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Steps in Obtaining Bolivia Permanent Residency Permit

Suppose you are planning to stay forever in the Republic of Bolivia. In that case, you must obtain a Bolivian Permanent Residency Visa, which involves taking a few easy, but subtle steps.

Generally speaking, Bolivian permanent residents can enjoy plenty of benefits. Some significant advantages of becoming a Bolivian permanent resident include living, working, studying, and traveling within the country without restrictions. Even though the Republic of Bolivia is one of the least developed countries in the world, it has a rich culture and an amazing landscape that could make you want to live permanently there. Nevertheless, you will have to learn Spanish to live and communicate effectively in Bolivia.

Moreover, there are several requirements for obtaining permanent residency status in Bolivia. Among these include holding a valid passport and temporary residence permit. In addition, it is equally important to possess a notarized letter that provides specific information, as stated in this blog post.

Read on to learn more about getting Bolivia Permanent Residency Visa, including its cost, requirements, processing time, application steps, and some relevant tips.

What is a Bolivian Permanent Residency Permit?

Bolivia Permanent Residency Visa is also the same as a Bolivian Definite Visa. This type of visa authorizes foreign nationals to stay in the Republic of Bolivia for an indefinite period.

To qualify for Bolivian permanent residency, you must have lived in the country for at least two years. You must also possess a valid Bolivia temporary residency permit.

Take note that Bolivia’s permanent residency permit automatically becomes invalid when you travel outside the country for more than two years.

Reasons to Become a Bolivian permanent resident

Without a doubt, Bolivia permanent residency benefits are many. Below are the top reasons to consider becoming a permanent resident of the Republic of Bolivia.

  • Bolivian permanent residents can live in any part of the country for an indefinite period. They can also travel without restrictions in the country.
  • Family members of Bolivia permanent residents can quickly get a visa to join their spouse, children, and parents in the country.
  • As a Bolivian permanent resident, you can enroll in any educational institution or work for a Bolivia-based company without getting a new visa.
  • You will be eligible to apply for your citizenship within a few years of attaining Bolivia permanent residency
  • Holders of Bolivia Permanent Residency visa do not need to renew their visa yearly, unlike a Bolivian temporary residence permit.

Bolivia Permanent Residency Permit Fee

While applying to become a Bolivian permanent resident, you must pay a fee of about US $560. Making a full fee payment enables the immigration office to start processing your application.

Processing Time of Bolivia Permanent Residency Visa

The application processing for Bolivia Permanent Residency Visa takes a minimum of ten days and not more than one month. During this period, the Bolivian immigration office would have reviewed your application and decided on it.

Bolivia Permanent Residency Requirements

You are required to hold the following documents before being eligible for a Bolivian Permanent Residency Visa.

  • A valid passport, which features a two-year Bolivian temporary resident permit
  • A notarized letter demonstrates that you have been within the Republic of Bolivia without traveling outside the country for over three months. The letter must also show your present residency status in Bolivia.

How to Get Bolivia Permanent Residency Permit

Here are a few steps to take in becoming a Bolivian permanent resident.

  1. Put together every of the required documents
  2. Visit a Bolivian immigration office to apply for your permit
  3. Submit your supporting documents and pay the necessary fee
  4. Expect the immigration office’s decision

Step 1: Put together every of the required documents

To obtain a Bolivian permanent residency permit, you must gather all the necessary documents for your application. Ensure that you have all documents at hand, as the immigration office needs them to facilitate your application.

Step 2: Visit a Bolivian immigration office to apply for your permit

The second step in getting Bolivia Permanent Residency Visa requires you to get to the physical location of a Bolivian immigration office.

Right at the office, you’ll be able to apply for your permanent residency and complete other essential processes.

Step 3: Submit your supporting documents and pay the necessary fee

Before leaving the immigration office, you have to submit your supporting documents and complete payments for your permanent residency application. Both are mandatory to do in accomplishing this step.

Step 4: Expect the immigration office’s decision

At this time, you can start hoping for the immigration office to decide on your Bolivia Permanent Residency application. This should take a maximum period of 30 days.

Validity Period of a Bolivian Permanent Residency Visa

Bolivia permanent residence permit does not expire at any point in time. However, you must never travel out of the country for longer than two years. The reason is that you will lose your permanent residency status in Bolivia whenever you stay outside Bolivia for this period.

Tips for Applying for Bolivia Permanent Residency Permit

The following are several tips when applying to become a Bolivian permanent resident.

  • Be sure that your passport is still valid and features a two-year Bolivian temporary residence permit.
  • Don’t consider visiting a Bolivian immigration office on a public or statutory holiday. The reason is that most Bolivian government offices, including its diplomatic missions, do not open on holidays.
  • Suppose you need direct assistance from the Bolivian immigration office. In that case, you can get in touch with any of its officials in person or through phone call.
  • Prepare all of the required documents before applying for your permanent residence permit. Doing this helps to hinder delays in your application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who needs to apply for Bolivia Permanent Residency?

Any foreign national who intends to live in Bolivia permanently must apply for a permanent residency permit. Its application process is undemanding as long as you act rightly.

Is Bolivia Permanent Residency Visa easy to get?

Yes, the process of obtaining permanent residency in Bolivia is straightforward. Hiring an immigration lawyer for specific advice about your application is unnecessary. You must meet specific requirements before considering applying to become a Bolivian permanent resident.

How long does it take to get Bolivia Permanent Residency?

It takes Bolivian immigration offices between ten to thirty days to process applications for a permanent residency permit.

How long can I stay in Bolivia with a permanent residence visa?

With a permanent residence permit, you can stay in the Republic of Bolivia as long as you like. Hence, there is no limitation on how long you can last in the country.

How much does Bolivia Permanent Residency Visa cost?

The cost of obtaining a permanent residence permit for the Republic of Bolivia is $560.

What are the eligibility criteria to become a Bolivian permanent resident?

To be eligible for a Bolivian permanent residency permit, you must have maintained temporary residency status for at least two years. In addition, it is equally important to possess a valid passport and all other documents required by the immigration office.

Where do I apply for Bolivia Permanent Residency Visa?

The only place you can apply for a Bolivian permanent residency visa is through one of the immigration offices in Bolivia.

What can cause rejection of Bolivia Permanent Residency application?

A few things can cause rejection in Bolivia Permanent Residency applications. One is that the immigration officials won’t hesitate to deny your application, supposing you are an ex-convict. Another reason for rejection is if you have been working and living illegally in the Republic of Bolivia. Lastly, Bolivian immigration officials can refuse your permanent residency application because you did not meet all requirements.

Is Bolivia an excellent place to live?

Yes, the Republic of Bolivia is a great country to live in if you seek an affordable and fantastic destination. The country possesses an exciting culture and impressive natural scenery. In addition, it is relatively easy to get around the country. However, Bolivia is still a developing country. This makes it essential to consider some things before moving to the country. Among these is that Bolivia lacks infrastructures such as good water.

Is Bolivia rich or poor?

The Republic of Bolivia is inclusive of the poorest South American countries. More than half of its entire population lives in poverty. Besides, Bolivian residents lack sufficient access to several basic services.

How do I contact Bolivian Immigration Service?

There are different ways to reach out to the Bolivian Immigration Service, which include through its website, a phone call to (591-2) 2110960, an email message to [email protected], or a visit to its office at Avenida Camacho No. 1480 entre calles Loayza y Bueno, La Paz, Bolivia.


To sum up, the Bolivia permanent residency visa application process is easy, and you can surely get yours within one month. Moreover, the benefits of possessing permanent residency status in the country are numerous. So if you are considering a permanent stay in the Republic of Bolivia, you must obtain a visa.

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