IELTS Language Test for Canadian Immigration

You may need to pass IELTS to qualify for the language requirement for an express entry or immigration program.

International students, foreign workers, and other foreign nationals need to book the IELTS test in Canada because it is one of the minimum requirements to study, work or immigrate to Canada.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a widely known proficiency test that assesses the writing, speaking, reading, and listening abilities of international students and foreign nationals worldwide.

Its management includes British Council, IDP IELTS Australia, as well as Cambridge Assessment English.

For more than 30 years, British Council has been assessing the English abilities of foreign nationals using IELTS.


If you want to integrate yourself into an English-speaking foreign country, IELTS will always be among the accepted language tests required by applicants to meet the eligibility requirements.

Therefore, you need to enroll in IELTS in order to study, work and immigrate to most English-speaking countries.

Furthermore, more than 11,000 organizations across the globe accept the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). It is quite impossible to fail an IELTS test.

Truly, IELTS is globally recognized than other English language tests.

You can partake in the IELTS test and use the result in many organizations, including immigration offices, government departments, training organizations, educational institutions, Multinational Corporations (MNCs), professional associations, among others.

Additionally, IELTS exam results feature scores on a scale ranging from 0 to 9 in each English language ability (writing, speaking, reading, and listening). Your IELTS result will also include an overall band score.

However, institutions, organizations, and associations usually set the minimum IELTS score mandatory for applicants to pass in order to meet their requirements.

Ultimately, the IELTS exam can be taken using a computer (Computer-Based Test) or on a paper (Paper-Based Test).

You should take note that all IELTS test results expire after two (2) from the date you received the result.

Book IELTS test in Canada (CBT & PBT)

IELTS Computer-Based Test (CBT)

This option is for you if you prefer to book IELTS Computer Based Test Canada. IELTS CBT is scheduled to be taken thrice daily even on weekends.

Besides, IELTS CBT results are usually ready between 3 to 5 days.

IELTS Paper-Based Test (PBT)

Unlike IELTS computer-based Test, you do not need a computer to take paper-based IELTS.

Moreover, you will be unable to access your PBT test result quickly until about thirteen (13) days. PBT IELTS test features the same questions with computer-based IELTS except that you will not use a computer at the IELTS test centre.

Indeed, IELTS PBT’s speaking section involves an in-person assessment with an examiner.

Above all, there are two (2) types of IELTS tests, which include IELTS Academic, as well as IELTS General training tests.

IELTS Academic and General IELTS training tests are applied for different purposes, which include education and immigration.

IELTS Academic VS General training tests in Canada

If you want to book IELTS in Canada, you should first determine why you need the test results, that is, education or immigration.

To begin with, IELTS academic and IELTS general training tests are available in many countries. To get started, you need to search for an IELTS test center close to you and book for your preferred test.

Generally speaking, IELTS Academic tests are suitable for international students who want to enroll in an academic program or training in a Canadian post-secondary institution.

Through IELTS Academic, you can satisfy the English language requirements for most Canadian colleges, universities, and professional associations regardless of if you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student.

Furthermore, the IELTS General Training test is ideal for foreign nationals who are looking forward to meeting any of IRCC’s immigration program requirements.

Moreover, IELTS Academic and General Training tests have similar questions in their listening and speaking sections. Notwithstanding, there are few differences in their writing and reading sections.

In addition, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) accept IELTS exam results for several Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs.

This makes it possible for you to book the IELTS test in Canada to apply for permanent residency and citizenship in Canada.

However, you can use the IELTS search tool to confirm if an institution, organization or association accepts IELTS. The search tool also provides information on each organization’s minimum IELTS scores.

You will be required to input the organization’s name, type, and location in order to get results on the search tool.

Understanding the sections when you book IELTS test in Canada

As said earlier, the IELTS test format consists of four (4) sections, which include writing, reading, speaking, as well as listening.

Writing section:

The writing section of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test takes about an hour to complete.

Obviously, the writing section consists of two (2) tasks, which are mandatory for you to fill out.

Reading section:

Before you can pass IELTS reading section, you have to answer 40 questions regarding some texts shown to you within an hour.

Speaking section:

IELTS exam speaking section involves 11 to 14 minutes assessment between you and an examiner.

In addition, this section involves three (3) aspects, which you must take seriously within the timeframe.

Listening section:

IELTS test listening section includes 10 questions each in four different segments. Altogether, you are required to answer 40 questions within 30 minutes.

Finding a center to book IELTS test in Canada

Looking for where to book IELTS test in Canada, this article will provide you with information on your closest IELTS test center. IELTS test booking can be done via British Council or IDP in Canada.

Of course, you can book IELTS test in Canada with British Council and visit one of their test centers located nationwide to take the exam on paper or computer.

Moreover, IELTS has many test centers located in many provinces and territories of Canada.

These include Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

IELTS exam scores

When you partake in an IELTS test, you will get a score based on your ability to write, read, listen and speak in the English language. IELTS scores range from 0 to 9.

Furthermore, your score in each section will be added together to get your average score, the overall score.

View illustration of IELTS band scores and their skill levels
IELTS band score Skill level
9 Expert
8 Very good
7 Good
6 Competent
5 Modest
4 Limited
3 Extremely limited
2 Intermittent
1 Non-user
0 Absent from the IELTS exam or answered no question

IELTS test booking in Canada cost about $300 Canadian Dollars per candidate for both paper based and computer based exams.

IELTS fees

This information is beneficial for prospective applicants asking how much is IELTS test is in Canada. Kindly note that the fee may vary in foreign countries due to exchange rates.

IELTS language test for Canadian immigration

If you are processing your immigration to Canada, a superb reason to book IELTS test in Canada is that it was the first test approved by IRCC and Immigration-Québec for permanent residency and citizenship.

Besides, the Government of Canada measures the language abilities of foreign nationals who want to immigrate and become permanent residents using the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB).

The score benchmark of CLB has a slight difference from IELTS. Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) has up to 12 levels while IELTS has just 9 levels of band scores.

Surely, you can use an IELTS to CLB converter in order to save stress in determining your CLB score benchmark.

Immigration Programs Supported by IELTS

As an illustration, the following are Canadian immigration programs that you can book IELTS test in Canada for.

  1. Express Entry: IRCC accepts IELTS to immigrate to Canada through FSTP, FSWP or CEC.
  2. Provincial Nominee Programs: You can book IELTS test in Canada to receive a nomination from a Canadian province or territory for PR.
  3. Family sponsorship: IRCC accepts IELTS in sponsoring family members, spouses, etc., for PR.
  4. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP): Though IELTS, you can become a permanent resident by completing studies or working in some Canadian provinces.
  5. Agri-Food Pilot: You can enroll in IELTS in order to immigrate and work in some agri-food industries in Canada.
  6. Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers: When you book IELTS test in Canada, you can become a permanent resident in Quebec.
  7. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot: IELTS helps you to meet the language requirements to immigrate and work for small communities seeking to boost their economy.
  8. Caregivers: If you can take care of children, aged persons, disabled persons, etc., it is best that you book IELTS test in Canada to apply through Home Child Care Provider Pilot Program or Home Support Worker Pilot Program.
  9. Start-up Visa: You can immigrate and establish a business in Canada when you have a valid IELTS exam result.
  10. Permanent Residence Pathways for Hong Kong Residents: Hong Kong residents working in Canada can get PR via two pathways with a language test result.
  11. Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident Pathway: Some temporary residents in Canada, along with their families can get PR via this pathway by meeting some requirements and enrolling in a test like IELTS.
  12. Health-Care Workers Permanent Residence Pathway: Refugee claimants in the healthcare sector during the COVID-19 pandemic can immigrate using a valid IELTS, CELPIP, or CAEL test result.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is IELTS accepted everywhere?

Throughout 140+ countries, IELTS test results are accepted in more than 11,000 public and private offices, institutions, organizations, as well as associations.

Is computer-based IELTS accepted in Canada?

Absolutely, computer-based IELTS is accepted throughout Canada.

Is there a computer-based IELTS?

Yes, you can take IELTS on a computer at any test center close near you.

How do I book IELTS computer-based test Canada?

Candidates who prefer computer-based IELTS should select the computer option during registration. If you choose computer-delivered IELTS, you will take the Listening, Reading, and Writing sections on a computer at one of IDP’s official test centres in Canada.

Can I fail the IELTS exam?

No, you cannot fail IELTS because it assesses foreign nationals who have English as their second language. However, you may register to IELTS coaching to gain more insights on the exam.

Where do I book the IELTS test in Richmond BC Canada?

  1. New Link College (Richmond Campus): 123 – 4940 No 3 Rd, Richmond, British Columbia, V6X 3A5 Canada.
  2. CDI College Richmond Campus: 4351 No 3 Rd, Richmond, British Columbia, V6X 3A7 Canada.

Where can I book the IELTS test in Canada Surrey?

  • Tamanawis Secondary School, Surrey, BC, Canada
  • Oscar International College
  • MOSAIC engage – Western Community College
  • Comfort Inn Suites
  • Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel
  • Coast English Testing
  • Oxford International Surrey Central
  • Frank Hurt Secondary
  • Simon Fraser University.