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Bosnia Visa Requirements: Documentation

Do you intend to know Bosnia visa requirements for entry into the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina? This blog post will make you understand everything about the application process, fees, and other relevant information.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a republic in the Balkans, a region in southeastern Europe. The country has a total area of 51,129 km2 and a population of about 3.5 million. It is relatively easy to meet Bosnia visa requirements as long as you possess all supporting documents.

Most Bosnia visa applicants need a valid travel document, a recent bank statement, travel insurance, and a passport-sized photo.

The most challenging part of getting a Bosnian visa is providing proof of funds, such as a bank account statement. It isn’t easy because many visa applicants cannot demonstrate sufficient funds set aside for their trip to Bosnia.

Read on to learn more.

Reasons to Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina

Here are a few reasons to consider visiting the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina is an excellent place to experience some adventure.
  • Several universities in Bosnia offer special programs of study. They also admit international students into their academic programs. Examples of these universities include the University Džemal Bijedić of Mostar, University of Mostar, University of Banja Luka, University of Bihać, University of East Sarajevo, University of Zenica, University of Tuzla, as well as the University of Sarajevo.
  • The Republic of Bosnia has many fun places to visit. These include Latin Bridge, Sarajevo City Hall, Kravica Waterfall, Sarajevo Tunnel, Sutjeska National Park, and the Bosnian Pyramid Of The Sun.
  • Bosnia has friendly and very cordial people who show love to visitors without any form of discrimination.
  • Shopping for many kinds of products in Bosnia is very cheap.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina have several historic towns with preserved nature.

Exemptions for Bosnia Visa

People under any of the following categories do not need a visa to enter Bosnia for a limited period ranging from one month to three months.

  • Persons who possess a valid official or diplomatic passport of Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Kazakistan, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Iran, Moldova, or China
  • Citizens of one of the European Union member states, Montenegro, Lichenstein, Switzerland, Albania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Monaco, or San Marino
  • Persons who hold a valid residence permit or passport of the USA, Schengen Area Member States, or EU member states
  • Valid passport holders and refugees of UAE, US, UK, Qatar, Hong Kong, Hol See, Honduras, Georgia, Norway, Peru, New Zealand, Turkey, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Iceland, Kiribati, Israel, Japan, Samoa, etc.

Cost of Getting a Bosnia Visa

Bosnian visa fees range in price depending on the type of visa you want to get. They may also vary due to the exchange rate and the embassy or consulate in your country of residence.

Below are the fees that Bosnian visa applicants must pay while processing their applications.

  • Bosnian Short-Stay (Type C) Visa: €35 – single entry
  • Bosnian Short-Stay (Type C) Visa: €65 – multiple entries
  • Bosnian Long-Stay (Type D) Visa: €81

Remember that these fees are non-refundable even if your application is declined.

Processing Time of Bosnia Visa

Typically, Bosnia visa processing takes half a month. However, in a few cases, the application may take up to one month. The primary reason why the visa processing may take longer is due to further consultations.

There are also delays or denials of incomplete visa applications or feature wrong information.

General Requirements for Bosnia Visa

You must possess the following requirements to support your application processing to obtain a Bosnian visa.

  • Completed and signed application form for Bosnian visa
  • One (1) colored photograph (passport-sized)
  • A valid passport issued to you within the previous ten years and would be valid for three months upon return from Bosnia
  • Travel insurance must be valid all through your visa’s duration. The insurance should be able to cover you in all Schengen Area countries for up to €30,000.
  • Round-trip tickets
  • Confirmation letter for hotel bookings
  • An invitation letter, which includes your host’s name, residential address, date of birth, passport number, as well as your reason and duration of visit
  • A travel itinerary that details your trip
  • An accounts statement that shows that you have financial resources set aside for your living expenses
  • A parental consent (applicable to children who are traveling to Bosnia without any of their parents and legal guardians)

How to Get a Bosnian Visa

You can act on the following six (6) steps in getting a Bosnian visa.

  1. Get in touch with the Bosnian diplomatic mission in your country
  2. Print, complete and sign the visa application form
  3. Initiate fee payment for visa
  4. Submit your supporting documents, including your passport
  5. Wait for the diplomatic mission to return your passport with a visa stamp
  6. Book a flight from your country to Bosnia

Step 1: Get in touch with the Bosnian diplomatic mission in your country

To begin the application process for a Bosnian visa, you must first contact a Bosnian embassy or consulate in the country where you reside. Then, you have to fix an appointment with the Bosnian diplomatic mission.

Step 2: Print, complete, and sign the visa application form

The second step in getting a visa to Bosnia involves downloading and printing the visa application form. Afterward, you have to fill out and sign the form.

Step 3: Initiate fee payment for visa

#3 out of the five steps in getting a Bosnian visa is to pay a fee ranging from €35 to €81.depending on the visa type. You must pay the visa fee in cash at a Bosnian embassy or consulate in your country of origin.

Step 4: Submit your supporting documents, including your passport

As the step to take in getting a Bosnian visa, you have to submit all required documents promptly. You must submit the supporting documents at the embassy or consulate with which you’ve initially fixed an appointment.

Note that you can only submit your visa application in person, not via email or fax.

Step 5: Wait for the diplomatic mission to return your passport with a visa stamp

At this time, you can start expecting to receive your passport or travel document from the Bosnian embassy or consulate. However, it takes at least two weeks to receive a decision from the diplomatic mission.

Step 6: Book a flight from your country to Bosnia

Finally, booking your flight to the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is time. Besides, you must opt for a round-trip ticket as it assures the consular officer that you’ll leave Bosnia upon your visa expiry.

Duration of Bosnia Visa

Without a doubt, visa type determines the duration of a Bosnian visa. For example, a short-stay visa to Bosnia has a validity period of 30 days, while a long-stay visa to the country is valid for up to twelve months.

However, you need to obtain a Bosnian residence permit in case you intend to stay in the Republic of Bosnia for more than one year.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Bosnia part of Schengen?

No, the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is not part of the Schengen Area. The area comprises 26 European countries that do not require a passport for entry and allow visa-free entry into participating countries.

Is a visa required to enter Bosnia?

It would be best to get a visa before traveling to Bosnia. You can get the visa through a Bosnian embassy or consulate in your country of residence.

How do I get a visa for Bosnia?

You must submit a valid passport or travel document, hotel booking or rental agreement, and proof of travel insurance to get a Bosnian visa for entry into the country. The process usually takes around two weeks, which makes it essential to apply early.

Is a Bosnian visa easy to get?

Yes, a Bosnian visa is not hard to get. However, there is no need for a visa for citizens of some countries who can stay in Bosnia for up to 90 days. The most common type of Bosnian visa is the tourist visa, which creates possibilities for you to stay in the country for a maximum of three months.

How long does it take to get a Bosnian visa?

It takes two weeks to one month to obtain a visa to Bosnia. However, the application process takes longer due to certain factors.

Why are Bosnia visa applications refused?

There are many different reasons why the embassy may refuse your Bosnia visa application. Among these are possessing an invalid passport, providing untrue information, submitting damaged or incomplete documents, not attending your visa interview, or going late.

Can I travel without meeting Bosnia visa requirements?

No, you must fulfill all requirements for a Bosnia visa before you can travel to the country.


In summary, most foreigners need a visa to travel to Bosnia, which is obtainable in a straightforward process. Knowing the requirements of Bosnia and Herzegovina visas is essential before planning your trip. So what are you waiting for? You can start making a move to get your Bosnian visa.

Thanks for reading!

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