor Visa through IRCC Canada.


What are the Most Beautiful Places in Canada?

  • Long Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
  • Big Muddy Valley, Saskatchewan
  • Nahanni National Park Reserve, Northwest Territories
  • Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick
  • Abraham Lake, Alberta
  • Niagara Falls
  • John’s
  • Quebec City

What are the Requirements for Obtaining a Tourist Visa in Canada?

The requirements for obtaining the visa are simple are include the following:

  • Possessing a valid passport
  • Having no criminal report
  • Sound health
  • Proof of sufficient funds to stay in Canada
  • Proof that you will exit Canada upon expiry of the visa