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Bosnia Medical Visa – Documentation and Requirements

Are you looking forward to getting medical treatment in Bosnia? Then you can consider obtaining a Bosnia medical visa. Without a doubt, Bosnia is ranked and recognized as one of the top countries where you can obtain an outstanding medical checkup.

With highly qualified doctors and outstanding medical practitioners, you can be sure to receive the perfect medical attention. However, traveling to Bosnia via this visa type is only valid for 90 days, after which you must return to your home country or renew the visa.

So, let’s get you started on the documents and requirements you need for the Bosnian medical visa. Don’t miss a section!.

What is the Bosnia medical visa?

The Bosnia Medical Visa is a visa that allows people to travel to Bosnia for medical reasons. It is noteworthy that Bosnia is listed as a potential Schengen candidate member country. Therefore, if you are a citizen of Schengen member states, you can visit Bosnia for medical treatment without a visa.

Eligibility criteria for the Bosnia medical visa

To be eligible for the Bosnia medical visa, you need to demonstrate that you are visiting Bosnia for medical concerns. However, suppose you’re a national of the Schengen member country. In that case, you can always visit Bosnia for a medical checkup at any time with no visa requirements. Although, you have to carry out some registration in Bosnia.

But if your country has no visa agreement with Bosnia, you must obtain the Bosnia medical visa, with proof that you are visiting the country for medical reasons. You can get this visa at the consulate or Bosnian embassy in your home country, having all the necessary documents and following succinctly the steps given in this prose.

Requirements for obtaining a visa medical officer.

Assuredly, to obtain the Bosnia medical visa, you have to meet the requirements and present the documents that are vital for your application. Failure to meet the minimum requirements may lead to the refusal of your medical visa. Check below for more information!.

#1. Visa application form

This is an important document that you can obtain online at the Bosnian website. On it, you must fill in your details such as name, address, the purpose of visitation, evidence of health concern, etc. Afterward, you must print it out and put your signature on it.

#2. International passport

Traveling to Bosnia for medical concerns, you must have a valid international passport for entry into the country. Note that the medical visa is a short-term visa that will take only last ninety days. So, your passport must be valid for the time you will be away in Bosnia and even for three months after you return from your medical trip.

#3. Medical insurance

Although you are moving to Bosnia for medical concerns, you need medical insurance that will see to your medical health and also cater for your repatriation in case of death.

#4. Passport photo

You will need at least one passport photograph that you took recently for your medical visa application. Your photo will not be accepted if it does not capture about 75% of your face or if it is taken under a dark background, omitting some of your facial characteristics.

#5. Travel itinerary

It is customary for every short-term trip to Bosnia to have a travel itinerary. Therefore, you must submit your travel itinerary, containing the dates you will be leaving for Bosnia and the date you will return to your home country.

#6. Identity card

Without a doubt, you need a valid ID card to attest your identification and confirm your nationality and provide other information.

#7. Proof of medical appointment

For your application to be authenticated, you must tender proof of appointment with a qualified medical practitioner in Bosnia. Note that the letter must be on the letterhead of the company or hospital you will be attending.

#8. Statement of bank account

Your account balance must be sufficient to cater to your health need and the welfare of your accompany (if you have any). Hence, you need to submit a bank account statement as proof.

How to apply for Bosnia medical visa

To apply for the Bosnia medical visa, you need to know about the things you have to put in place before meeting with an embassy or consular officer. Subsequently, we will discuss the fundamental steps you need to follow to obtain the visa.

Step one: Get the Bosnia medical visa application form.

Undoubtedly, getting a medical visa online is the first step you must take while applying for the Bosnia medical visa. As we stated earlier, you can obtain this visa online on the official webpage of the Bosnia embassy. After which, you correctly fill in your information and print out at least two of it.

Step two: Gather all documents

Assuredly, we have the requirement and documents you need for the application for the Bosnia medical visa. Therefore, you can gather this document and prepare to submit it at the consular or embassy you visit in your country.

Step three: Contact the Bosnian embassy or consulate near you.

You must, without a doubt, contact the Bosnia consulate or embassy office, where you will submit your application ahead of time. To schedule your appointment, you can contact them by email or phone.

Step four: Pay the service fee

Yes, you can make this payment online through bank transfer (make sure to generate a receipt for submission at the embassy), or you submit it in cash at the consulate or embassy on the day of your appointment.

Step five: Attend the interview and submit your documents.

On the stipulated day of your appointment, you are to go along with all documents that are necessary for your application. Check above for the list of documents you need. Likewise, you must be prepared to answer one or two questions regarding your health and the importance of seeing a medical practitioner in Bosnia.

Step six: Patiently wait for a response

Upon satisfying the requirements for the visa and attending the interview with boldness and courage, you can wait for a response from the embassy or consulate where you submit your documents and application.

Why would my Bosnian medical visa be rejected?

In rare cases, the application for the Bosnia medical visa can suffer rejection due to different purposes, such as

  • Submitting an incomplete document.
  • Providing wrong and misleading information.
  • Tendering documents that are in bad condition.
  • Attending a visa appointment lately.
  • Having an invalid passport.

Should in case your Bosnia medical visa gets rejected, you can appeal for the rejection or reapply for the visa some other time. If you want to appeal, you can write a letter to the consulate or embassy that rejected your visa to state why going for the medical trip is essential for your well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need for a medical visa?

To obtain a medical visa, you will need to provide a letter from your doctor or medical facility. They must state the purpose of your visit and confirm that you have an appointment with a specific doctor or medical facility. You will also need to show proof of medical insurance.

What visa do you need for Bosnia?

There are a few different visas you can apply for to travel to Bosnia, depending on the purpose of your visit. A tourist visa is the most common type and is valid for up to 90 days. Business and student visas are also available, as well as visas for work and residence. For more information on specific visa requirements, please get in touch with the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Washington, D.C.

How do I get a white card in Bosnia?

To get a white card in Bosnia, you need to be a citizen of Bosnia or have a valid residency permit. You also need to have a valid passport or ID card. The white card is a national ID card for identification purposes.

How do I get a medical visa for Bosnia?

You would need to apply for a visa. The requirements for the visa vary depending on your nationality. Still, generally, you will need to provide a valid passport, proof of travel and medical insurance, and a completed visa application form.

Is Bosnia an excellent place to live?

Bosnia is a great place to live! The city has a lot to do, and the people are friendly and welcoming. The cost of living is also affordable, making it an excellent choice for those on a tight budget.


The Bosnia medical visa has been proven to be a practical visa that has been saving lives in recent times. Getting access to qualified medical practitioners has become easy, and you will receive the best medical care you need to be healthy. But, first, take your time to collect the documents you need for your application and follow the steps we have provided in this guide for success in your application.

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