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Step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Brazil VITEM

How do you apply for a Brazil VITEM? What does VITEM even mean, and why should I care? The fact that the Brazilian government offers this visa to foreign citizens makes it more interesting.

The Brazilian government offers about three visas to foreign citizens; VIVIS, VITEM, or Diplomatic/Official visas. Notwithstanding, these visas are specific to a particular travel purpose. A specific VITEM visa for a specific travel purpose.

However, to get your hand on the Brazil VITEM, you need a valid passport and other subsequent documents.

This article on applying for a Brazil VITEM offers a practical step-by-step guide on applying for the Brazil VITEM and getting your copy within the shortest period. In addition, it looks at the different types of VITEM for different purposes, the requirements, and the fees.

This process may take a couple of days. However, the duration of processing is sure to reduce with the right guidelines.

What is a Brazil VITEM?

A Brazil VITEM (visitor in temporary exemption from maintenance) is a group of Brazil temporary visas that allows holders an entry privilege that exceeds 90 days in Brazil. If you stay below ninety days, apply for a visitor’s visa (VIVIS). The Brazilian government created this program, VITEM, to allow citizens of foreign nationals to travel all over the territories of Brazil for different purposes.

Brazil VITEM is a temporary visa and contains about fifteen visa categories. These visas are for different purposes. Not only are they for different purposes, but the different temporary visas also have unique requirements. Also, they offer different privileges to the holder. These privileges are more related to the purpose of the visa.

Types of Brazil VITEM

As said earlier, this group of temporary visas (Brazil VITEM) is classified based on their purposes. Therefore, each visa serves a function according to the goal.

The following are the types of Brazil VITEM;

#1. VITEM I ( cooperation visa).

This visa is also known as a temporary visa I. The VITEM I is a visa that the Brazilian government issues specifically to foreigners visiting Brazil for research, teaching, or academic extension.

This visa is a cooperation visa. Scientists, technicians, or volunteers under the umbrella of an international cooperation program are eligible for this visa.

#2. VITEM II (healthcare visa).

Temporary visa II is for citizens of foreign nationals who wish to go through medical treatment in Brazil.

Foreign citizens accompanying a VITEM II holder to Brazil for health treatment are also eligible for this visa. However, the healthcare visa is issued to only one person per holder. Only in cases where more than one person requires medical attention.

#3. VITEM III (humanitarian visa).

Artists or athletes who are under contract for performance in Brazil. However, the contract must pass through the Brazilian Ministry of Labour (CIMT) for necessary approval. After approval, you should submit your application to your local consulate for processing your visa.

Travelers under contract for artistic or athletic/sports performance in Brazil or, in any case, whenever a paid admission is involved.

It is expected that you must enter Brazil within 90 days from the day the visa is issued.

#4. VITEM IV (student visa)

The temporary visa IV is issued to students undertaking their undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate or technical studies in Brazil. They are not allowed to undertake any paid activity throughout their study duration.

#5. VITEM V (work visa).

The Brazilian Ministry of labor must approve the temporary VITEM V, send it to the authorization ministry of foreign affairs, and issue the visa to foreign employees of Brazilian companies.

The employer is charged with the initiation of the visa application.

People who are eligible for this visa include;

  • Foreign citizens who work in a company under a contract agreement for assistance with a Brazilian company.
  • Foreign citizens who work as maritime crew members aboard a foreign cruise ship, offshore vessel, or fishing ship leased by a Brazilian company operating in Brazilian waters.
  • Foreign representatives of financial institutions.
  • Foreign representative of non-profit organizations/institutions.
  • Technicians, service providers, volunteers, specialists, and teachers are linked to an official non-governmental entity under a cooperation agreement with recognition from the Brazilian Ministry of External relations.
  • Foreign nationals who work as media correspondents to foreign news outlets.
  • Foreign employees will undertake training in the operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

#6. VITEM VI (working-holiday visa)

This is meant for foreign citizens who wish to establish temporary residence for tourism as the primary purpose while engaging in work or study as a secondary objective.

However, only citizens of countries with valid agreements with Brazil grant Brazilian citizens similar visas.

Such countries include; France, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.

#7. VITEM VII (Religion visa)

This visa is issued to ministers of religious bodies or members of an institute of consecrated life or congregation of a religious order who want to establish temporary residence in Brazil.

#8. VITEM VIII(voluntary work visa)

Foreign citizens who intend to establish a temporary residence in Brazil for volunteer work are eligible for this visa.

#9. VITEM IX (Investment visa)

The temporary visa IX is granted to foreign citizens who intend to stay in Brazil for investment reasons.

#10. VITEM X (visa for activities of economic, scientific, technological, or cultural relevance)

This visa is yet to be implemented.

#11. VITEM XI (family reunification visa)

This visa is for family members of foreign/Brazilian origin living outside Brazil who wish to reunite with their family members living in Brazil.

#12. VITEM XII (artistic or sports activities visa)

People who have work contracts with organizations in Brazil are eligible for this visa. To this effect, the applicant must first or simultaneously apply for a temporary residence permit. The Ministry of Labour approves the temporary residence before issuing the visa to the applicant.

People eligible for this visa include;

  • Foreign artists or sports activists migrated to Brazil to participate in exhibitions, shows, and artistic activities.
  • People who engage in presentations or meetings of artists, sports competitions, or similar activities.
  • Artistic or sports activities for an immigrant who comes to Brazil to participate in exhibitions, shows, and artistic activities with a fixed-term contract.
  • People who work as technicians in amusement shows and other professionals who participate in the activities of the artist or sportsman on an ancillary basis.

#13. VITEM XIII (Treaties visa)

This is a temporary visa that the Brazilian government issues to a citizen of a foreign nation due to international agreements with their country.

Citizens of Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina are eligible for this visa.

#14. VITEM XIV (retirement and digital nomad visa)

Thus temporary visa XIV is for pensioners, retirees, or digital nomads who wish to relocate to Brazil.

#15. VITEM XV (medical visa)

This visa is also called VICAM. It is a temporary visa that the Brazilian government issues to foreign doctors who intend to undergo medical training in Brazil.

Holders of medical visas can stay up to three years in Brazil.

What documents do you need to apply for a Brazil VITEM?

For each VITEM visa, there are specific documents that an applicant needs to submit during the application process. However, below are the general documents that you need to have before your visa application.1. A Brazil VITEM application form.

Fill out the Brazil VITEM application form online. Then, print the form and sign it as well.

#1. A copy of an international passport

The passport should be valid at least six months from the date of the visa issuance. It must have at minimum two unused pages.

#2. Two copies of civil passport photographs

Present two copies of recently taken civil passport photographs. Make sure that all facial features are visible.

#3. Proof of sufficient financial means

Your bank statement or the bank statement of your sponsor is preferable.

#4. Travel itinerary

Present the copies of your entry flight ticket and return flight ticket.

#5. Travel health insurance

Must include a coverage fee of about 30 000 euros.

#6. Proof of accommodation

A hotel reservation ticket or evidence of accommodation by the host can serve this purpose.

#7. Birth or marriage certificate or consular certificate

A document that will confirm your citizenship and the relationship of a family member (if a family member is traveling with you).

#8. Proof of visa fee payment

Submit the receipt of visa payment along with the necessary documents. Without this document, your application cannot be processed.

#9. Proof of negative criminal record

The police unit of your country should sign and stamp the proof of a negative criminal record before you submit it to the Brazilian consulate.

#10. Document of the purpose of travel

This is a document indicating the reason for your travel. It will also show how long you are staying in Brazil territory.

After gathering your documents, follow every step necessary for a hassle-free application process.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Brazil part of the USA Visa Waiver Program?

No, Brazil is not part of the US visa waiver program. Because of this, the citizens of Brazil cannot obtain a USA visa without screening.

Can holders of VITEM engage in paid activity in Brazil?

The Brazil VITEM does not allow holders to engage in paid activities. Therefore, if an applicant wants to work while in Brazil, they have to request a residence permit.

Can I use the Brazil VITEM to enter other countries?

No, you cannot. A Brazilian visa is valid only within the country’s territory. However, if you have a Schengen visa, you can enter other countries with it.

Does the whole Brazil VITEM have multiple entry offers?

Not all Brazil VITEM have multiple entry offers. But for those with multiple entry offers, the visa is valid for five years.

Note: The visa fees of the different VITEM visa differs too.


Brazilian VITEM visas are issued after the applicants have submitted their documents. However, before you plan to apply for a visa, you should find out the particular Brazil visa you need to request to avoid mistakes.

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