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Bosnia Visa: Types, Requirements, Application and Fees

Would you like to know more about the Bosnia visa? If so, this blog post will guide you in making a trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Generally speaking, getting any type of Bosnian visa is not a problem for foreign nationals who intend to enter the country for whatever purpose. The only thing that seems challenging regarding its process is that you have to wait for a long time to get the visa.

Bosnia is a republic of south-central Europe located in the Balkan Peninsulas. Despite being a developing country, foreigners often need to travel through the country or stay in fulfilling a purpose.

Most parts of Bosnia’s history were embroiled in a war that lasted for about four (4) years in 1995. Without a doubt, Bosnia-Herzegovina attracts tourists with its beautiful scenery rather than its attractions, which are small in number. Now, you can visit the country with any kind of visa you wish.

Read on to discover more about the different types of Bosnia visas, including their requirements, fees, application processes, etc.

Why visit Bosnia?

Are you curious about why you should visit the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina? The following are the top reasons to consider a short or long stay trip to Bosnia.

  • It costs a relatively small amount of money to travel to Bosnia. The country also prides itself on its low cost of living.
  • Bosnia’s history is deep and interesting to know. Besides, you’d love to see the historic sites in the country.
  • Shopping for varieties of items won’t cost you so much money in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hence, you can visit the country to shop for jewelry, fine laces, classic carpets, etc.
  • Bosnia has many delightful spots for adventurers. Because of this, visitors can hike, ride a mountain bike, parascend, and do other interesting activities across several locations within the country.
  • You can experience many festivals in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Among which is the Sarajevo Winter Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival, Mess Theater Festival, and Kozara Ethno Festival.

Bosnian Visa Types

There are different types of visas that enable foreigners to enter Bosnia-Herzegovina for various purposes. Each type of Bosnian visa lasts for a different period.

The following are the types of visas open to foreigners who desire to travel to the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

#1. Bosnian Transit (Type A) Visa

A Bosnian Transit Visa creates possibilities for travelers to journey through a Bosnia-Herzegovina airport so that they can reach their destination country. The visa prohibits leaving the airport’s premises for entry into a Bosnian city.

Besides, a Bosnian Transit Visa only permits its holders to board a connecting flight at the airport. Their validity lasts for up to 90 days.

#2. Bosnian Short-Stay (Type C) Visa

This type of visa allows foreigners to visit Bosnia-Herzegovina for a maximum of three months over six months. A Short-Stay Visa to Bosnia allows for single, double, and multiple entries.

Of course, you need a Bosnian Short-Stay Visa supposing you want to visit a close relative, or to travel for tourism, educational training, meetings, sports events, or healthcare purposes.

Take note that holders of Bosnian Short-Stay Visa are ineligible to get a temporary residence permit, which helps to extend their stay in the country.

#3. Bosnian Long-Stay (Type D) Visa

A Long Stay Visa authorizes foreign nationals to visit Bosnia-Herzegovina for six months to one year. The visa is obtainable for many different purposes, such as for work, study, research projects, medical treatment, family reunion, or business.

Moreover, Bosnian Long Stay Visa holders can request a temporary residence permit for a prolonged stay in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

General Requirements for Getting a Bosnian Visa

Here are the requirements that apply to all foreign nationals who intend to get a visa for legal entry into Bosnia-Herzegovina.

  • A valid and intact passport with at least two unused pages
  • Hard copy of completed and signed Bosnia visa application form
  • Copies of previous visas (required by foreigners who have previously traveled overseas)
  • One (1) passport-sized photograph taken recently
  • A recent bank statement, which serves as your proof of funds
  • Travel health insurance whose validity should last for your stay in Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • A valid driver’s license or any other relevant document that proves your identity
  • Proof of reserved hotel room or apartment in the Republic of Bosnia
  • A handwritten letter of invitation from your close relative or friend who is a Bosnian resident
  • Travel itinerary containing all information about your plan to travel to Bosnia

Bosnia Visa Cost

Foreigners who are applying for a Bosnian visa must pay one of the following non-refundable fees, as applicable depending on the visa type.

  • Bosnian Short-Stay (Type C) Visa – Single entry visa: €35; Multiple entries visa: €65
  • Bosnian Long-Stay (Type D) Visa – €81

Bosnian Visa Application Process

The following are the four (4) processes involved in applying for a Bosnian visa.

  1. Fix an appointment with a Bosnian diplomatic mission
  2. Fill out and sign the application form for the Bosnian visa
  3. Visit the diplomatic mission for visa fee payment
  4. Give time for the diplomatic mission’s decision

Step 1: Fix an appointment with a Bosnian diplomatic mission

To obtain a Bosnian visa, you must first reach out to a nearby Bosnian embassy or consulate via phone call or email. The reason for this is that it is impossible to visit a diplomatic mission without having an appointment.

Hence, booking an appointment enables you to meet with a consular officer at the diplomatic mission. You’ll be given an appointment date and time, which requires your compliance.

Step 2: Fill out and sign the application form for a Bosnian visa

The second process involved in applying for a Bosnian visa is to download the application form. After downloading the form, you have to fill it out appropriately, as well as sign on it.

Step 3: Visit the diplomatic mission for visa fee payment

The third step in applying for a Bosnian visa requires you to visit the embassy or consulate to pay a fee of €35, €65, or €81 depending on the visa type. Keep in mind that cash is the only acceptable means of making the payment.

Moreover, you have to visit the embassy or consulate by yourself to submit your application supporting documents.

Step 4: Give time for the diplomatic mission’s decision

After satisfying the above, you are to wait for the Bosnian embassy or consulate to decide whether to approve or reject your visa application. It often takes no more than one month for a decision to be reached.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the processing time of a Bosnian visa?

The processing time of a Bosnian visa varies at times on the embassy or consulate handling your visa processing. Generally, it takes a maximum of four weeks to process a visa to Bosnia.

Who can travel to Bosnia without a visa?

Citizens of many countries can travel to the Republic of Bosnia and Hercegovina without a visa. Bosnia visa-free countries include EU citizens, United Kingdom, Russia, Lichenstein, Mexico, Montenegro, China, Palau, Qatar, USA, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Canada, Brazil, Taiwan, Switzerland, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Serbia, Costa Rica, Norway, Honduras, Venezuela, among others.

How do I submit my Bosnian visa application?

Persons who are applying for a Bosnian visa must submit their application to an embassy or consulate in their country of residence. It is equally important for your application to include a filled-out visa application form, original passport, 1 passport-size photo, an accounts statement, round-trip ticket, etc.

Do US citizens need a visa for Bosnia?

No, citizens of the United States do not need a visa to enter Bosnia. However, Americans must hold a valid passport when trying to cross Bosnia’s border. This will authorize them to enter Bosnia-Herzegovina as long as their intended stay is less than 90 days.

Where can I get the Bosnia visa application form?

The easiest way to get the application form for a Bosnian visa is through the internet. Prospective travelers need to download the form, which is in PDF format. Afterward, they must complete all of the required fields,

Which type of visa is ideal for foreign students who want to enroll in a Bosnian degree program?

As a foreign student who wishes to start a degree program in a Bosnian university, you have to apply for a Long-Stay Visa, as it suits the purpose of university students.

Is Bosnia a country in Schengen Area?

No, Bosnia is not a country in the Schengen Area, which consists of 26 European countries that facilitate a visa-free policy for participating countries. However, citizens of any of these countries can enter Bosna I Hercegovina without a visa.


In summary, it is necessary to plan your trip accordingly, regardless of your purpose of visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Be sure not to miss out on anything in the visa application process as it provides an opportunity to explore everywhere in Bosnia.

With its beautiful scenery and rich history, Bosnia has so many gratifying things to see and do in the country. Whenever you want to enter Bosnia for a purpose, ensure to get a Bosnia visa instead of entering the country illegally.

Thanks for reading!

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