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Brazil VIVIS: Meaning, Requirements, and Documentation

We strongly believe you hit up this article because you want to know about the Brazil VIVIS. So, assuredly, we are here to get you started.

The Brazil VIVIS is the Brazil visit visa issued for a short period (not longer than three months). It is a visa type that permits individuals of foreign nationals to enter Brazil for purposes other than paid employment.

You can carry out recreational activities, culture, research, study, volunteer work, family visitation, conferences, and teaching. This article will enlighten you on what Brazil VIVIS is, its documentation, requirements, and how to apply for it. Let’s go!

About Brazil VIVIS

The Brazil VIVIS is a visitor visa valid for multiple entries- although different nationalities may have specific validity for the visa.

This visa type does not permit its holder to receive any payment from Brazil. Aside from payments for entertainment performances, allowances, competition prices, and reimbursements.

Categories of Brazil VIVIS

The Brazil VIVIS is only usable for individuals who want to carry out tourist visits, business activities, transit, or sport-related activities. However, suppose you have other reasons to visit Brazil besides these. In that case, you may opt for the Brazil temporary resident visa (VITEM). Check below for clarification on these categories.

#1. Tourism

You can carry out tourist activities in Brazil, including educational, cultural, informational, family visits, and recreational nature. Also included in this category is the participation in seminars, meetings, congresses, conferences, research activity or voluntary service, academic or educational extension, etc.

The Brazil VIVIS for tourism does not permit trips to Brazil for employment or paid activities. And yes, the visit must not exceed 90 days.

#2. Business

The business activities you can carry out with the Brazil VIVIS include participation in fairs and corporate events, meetings, prospecting of business opportunities, journalistic coverage of filming and reporting, performing consulting or audits, acting as an aircraft crew member, and the signing of contracts.

Also, this Visa type does not permit you to engage in any employment activity whereby you get paid in wages or salary. Likewise, you must not exceed 90 days with the Brazil VIVIS for business.

#3. Transit

A visitor transit is an individual who must pass the national territory of Brazil to reach their destination country. Interestingly, you wouldn’t have to get the Brazil VIVIS for Transit if you’re only for connections to stopovers in the Brazilian airport. However, you need to stay put at the international Transit area of the airport or port.

On the other note, if you wish to leave the international Transit area, you must get a transit visa through the Brazilian passport control.

#4. Sport/Artistic activities

The Brazil VIVIS for sport or artistic activities is a visa to allow an individual to visit Brazil for purposes that encompass participation or performance in sports or creative events. With this visa, you may receive prizes and cash in Brazil.

Requirements for the Brazil VIVIS

You must meet the influential requirements to qualify for the Brazil VIVIS. In addition, the documents you submit must be valued and updated and be prepared to be submitted to a consular office of your home country.

#1. Passport

A valid passport with at least six months is required for the Brazil VIVIS. In addition, the Passport must have at least two blank pages for your visa, having the front page and your details intact.

Note that the Consular officer of the embassy you visit has a right not to endorse defaced, damaged, or solid passports.

#2. Return or Onward ticket

Without a doubt, you need evidence or a booking statement from a travel agent stating that you have booked your return ticket back to your home country. The tickets must contain your flight number, confirmed itinerary, name, and arrival and departure date.

#3. Proof of financial capability

You need evidence of financial support during your stay in Brazil. This evidence could be in the form of your payment slip, credit card statement, or bank statement from the last three months from your country of residence.

#4. Evidence of vaccination

Due to the current pandemic happening around the world, you may need to provide any evidence that you have been vaccinated against some infectious diseases such as COVID-19, etc.

#5. Letter of invitation

Suppose you will be obtaining the Brazil VIVIS for purposes that encompass artistic activities, competitions, and seminars. In that case, you may need to receive an original invitation letter from the institution that organized the program. Importantly, you must provide specific information on the location, duration, and activities to be performed at the event.

Besides, the letter must be notarized by a notary public, attesting that you will not engage in any paid employment in Brazil for the duration of your stay.

#6. Cover letter

The cover letter is your statement that state the purpose of your visit to Brazil. This letter must explain what you intend to do in Brazil, mentioning your place of stay, duration, date of travel, etc. Also, it could contain information on the trip’s funding- if you have a sponsor.

#7. Consular payment fees

Be careful to submit the original visa payment receipt, stamped by the bank you visit. Also, you can make payments through the M-Pesa directly at the Consular Section if you do not wish to visit the bank.

How to apply for the Brazil VIVIS

Applying for a Brazil VIVIS at the Brazilian embassy or consulate in your country may slightly differ based on where you live and where you intend to submit your visa application. However, it can be surmised as follows:

Step one: Find the nearest embassy or consulate

First and foremost, you are to search for the closest Brazilian embassy or consulate you can submit your application. The embassy can be in your home country or in neighboring countries near you. If you don’t find an embassy or consulate near you, you can opt to submit it at the visa Centre for Brazil.

Step two: Complete the Brazil VIVIS application form and prepare your documents

You can obtain the application form for the Brazil VIVIS online, fill in correctly with your details, print it, and sign it. Next, collect all documents you need for the application and prepare them for submission at the embassy.

Step three: Contact the office for an appointment

You must book a visa appointment at the embassy you want to visit. It is noteworthy that some embassies can do this online while you will have to visit other embassies to apply.

Step four: Visit the embassy on the day of your appointment

On the day of your appointment, you are to show up fully prepared to hand in your application form and other supporting documents to any consular staff. Although you can send the document through mail to them depending on the embassy, you visit.

Step five: Pay the application fee

If you have not paid the application fee at the bank, you can opt to pay for it at the embassy on the day of your appointment. However, confirm the method of payment before proceeding to make payment.

Step six: Wait for the processing of your Brazil VIVIS

So, after making all necessary applications and submissions, you’ll be notified by one of the consular staff of the outcome of the application. If successful, you can go back to receive your visa. Alternatively, you may obtain it via mail if you are applied through the mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VIVIS visa in Brazil?

VIVIS visa Brazil is a program that allows foreigners to stay in Brazil for 90 days without a visa. It is available to citizens of most countries for tourism, business, or medical treatment.

Is it hard to get a Brazilian visa?

Getting a Brazilian visa depends on your nationality and the reason for your visit. Generally, tourists and people traveling for business will easily obtain a visa compared to people traveling for work or study reasons.

How can I stay in Brazil legally?

Undoubtedly, there are a few different ways to stay in Brazil legally. One way is to get a student visa. To do this, you must be admitted to a school in Brazil. Another way to stay in Brazil is to get a work visa. You must have a job offer from a Brazilian company and proof of sufficient funds to cover your living expenses.

Is Brazil a good place to live?

Brazil is a great place to live, with its diverse culture, stunning landscapes, and friendly people. The cost of living is relatively low, and there are plenty of job and business opportunities. However, Brazil does have its challenges, such as high levels of crime and corruption. Overall, Brazil is a great place to call home.

Where do the rich stay in Brazil?

The rich live in the wealthiest neighborhoods in Brazil. These neighborhoods are typically located in major cities, such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The homes in these neighborhoods are generally large and luxurious. Also, many of the residents have private swimming pools and tennis courts.


The Brazil VIVIS is one visa that permits individuals to carry out different tourist, business, recreational, and transit visits in Brazil. To be successful at this, you need to meet the requirements for the application.

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